Day 1: The Dreary Mind 2/12/13

Day 1: The Dreary Mind 2/12/13

A Chapter by Alice Crypt; Brittany

My first poem to my project! I was going to wait because I didn't want to begin with a bad start, but I felt that this was a lesson I could not leave out.

It may be well true that your mind is bright,
A true bulb glowing
Never dim in light,
Although knowledge may leave your head to a closing.

Numbers matter in your mind,
One, four, five,
This makes you a genius in statistics they grind,
Because of In-e-Quality you say "no one below these numbers may comprehend my words or strive!"

In our time it is a number that says whether you are well enough to be in the world,
It leaves many heads aloft when they see these numbers rise,
As they do their smile does curl,
Yet they know the world, their heart does sigh.

"They seem happier with their numbers well below the margin, why?
Those above this margin must be truly gifted if they can live with them,
I know everything in these books, even Albert Einstein!
He was happy and had many friends yet nothing has graced me from those lost mends."

Loneliness slowly filled his heart,
His words so cruel made come four droughts,
The mind, the heart, the mouth, and the art,
Were all lost within the knowledge and ignorance he sought.

In this world you may know everything,
But it doesn't mean you understand there is more revolving.

© 2013 Alice Crypt; Brittany

Author's Note

Alice Crypt; Brittany
I know that the description box is for describing but I feel it is hard to simplify some stories in that small space. I was talking to a friend and he began talking about college and how unimportant it is to him. He said he homeschooled himself and went on to say that his IQ is a 145. Now I don't mind when people gloat, but his next statement brought up so much anger. "No one can comprehend what I say" because he was a "genius" and he continued to compare himself to Albert Einstein. To me, he was ignorant. You may know everything but it doesn't mean you understand everything. Those who live in poverty understand struggle, those in sickness understand pain, etc. I used to be like him, but eventually I realized from my best friend that although I am smarter in numbers, I am not in the mind of understanding people and their actions. I downgraded others when in reality we are all equal on a level. It sickens me to see someone try to say that they cannot be comprehended at all because of a statistic that says they can't be. We all live in the same world, because of statistics some better than others, but we all die and are placed in the same Earth and spread across the same seas. We are no better than one another and learn from the most unimaginable things.

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I enjoyed reading this immensely and feel that the message you are conveying is spot on!
And something that is relatable in my opinion. I feel like knowledge is something that cannot alone be measured in numbers. I'm no genius and I've never had the courage to do an IQ test but I know plenty of people who've taken an IQ test or gloat about the scores they receive and it's sort of hurtful to others who might not do so well. Not to mention that some of these people have absolutely no common sense...
Well besides my rant - I just agree with what you are saying and I love how cleverly and efficient you portray it within the structures of your poem. I was looking for steampunk but instead I found knowledge!
Can't wait to read your other chapters!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Alice Crypt; Brittany

8 Years Ago

Thanks! If there is at least one thing I want people to find it's knowledge ^_^ Maybe this came up b.. read more
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"Loneliness slowly filled his heart,
His words so cruel made come four droughts,
The mind, the heart, the mouth, and the art,
Were all lost within the knowledge and ignorance he sought."
That's my favorite part. Nice choice of words.

Once someone puts them self on a pedestal, it becomes very hard to make them see other people as their equal. It's not something one might purposefully mean to do, it rarely is... our mind sometimes tend to compare our self to that of others we meet. We judge fast and forget that at the end of the day, it's not what someone can offer the world, but its the fact that we're All apart of the world, period. We're all taking part in the human experience, so we shouldn't be so quick to reject others because we think we're doing Life or society a better job than they are.
...A good lesson here

Posted 8 Years Ago

Alice Crypt; Brittany

8 Years Ago

EXACTLY. Couldn't have said it any better myself :) I was like that once and I hurt my best friend b.. read more
Alice Crypt; Brittany

8 Years Ago

Thank you also for the compliment :D

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Alice Crypt; Brittany
Alice Crypt; Brittany

Staten Island, NY

Hi, my name is Alice Crypt: AKA, Brittany. I'm a huge gaming freak, I love steampunk, horror (especially vampire and werewolves (Underworld, Dracula, etc) (Not Twilight, didn't want to have to go ther.. more..