Day 3: Billy Bones 2/14/13

Day 3: Billy Bones 2/14/13

A Chapter by Alice Crypt; Brittany

I felt very creative on Valentine's Day for some reason and created Mr. Billy Bones! Oddly enough I thought of the name and later my bestie suggested it so it stuck XD

A strange occurence in the land of sleep,
When I awake in the morning it comes in a blur,
Bleak and disturbed, I can only seek,
As it comes so quick and turns my mind, I'm sure you can concur.
I quickly see a little boy, a skeleton,
Short and coarse,
His little umbrella and bony cat look to be a part of his odd perfection,
His head was high and brow pinched tight in anger without remorse.
Billy was first to come to mind as he floated down with his tiny black crown,
He tipped his hat and stepped on his bony cat, 
Making it crow in a horrifying sound,
The little tailcoat flapped and that was that.
The land of dreams leave small little friends,
A nod to the night and its remorseful end.

© 2013 Alice Crypt; Brittany

Author's Note

Alice Crypt; Brittany
Day 3! Cant believe I'm actually doing this project and keeping with it. Wax posted late because I went to my besties house. Had fun with this one :D All critique appreciated!

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Oooh, I really enjoyed this one!
I imagined the whole whimsical story play out like a fairytale (inspired by tim burton) in my head. It's creative and the last line finishes it off real swell. I'd really like to read more about Billy and his bony cat - you've hooked me :D

(And ditto, I can't believe I'm actually keeping up with this project too : ) High fives for us!)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Alice Crypt; Brittany

8 Years Ago

I love Tim Burton too! My mom saw the Nightmare Before Christmas the night I was born, 2 years later.. read more

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Added on February 16, 2013
Last Updated on February 17, 2013
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Alice Crypt; Brittany
Alice Crypt; Brittany

Staten Island, NY

Hi, my name is Alice Crypt: AKA, Brittany. I'm a huge gaming freak, I love steampunk, horror (especially vampire and werewolves (Underworld, Dracula, etc) (Not Twilight, didn't want to have to go ther.. more..