When She Looks Into Your Eyes

When She Looks Into Your Eyes

A Poem by Alice Crypt; Brittany

Inspired by the abuse men can do in relationships. I've never personally been in this situation but I've seen it and this is all I can say.


When she looks into your eyes,

Can you see why she cries?


It’s because she covers you up with lies and lies,

Her parents believe each and every lie,

She’s afraid to die,

Afraid to leave,

Because she has been ridden,

By your hate… by your pride,

Black and blue now shades her eyes,

Her arms are hurt,

Her body is broken,

Her spirit is shattered with your words,

With your crime.


When she looks into your eyes,

Can you see why she’s broken?


It’s because you hit her,

You beat her,

You cut her until she feels nothing,

Until she knows she has to stay,

Until her thoughts are forever in a haze.


She’s sad,

Wants to shove her head in a bag,

But is tormented,

Her thoughts are out of whack,

Her cheeks are stained and flushed,

But she covers it up with mascara and blush.


When she looks into your eyes,

Can you see why she’s sad?


Because no matter how much you make her cry,

No matter how much she covers her body with lies,

No matter how much she pleads to die,

She cannot hide the truth inside.


The terrible truth that keeps her alive inside.

The truth you abuse,

You scream at,

You insult,

You hang in your noose.


Call her a w***e: she thinks it’s true.

Beat her and break her: she thinks she deserves it too.

Forget the fact that she loves you: You’ll kick her for that too.

But even if she didn’t: What choice would you give her besides blacks and blues.


So now do you see why she cries?

Because you make her choose to live or to die.



© 2011 Alice Crypt; Brittany

Author's Note

Alice Crypt; Brittany
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Added on March 1, 2011
Last Updated on March 2, 2011
Tags: Abuse, Tragedy, Hate, Pain


Alice Crypt; Brittany
Alice Crypt; Brittany

Staten Island, NY

Hi, my name is Alice Crypt: AKA, Brittany. I'm a huge gaming freak, I love steampunk, horror (especially vampire and werewolves (Underworld, Dracula, etc) (Not Twilight, didn't want to have to go ther.. more..