A Story by Anynomus

Old timey gangster story hope you like it


I heard their boots running, i heard their voices shouting, i heard my heart beating faster and faster. The mofia, they were after me, i didnt mean to offend their brother i didnt know that was the case, all i knew is that i was in deep trouble with them and i might never get out, alive. They raced down the New York alley, trying to catch me , their overly thick accents echoing off the building walls, their long trench coats waving behind them as they tried to annialate me, i kept running. I was tired, my stomach was cramping up, my feet were bleeding inside my shoes, i kept running, my breath getting harder and harder to catch, and finally, a dead end. I had reached a dead end. i was trapped, i was going to die, die a painful, undesrved death. I heard their chuckles behind me as they walked up the moonlit alley. Their pinstriped fedoras bobbing in the darkness as they walked toward me, their revolvers in hand, the godfathers, here to kill me, just because their brother was a stupid cab driver that had over run his meter and charged me more, i was going to die.  My heart was beating, i was sweating bullets, i saw their evil grins in the darkness approching me as i cowered in the corner. It was coming, the revolver barrel was on my head, i heard a sneering voice say " Nighty night' ! " and an evil chuckle and a loud boom and then, darkness, emptyness, nothingness, it was over, done , i was dead

© 2009 Anynomus

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i likie some horror thats cooolio like that
luvvvvvv itttt
luv ya

Posted 13 Years Ago

I really like it, but why do you always have it, so they end up dying at the end? It's kinda depressing... well, good job with this one as well :) I loved it.


Posted 13 Years Ago

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I love to write but i choose to remain anynomus . LOVES FREDDY KRUGER!!!! more..

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