World Record Attempt Fatality Laughter (II)

World Record Attempt Fatality Laughter (II)

A Story by Brett Hernan

Another sample representing precisely where I am at in the process of currently writing this work.



   Traveling to Antarctica had been facilitated because he wished to find a legitimate, innocuous excuse to have her snuggle up close to him. Wearing a pair of shoes on his feet and his hands added that long sought after sense of balance. Carrying a whacking stick for the protection of everyone. It tasted bitter. The voyagers were lost now. Of this, they had been forewarned whilst still amongst the starry seas and the unknown intonations formed and were available for recognition by their ears, only when he'd been dragged away shouting,


   There were no names then. Coming up from behind and pressing him to go faster. Having once been recognised as pleasant, it was now despised. Problematic was the trans- dimensional life to death transitional time travel machine, in that the return from death function had never quite worked effectively. But this did not stop it being advertised for sale at 3.00 am in six easy payment plan installments on the TV shopping channel.

   That, or the mystery of the helicopter commander who raised anonymous sponsors and a documentary film crew to accompany him and record his attempt to pilot his machine on a journey to the very center of the earth, despite it not being hollow. Warned that if he ever were to take any kind of payment or fee for his services his powers would dissipate and ultimately vanish. It was by this method and for these reasons, he explained, the exact reason why animals are usually forbidden to speak.

   The phone lines all lit up with a greater than had ever been seen before, overwhelming amount of callers, simultaneously trying to reach the switchboard. It was then I asked,

"Who built this thing and why was it built?" and I knew that a lot of other people would also want to know the answer. Looking to the skies once the fungal transmogrification was fully complete and realising that no matter what the dial had been set to, she always seemed to arrive on a Thursday! Some other error had also occurred causing her to land in three separate years.

   Planning to re-initiate the shrunken head keychain decal craze. Push the elevator button for floor twenty two, please. You were at the airport at about 12.00 pm, you were wearing a t-shirt, had short hair, you had a knife in a book and were the guy playing dominoes on the wing, mid-flight...

© 2019 Brett Hernan

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Added on August 13, 2018
Last Updated on July 10, 2019


Brett Hernan
Brett Hernan

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Low-resolution sample only. Born 1968. All of the images accompanying each of these written works are my own. (Except that one of the guy putting a flower into a soldier's rifle barrel!) more..