The King and His Crown

The King and His Crown

A Story by Branwyn Eliabeth

The story of a king, an amputee, and A crown that is just to heavy

He was the king of the city
he was the king of the streets
he took charge of committees
and command of great fleets

he was ambitious and strong
for such a young king
but he had awful taste
for jewels and big bling

his fingers were covered
with rings and the lot
with jewels and diamonds
that dead pirates sought

His pants were beaded
up to the thigh
they sparkled as rich
as the star lit sky

Some people thought
that he looked like a fool
and everyone agreed
he was a royal tool

But that's not all
not close dear friends
because the weight of his crown
Is what brought near his end

You see he took a strong fancy
for very big diamonds
which led him to meet
the jeweler named Simon

The jeweler named Simon
had a daughter named Meg
Meg was quite pretty
despite missing a leg

Well the king fell in love
with this beautiful girl
Simon disapproved
he wanted to hurl

He thought that the king
besides lacking good taste
was incredibly greedy
and made decisions with haste

So Simon thought to himself
'"I will make him a crown
with jewels and diamonds,
and riches around."

"the crown will be big
and flashy and grate.
But bowed he will be
by its terrible weight."

Well sure enough Meg
found the king charming
though he dad's gift
was rather alarming.

But boy did the king

Love his new crown.

So big, so shiny

With riches around!


He wore it all day

He wore it all night

But it weighed his head down

And made him a sight.


His people would laugh

But he didn’t care

His crown was fantastic

To be worn everywhere.


Well the day came

It was time to go swim

Meg was a champion

(despite missing a limb)


The king was advised

To take off the crown

“Its to heavy” they said

“You’ll surely drown”


As he slipped in the water

He though he’d be fine

But he sank to the bottom

In almost no time.


With the crown on his head

He was stuck the under water

He’d of stayed there too

If not for Simon’s daughter.


Meg swam after him

“Just take off your crown”

She pleaded with him

“I don’t want you to drown”


But the king sat reluctant

He loved his crown so

But Meg was right

“Just let the crown go”


So that’s what he did

He gave the crown to the ocean

and with no time at all

He was on his back float’n


"I want to go grab it

I think that I can

With out it I’m just

another plain man.


I think I can get it "

The king said to meg

"It’s Important to me

Just Like your leg."


But “No” meg said

“I find your crown tacky

It weights your head down

And makes you look wacky.


Leave it under the sea

And I'll be your missis

 Its got a new home

along with the fishes.


So the king said goodbye

To his crown one last time

As they walked home

They heard wedding bells chime


But under the sea

Where the jeweled crown now sits

Swims a king fish

Subject to fits.

© 2011 Branwyn Eliabeth

Author's Note

Branwyn Eliabeth
please share any thoughts or modification ideas. Thank you

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Added on June 30, 2011
Last Updated on July 8, 2011
Tags: King, crown, peg leg, childrens, poem, rhyme, love, water, fish, jewels, bling


Branwyn Eliabeth
Branwyn Eliabeth

Nowhere, AK

Once there was a girl made of lead she fell into the water now she's dead. also I have a deviant art page for some of the paintings and crap I've done more..