The Knight Who Became The Rhino King

The Knight Who Became The Rhino King

A Story by Branwyn Eliabeth

A fable about a knight, who charged against the rhino king


The Knight Who Became The Rhino King



Once, long long ago, back when man and the earth were still connected, back when men and animals could communicate with each other. There lived a man who would become the Rhino King. Yaserab was the illegitimate son of the noble lord Romo. When Yaserab was a child, he grew up with his mother and ‘father’ But every time his father looked at his son’s face, all he could see was eyes of lord Romo. So when Yaserab’s mother died, his father took Yaserab to the lords manor, and demanded to see Romo.

When Romo saw the boy, he immediately recognized his face as his own, and Yaserab’s father said to Romo “His mother and your mistress has died, what she has left you, is what you sired.”

Romo could not help but see his own face in Yaserab’s, and so he had mercy on the boy and took him in as his own. Yaserab grew up as an equal to Romo’s two sons: as an equal in everything except rights to the land. The Laws of the kingdom did not allow position or wealth to be handed down to illegitimate children. As a child Yaserab did not care about these laws, but as he got older he started to envy his brothers inherited importance. Non-the-less Yaserab and his two brothers grew up mostly peacefully.

Once Yaserab was old enough he became the Squire of the Knight Gregor. Gregor taught Yaserab how to shoot a bow, fight with a sword, and most importantly how to joust. Yaserab loved jousting, he had a natural talent for it, and quickly became able to even dismount Gregor.

When Yaserab gained his knighthood he competed in many tournaments. Some Knights fared well against Yaserab’s skill, but no one could manage to defeat the boy. His achievements became known far and wide. Traveling Knights would seek him out and challenge him, but still he remained champion.

When Lord Romo fell ill and died all his belongings, wealth, and title fell to his two sons. Yaserab’s older brother had become jealous of Yaserab’s success, and did not offer him a position even as one of his Knights. So Yaserab left their lands with only the gold he had earned in tournaments. 

As Yaserab Traveled he quickly realized that his armor and apparent wealth attracted a lot of attention, especially by thieves. However so long as Yaserab was mounted on his horse they could bring him no harm. One day as Yaserab is riding through the forest he heard the sound of river hidden in the shrub, being thirsty Yaserab road to try and find it, but the plant growth became very think and hazardous. Yaserab determined to get to the stream dismounted his horse and wondered deeper into the brush. When He finally got to the stream he satisfied his thirst and filled his canteen. But when he was done he heard his stallion cry out.

Yaserab ran back to his mount. A group of bandits surrounded his stallion and were rummaging through the saddle bags. Yaserab drew his sword, despite the fact foot fighting was never a talent of his.

“Let my horse go and I will have mercy on you” Yaserab cried as he climbed out of the bramble.

“We know who you are Knight.” The Leader said arming himself “You are the renowned Knight Yaserab champion of mounted warfare.”

“then you know I will kill you all if you touch my horse again.” Yaserab said with his sword pointed at the leader.

“You think we haven’t noticed?” The bandit began “you are not mounted, and it is no secret your foot play is hardly better then a squires!”

When Yaserab stepped out of the brambles, all eight of the bandits armed themselves. Yaserab may have stood a chance against two of them, but against eight he had no hope. When the bandits defeated him they left him alive, but took all of his belongings: his gold, armor, horse, supplies, and weapons. Yaserab was left alone in the woods with nothing but his shame.

Yaserab traveled to the nearest town, but when he told people who he was no one would believe him, and having too much shame he refused to go back to his homeland. So instead Yaserab moved into the flatlands and got a job working on a farm, he learned the ways of the land and worked harder than he ever had in his life. Overtime Yaserab came to like the simple life of farming, he married a young woman who bore him two kids, a son named Rayith, and a daughter named Gwen.

One day when Yaserab was in the market with his family, the town crier ran into the market center and announced that the rhinos of the field had attacked a man, and threatened to attack the town. The people all cried out in fear and wonder. “What would make the rhinos hate us so?”

Yaserab asked the town crier to take him to the rhinos. When Yaserab stood in front of the leader of the armored creatures he asked “why great rhino do you threaten our town?”

The king rhino looked Yaserab up and down and replied “why puny farmer, do your people pillage our fields?”

Yaserab hesitated because he did not understand the rhinos question “great rhino, you claim we pillage your fields, but I do not know of when we have done such a thing.”

“You” the rhino grunted “are a farmer, you give to the land and the land gives back, but what of your expanding cities? Your people take from the land, but don’t give back.”

“Great rhino.” Yaserab said with merciful understanding “We build because that is what we do, but when we die our bodies go back to the earth all the same.”

The rhino looked fierce “Farmer, we have already decided, and no words could change the direction of a charging rhino.”

Yaserab looked the rhino cold in the eye, trying to guess the rhino culture. “Perhaps” Yaserab began, “not words, but a duel. A duel between the two of us. The winner has his way. That will save the lives that would be lost in war, lives of both men and rhinos.”

The Rhino considered Yaserab’s offer, and then said. “We rhinos are creatures of honor; I could not fight you as you stand.”

“Then let me armor myself, as you are armored, and arm myself as your horn arms you. Also then, let me ride a mount to make us even.”

The rhino agreed to Yaserab’s conditions, and Yaserab armed himself, borrowing the armor, horse, and lance from the black smith. When the Rhino saw Yaserab armed and mounted he grunted in a tone that sounded like laughter. “You may where the suit of a knight, but you are still only a farmer.”

“My mother was a farmer, but father was a lord. I am Yaserab, and I am not just a farmer.”

The rhino’s eyes burned in his face, and the Rhino ran full forced at Yaserab. Yaserab leaned forward on his mount, his lance tight in hand, and charged to meet him. Yaserab’s lance met the head of the great rhino, shattering it half way to the hilt, but the force of the blow was so strong against the rhino, that the rhino faltered and lost step. Yaserab turned to meet his foe again, but the rhino quaked where it stepped and tumbled to the ground.

The watching rhinos stared stunned at the sight as the human crowed cheered in celebration. Then the great rhino said looking Yaserab straight “You, brave knight, are certainly not just a farmer. You have humbled me, and by our law, have taken my position. You farmer, are the king of the rhinos.”

Yaserab was stunned “that is not what we agreed upon.”

“no.” the rhino said “but by our law it is implied, you out charged me and therefore taken my position, man or rhino you are our king.”

Yaserab was moved by the willingness of the rhinos to accept a new king, but he did not want to leave his home or family, so he said “Great rhino, I know I must accept this position and I have never had such an honor, but as fierce as my charge is, I am not a rhino. So as your king, let me delegate to you the position to rule, bring matters regarding men to me, but all else is in your charge.”

The great rhino accepted Yaserab offer and thanked him for honoring their ways. So it was that Yaserab the illegitimate son of a noble lord became the rhino king.

Once every year Yaserab would meet with the rhinos, and The rhinos would challenge him to duels for the kingship. Yaserab remained undefeated for many years, and as it stands, Yaserab’s grave stone reads: Yaserab, the legitimate king of rhinos.

© 2011 Branwyn Eliabeth

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I enjoyed this. You have an original tale, something I place a big value on, and you have a very good hook in the beginning when you write "There lived a man who would become the Rhino King." Its intriguing, and draws the reader in, because he wants to know more about the concept of the "Rhino King" and how a man became the king of the rhinos.

A couple of small things; instead of who bore him two 'kids' i would write 'children', because it fits better with the theme and style of this medieval-like story. In the end you may want to capitalize "rhino king" to be consistent with the beginning.

I think its a form of irony, when he cannot be good enough to be the king of men, because of his illegitimate origins, but he can be the rhino king, even though he was born a man. In other words, the rhinos are more reasonable than the people when it comes to their king, they care not for his origins, only for his ability. If you want to read another story that concerns a system where you must earn the right to be King, you can check out my short fantasy story "The Three Trials" ;)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Branwyn Eliabeth
Branwyn Eliabeth

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Once there was a girl made of lead she fell into the water now she's dead. also I have a deviant art page for some of the paintings and crap I've done more..