~Demented Lust~

~Demented Lust~

A Poem by JB

A succubus, in lust for a fresh one. Lol. :)


From her blackest pit to above ground,

Turning herself into innocence with no sound,

The gentleness of her voice as she speaks,

Lascivious men would not sweep off her feet,

And their obsene offerings she had to deny,

Until her man caught her eye,

For days and nights, she stalked him and her hunger grew,

Planning on how to slice him into two,

When she is alone, her impatience and her anger is foul,

When she smiles, the monster within her growls,

Then came the night of his fate,

Unaware that his death has open the gate,

The night was young when slumbered,

She sneaks in with a sly smile,

Laughing softly and manically that would frighten a child,

Her grin showing her fangs,

As her gentle eyes began to change,

She strips naked as she climbed on top of him,

Her snake-like tongue slithered as her finger rubbed his chin,

Now her entire body transformed,

Her skin from pale to hot red as the sky began to storm,

Her demonic wings fluttered,

Looking at his fresh, muscle-bound body, she never shuddered,

She goes down on him, performed fellatio,

He gets aroused, eyes still closed as he sofly moans,

Her curved body still bare,

Now intercoursing with him as she stares,

With him long and hard, she pants with pleasure,

But his life began to wither,

Her loud moans and laughs echoed as she rides him faster,

His breathing slows, not knowing her climax began to stir,

Lets out a small whimper, she's in his nightmare,

Looking into her cat-like, green eyes, she glares,

As his life flashes before him, he feels his skin is about to burn,

In an excruciating pain, his stomach churned,

Her deranged laughs and smiles, his backbone is crushed,

His blood pouring down her bust,

She giggled as her mouth watered for his flesh,

Then she chomps onto his chest,

His cries and screams, so bloodcurdling,

Now back into reality, his life devoured with his last dark dream fading,

She disappeared, so satisfied,

Leaving his diminished body behind.

© 2011 JB

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Added on August 17, 2011
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