I don't like rhyme

I don't like rhyme

A Poem by Briscottin

I don't like to rhyme 
For me, it feels like empty words
I'm just trying to find words that sound the same
Rather than actually putting meaning into it 

Rhyme puts me off
I've reverted back to primary school
Where I was creating silly poems that meant nothing
Poems about the colours in a rainbow
Or some strange animal that wears clothes and plays games

Because of the poems I wrote as a small child
Poems that rhymed 
I stay away from writing like that 
I am not 6 years old
But 15 years older than that

I write like this 
With no true structure 
With no true idea of how it will end
I let my fingers do the work as I mindlessly think about how I feel

I don't like rhyme
It's not who I am
I am unable to express myself through the constraints of it 
I use poetry to break bonds
To break myself out of conventional structure 

My poems are snapshots of inside my mind
I don't need rhyme to help me show that.

© 2017 Briscottin

Author's Note

Bit of a casual poem, it may not flow well at all, but I wrote it like how I would say it. Therefore, I do ramble, however it's the only way I can express myself.

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Being a free style writer, I can very well relate with your poem.It is often the rhymes, and rhythmic patters etc. that takes off the beauty of the poem instead of adorning it.

A poem, I feel should have a 'natural flow of emotions' and could be efficient enough to make the readers feel exactly what and how the person felt while writing the poem.If the piece fulfills these things, it's good enough to be called as a poem.

Afterall, what good is abiding by all the strict rules and regulations of poetry obediently, and creating a piece, that fails to make the readers actually feel those 'intense emotions'!

As a poet, we all are good and great with how we express things.Sll we need is to brush up our skill.No two people can be same, nor two poets.!

My favorite poets are Rudyard Kipling, Shakespeare, and Wordsworth, but even they don't copy each other..Yet they all are great.poetry is universal, and we should be versatile with our style.

What good is writting afterall, if there too we are restricted by stuffs like, iamb, meter etc.I've struggled a lot with making my writings follow the rhyming patterns atleast, and things are better from the initial years I usedsed to write in, but iamb, meter etc are things, I feel will still take time for me to be perfect in, as it needs much Practice, but as for now, I'm glad with my freestyle scribbling viz so soothing afterall!😊

Thankyou for sharing this poem.i enjoyed reading it.

Happy writing !😊


Posted 4 Years Ago

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