Uh Oh, I Gave An Opinion

Uh Oh, I Gave An Opinion

A Poem by Skai Rain

I have been through a lot for being female. For simply going out in public.


If I take off my makeup I am an ugly witch
If I say "I like apples" I am a feminist b***h

 If I have an opinion I best keep it quiet
'Cause I am just a stupid woman, how dare I try it

 Nature gave me a chest, so I'm obviously a s**t...
It is gross and it's dirty so I best cover myself up

 I'm sorry you want to f**k me, but you see, I'm a prude
A stupid c**t who deserves to die, how dare I reject you

 If I succumbed to your pressure, I would be a w***e
Despite the fact that breeding is what we're here for

 Even though showing my skin MUST mean I have a low self-worth
It could never be my opinion on skin is different than yours

 And I know I am bringing attention, to a topic better left unmentioned

You may call me pretentious, but we all have this similar connection

 We are all equal. Yet, everyday I fear social interaction

For my words will be twisted, due to your heinous attraction

 With taking away my basic human rights because I have a vagina,

You have a fear of my words, and the open mind it may bring ya

 I have never said women deserve more than men, and yet you pretend

When women stand up for themselves they're suddenly bashing men

 Find a line in this poem I've said men are all pigs and we deserve more. Find a line.

Cause I have many of you telling me I'm a no good woman whose a waste of time

 I listen to you, but will I ever get the same? This world is a game.

Cat and mouse? More like cat and the trap, a girl can't be sane

 Why listen to me? Stupid prude with the intellect of a shoe

I have nothing interesting to say, so why does it bother you?

 To bother you enough to call me a prude, c**t, w***e, and s**t,

I admit your words hurt, you want to silence me, but you know what?

 I'm not sorry I have opinions. I'm not sorry for the body "God" gave me.
Oh, no. I gave my opinion. May the devil now take me.

© 2016 Skai Rain

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Added on January 20, 2016
Last Updated on January 20, 2016


Skai Rain
Skai Rain


My name is Brit and I've been writing since I was about eleven. My skill still isn't magnificent, but that's why I have come to this site. So please give me as much support as you can and I shall do .. more..

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