Chapter 2: Past Revealed

Chapter 2: Past Revealed

A Chapter by Brittaney

The sky was dark with the black clouds and rain. Lightening streaked across the sky, lighting the soft face of the man. Baby blue optics watched the storm rage with amusement. It wasn�t often that the god king allowed such a storm to rage the skies. It wa

The sky was dark with the black clouds and rain. Lightening streaked across the sky, lighting the soft face of the man. Baby blue optics watched the storm rage with amusement. It wasn’t often that the god king allowed such a storm to rage the skies. It wasn’t often that the eighteen year old god prince could enjoy the battle of weather fought above him.

He had lived a hard life, always in the shadow of his elder twin brother. They may be identical, but Orknuf had been born a minute earlier that Kinalf. Making him the god king’s favorite and heir to the throne. While Orknuf lapped up the attention, Kinalf was left, forgotten and in the shadows. For eighteen years Kinalf had done anything and everything to gain the king and queen’s attention. Nothing had worked though. No matter what he did, his mother and father have never smiled at him with pride in their eyes. Never once have they truly recognized him as their son and showed him unconditional love.

None of that mattered now though. Kinalf had been reborn and fallen in love. He now knew what it felt like to love and be loved in return. The gypsy woman had captured his heart and he couldn’t be happier. A smirked tickled his lips as her image came to mind. Eyes as black as the night and hair as bright and soft as red silk. Her lips were full and pink, swollen from his kiss. Her skin white and soft as satin that prickled and flushed to his touch, she was perfect. All that was left was to join her on the mortal plane.

They would think he was insane for his request. He was going to sacrifice his immortality and power so he could marry a mortal. Kinalf wanted to start a family and live a simple life. All that was left was to hand the request over to his father, to the god king.

Eyes tore from the storm and he began to walk towards the throne room, toward his future. It was oddly quite in the castle. So quite that his padded foot falls echoed off the stone walls and through the halls. But nothing would dampen his spirit.

Kinalf reached the solid oak door and opened the structure. He stepped inside and froze at the sight before him. His brother and his gypsy were locked in an intimate embrace. Their bodies flush together with their clothes strewn about. He watched as his love rose above his bother and took him inside her.

Fury rose inside him as Kinalf’s world ended. The shadows had once again swallowed him whole, but this time he welcomed them with open arms. His once soft warm heart now turned hard and cold as it was Orknuf’s name his enchantress moaned. Baby blue eyes sharpened and became a blood red, piercing through the darkest of corners. His perfect and straight teeth lengthen and became sharp as he turned from the act of betrayal. They would all pay for the pain, god and mortal alike.


A small child, naked and vulnerable was held high for all to see. Celebrations rang through out the square for the new prince’s birth. In a matter of one year Kinalf’s life had begun its spin down to hell. The child belonging to Orknuf and the gypsy represented a new era. One in which mortal and god alike would live in peace side by side. It was an age that Kinalf could not allow to happen, no matter the costs.

The demon had bided his time, hiding his appearance, and gathering his army. In a few more years a war will rage the lands, in a few more years Kinalf would have his revenge. He only had to get rid of the child.

Cadeyrn, Cadeyrn, Cadeyrn. The child’s names had become a chant of hope as the boy was cradled in his mother’s arms. Kinalf couldn’t take it any longer. With an incline of his head, an arrow flew flying true to its target. Screams and shouts of fear and warning sounded as the gypsy’s eyes widened in fear. She turned and took the arrow herself, traveling through her back and hitting her heart.

A sick smile of pleasure crawled across his lips, his sharp teeth gleaming. Orknuf cried out and ran to his love, but it was too late. Her heart had already ceased to beat. The crowd cried out for justice as a small figure was forced towards the stage. The god king lifted his son from his dead mother’s arms and disappeared into the castle’s safety. Now it was time to play his part.

Mounting the stage, Kinalf lifted the young man up high for all to see. “Who hired you boy?” Kinalf’s voiced echoed true, his disguise surely intact.

“I will not reveal my master, only who I am.” Glamour dropped and the boy turned to creature. Horns curled from his temples along his head. Red eyes gleamed with mischief delight. His teeth sharp and deadly shined blood stained as he grinned wide. A collective gasp sounded from the crowd. They hadn’t seem a demon in a thousands seasons, believing them all extinct. “The time of demons will reign again.”

Kinalf grabbed the boy and shoved a knife into the creatures gut. As blood spilled, Kinalf whispered into his ear. “You’ve played your part well. Return in two moons and you shall be greatly rewarded.”


His army was vast and ready. Corrupted souls gathered in his lands, ready to exact their revenge or simply feed their blood lust. Either way, Kinalf had what was needed and was ready. All that was left was the attack, direct and swift. The war would be over before Orknuf even knew what hit him.

“Sir, your army is ready and awaiting your command.” The young boy that had sacrificed his life once was now a man. He had wreaked havoc and destruction upon the lands already. Kinalf couldn’t be more proud of his second in command.

Eyes sparkled with an unsettling joy as the demon gathered up his sword. The time has come to kill his brother and claim everything that was his. “Let the games begin,” Kinalf laughed malevolently.

Rhiamon jolted awake, a scream stuck in her throat. Her breathing was harsh as she searched for light. The shadows loomed as the Demon’s laughter echoed throughout her mind. The memory of the evil in his eyes made her skin crawl. The man found joy in other people’s misery and Rhiamon was certain he had been looking at her as he spoke.

Let the games begin.

It was just a nightmare, product of living in her father’s home for the past week. However those four words rung in her head and she couldn’t let them go. First a ghostly visit and now this nightmare, what the hell was going on?

Hands vigorously scrubbed her face as Rhiamon push the haunting image away. He had been pure evil, a soul bent with pain and betrayal. Just a nightmare, nothing can hurt you. She told herself over and over as the chill in her back began to disappear. It became a mantra as she lay back down and closed her eyes. The light remained on as Rhiamon drifted off once again.

© 2008 Brittaney

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that dude is a sick freak i mean i kind of understand how he feels but man...

Posted 13 Years Ago

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