DF Chapter 2

DF Chapter 2

A Chapter by Brittaney

Kalina gathered what strength she had and stormed out of the bathroom. She had enough of the day. First having to experience a death not all her own but yet felt as if it was, and then meeting the weird girl who brought on another vision. And when she woke from this vision, finding out that weird girl knew not only dream girl’s name but the name of dream girl’s blood sister. She just wanted to turn back time and start the day over again.


“Kalin wait!” Margaret yelled after her as the three of them chased her down the hall.


“No!” Kalina yelled back and broke into a run. She couldn’t face her friends right now because she had seen them in the latest of visions, Margaret as Serenity and Careen as Sydney. But who was Brianna, the air element with blonde hair and baby blue eyes. Kalina shook the face out of her head and burst out of the school.


“Hey you! Stop!” The security guard yelled and began chase. However Kalina was quicker and heading to her home, the woods. Once she was past the tree line, she muttered beneath her breath. “Mother nature, I am one of your children. I, Kalina Johnson, an earth element ask for your help. Hide me and nurture me. So mote it be.”


Kalina ducked into the high grass and kneeled down. The security guard ran past her and she let a breath out. Her magic was getting stronger, as was the visions. Scrubbing her face with her hands, she leaned against the tree. “Nice spell Kalin. You almost fooled me.”


Kalina jumped completely out of her skin before she realized who was talking to her. His name was Gavino and he was Careen’s boyfriend of three years. Everyone, including Careen’s mother thought the two were Murien Breatha Dan, Wiccan soul mates. Gavino was a junior that often skipped classes to practice in the woods and Kalina often looked to him as a brother. “Did you have to sneak up on me, Gav?”


Gavino grinned, “What else am I suppose to do to my little sister? Besides, it should be good training for you, spotting and sensing someone of your element.”


“Nag, nag, nag. You are beginning to sound like May’s Gran.” Kalina brushed her pants off and stood straight. “If I was paying attention I would have sensed you.”


“Believe what ever makes you happy.” He grabbed her bag and threw it over his own shoulder, stirring her deeper into the woods. “So, why is goody-two-shoes Kalin running out of the school in the middle of the day and hiding from security for?”


Kalina sighed and let him take her where ever. From the position of the sun, she estimated it to be about noon. The lunch bell would ring soon; she might as well hang out with Gavino until after lunch. “I’ve had a bad day. The kind that you wish you could just crawl in bed and hide until it was over.”


“Ouch!” Gavino collapsed onto a log in a clearing, “Tell me about it, Kalin.”


Kalina bit her bottom lip as she looked him over. He keeps his red hair long but not to long, just bellow the back of his skull. His green eyes were darker than Kalina’s, almost a forest green. His jeans were old and ratted from years of use with bleach and paint spots. His black shirt was polo that had band patches stitched to cover the entire back. Pretty much he went with whatever was clean look. But despite his looks, Kalina knew he would always listen and provide a shoulder to lean on. Therefore, she told him all. When she was done, he was rubbing his chin thoughtfully, “So, what do you think?”


Gavino shrugged, “It is interesting and I don’t blame you for running.” He stood from his seat and began to walk around, “Heck, I would have run from here to Kingdom Kum if I had visions like that. In fact…” He grinned and turned to Kalina. Getting on one knee he held out his hand, “Kalin, let’s run away. Let’s forget the others. We will got to Italy and live our lives out there. Me the struggling artist and you the eccentric physic.”


“Very enticing,” Kalina smirked and acted as if she was thinking about it. Then she shook her head and waved her hand, “It wouldn’t work. Reen would track us down, kill me, skin you alive, and then kill you slowly.”


“True enough.” He shrugged and stood, “Guess we just have to go back to the school and face it all.” He grabbed her bag and her hand, “Come on. I will help you face the big bad monster.”


Kalina laughed and had to half run to keep up with his long strides, “Would you slow down before I kill you!”




“Kalin, wait up!” Margaret yelled and ran up to her friend. “Where did you run off to?”


Kalina turned to Margaret and sighed, “I needed to be alone so I went into the woods. However, Gav ran into me. So, he hung out with me until after lunch.”


“Are you okay?” She stood in front on Kalina so she would be made to stop, “You ran off. I’ve never known you to run away from something.”


Kalina bite her bottom lip and looked into her friend’s eyes. How was she to tell her best friend about the horrific visions? And what if her thoughts were correct? What if Dream girl was really a past life of herself? “May, could you please drop it for now? I need to think about it for awhile.”


“But…” Margaret stop mid-sentence because of the pleading look in Kalina’s eyes. “Okay Kalin, I’ll drop it for now. However, we are going to have a circle at Reen’s place tomorrow night. Tell your parents you’re sleeping over her house.”


Kalin put on her best smile and nodded, “I’ll bring my over my night bag. Reen’s mom can take us over after school.”


Margaret studied her friend’s face for a while longer before nodding, “Alright. By the way, you were present for all of your classes. I have English with you so I said you were here.”


Kalin raised her brow, “But what about science? I know I don’t have that with either you or Reen.”


“But Kris has it with you.” Margaret raised a brow at Kalina’s weird look, “Why don’t you like her? You usually don’t judge people that quickly.”


“I’ll explain tomorrow.” Kalina sighed and dragged her fingers through her hair. “I’ll explain at the circle. You staying after today or riding the bus?” Kalina changed the subject hoping Margaret would play along.


“I’m staying. That way I can skip tomorrow.” Margaret had to stay after school to take eight grade sciences because she failed the class last year. It was either the extra tutoring after school or repeating the entire eight grades. The first of the two was way more attractive.


“See you later then.” Kalina hitched her messenger bag onto her shoulder and ran off towards the busses. If she was lucky she wouldn’t miss it.


Margaret watched her friend run off and knew something was wrong. She made her mind up that her and Careen would have to intervene before Kalina over did herself. With a sigh and shake of her head, she headed for her science class.


© 2008 Brittaney

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