DF Chapter 3

DF Chapter 3

A Chapter by Brittaney

“Hey, anybody home?” Kalina called out and dumped her keys into the key bowl besides the door. She knew her parents were both at their respective jobs, but her two siblings were always a mystery. Jacob was a year younger than her and was active in a number of sports. Currently he was into middle school football. Sarah was two years younger than Jacob and was active in her elementary school choir. It was a family mystery to why Kalina hadn’t been active in any after school activities.


“Hey Kalin!” Jacob called out from somewhere in the depths of the house. “It is just you and me. Sarah is at a friends house tonight and mom and dad both called to say they be working late.”


“Not again.” Kalina sighed and dumped her bag on the dinning room table. She then followed the sound of her brother’s voice to his room. She found him sitting on his computer chair, lifting two ten pound weights. Crossing her arms, she reclined against the door jam, “What do you want for dinner?”


Jacob looked up from his weights and smirked, “Nothing if you’re cooking. I’d rather starve than get poisoned.”


Kalina glared at him, “Ha ha very funny.” Reaching into her back pocket, she pulled her black leather wallet out and opened it. Taking out twenty bucks, she tossed it to him. “Order pizza, nothing nasty or I will ensure that you suffer.”


“Okay, okay.” He placed his weights in their stand and stood up, “A large mushroom, pepperoni, and extra cheese pizza it is then.”


“That’s a good little brother.” Kalina sent him one last smile before going down to her room. Closing the door behind her, she left the light out. The dark green curtains on her window kept out the light therefore keeping her room in the dark. “Goddess lights the wicks. Let the fire live. Blessed Be.” The twenty or so candles scattered through out her room caught fire and lit her room in the flames eerie glow. Kalina’s walls were covered in numerous posters of angels and demons with different sayings. The dark green curtains matched the black and green bed spread. And the red rug brought her favorite three colors to life.


Sinking into the black arm chair, Kalina ran her hands along her face. May and Reen might be furious at her for using magic alone, but Kalina needed to figure out the visions on her own. She needed to know the truth before trying to explain it to her friends. After casting a circle and protecting herself, Kalina began the spell work. “Goddess shows me your wisdom. Bring the dark into the light. Allow what was hidden to be known. So mote it be.”


The flames grew large, almost reaching the ceiling of her room. Her vision began to blur and the sickness that accompanied her visions gripped her stomach. “Show the truth to me. Reveal her identity. Badanie Noreen. I summon thee.”


The ground shook below her, throwing Kalina out of her chair to the floor. Staying on her hands and knees, she kept her concentration on the spell work. To stop it now could bring great consequences. “I summon thee. Show yourself to me. I, Kalina Johnson summon thee.”


Vile rose in her throat as Kalina was thrown into another plane. She looked around to find herself standing on the cliff from her vision. The cliff that Badanie used for her spell work the night she was arrested. Rain fell steadily, soaking her clothes through. “Hello?” Kalina turned around, looking for anyone. The spell wasn’t supposed to work this way. It was suppose to bring the summoned to the summoner, not the other way around. “Anyone there? Hello…”


Kalina paused as she spotted someone approaching in the distance. Narrowing her eyes, she could see that it was a woman approaching. “Who are you and where am I?” Kalina yelled out to the approaching woman.


The woman waited until she reached Kalina and when she did, Kalina sucked in her breath in surprise. Standing here in front of her was dream girl, Badanie Noreen. Badanie smirked at Kalina’s surprised look. “I am you and you are me. As to where be you,” Badanie waved her hand around herself. “You are in our heaven. Here is where it all started and where it will all end.” Badanie turned back and looked into Kalina’s eyes, eyes that mirrored her own. “Here is where you will be the most at peace. Here is where you will learn everything. This cliff is no where but every where. This cliff, Kalina, is in you.”


Kalina was entranced in Badanie’s eyes. She couldn’t look away and was forced to listen to everything that was said. “So… You are me. Does that mean you are a past self of me?”


Badanie nodded, “You and I are one in the same. Everything I have done, you have done. Everything you have done, I have done. Your thoughts are mine and mine are yours. Do you understand now?”


Kalina nodded, “We are one and the same.”


Badanie grinned, “Exactly. You learn quickly. Now, are you ready to know everything?”


“I…” Kalina continued to look into Badanie’s eyes. They were the same color as hers but there was something in them. Something that Kalina hoped to never gain. Buried deep in Badanie’s eyes was indifference. Kalina could tell that Badanie no longer felt love or hate. The knowledge that Badanie held had brought her to that.


“Ah… I see that you are beginning to doubt.” Badanie said coolly and placed a hand on Kalina’s shoulder. “Yes, I no longer love or hate. I no longer depend on such emotion to make my decisions. For I have walked life as a loyal servant and a rebel traitor and have chosen to be neither.”


“But why such coldness?” Kalina asked shyly, unsure if she wanted the answer.


Badanie finally broke the connection by looking over Kalina’s shoulder to the horizon behind her. Her eyes darkened as memories plagued her mind. “Because with out it, I couldn’t exist. Kalina, you are not ready for this knowledge.” Badanie turned back to Kalina and smiled, “Return when you are ready for you will need it soon.”


“But… but…” Kalina tried to find out more, but her vision was already dimming. She felt weightless for a brief moment before she returned to her room. Collapsing completely to the ground, she breathed heavily. Her body was covered in sweat or rain, Kalina wasn’t sure. Closing her eyes, she urged the nausea down.


“Hey Kalin! Pizza’s here!” Jacob pounded on her door and made her jump. “Hey, you okay in there?”


“I’m fine.” Kalina yelled out, but it only came out in a whisper. Clearing her throat she tried again and succeeded.


“Alright, hurry up pizza’s getting cold.” Jacob responded and left her to go get a slice.


Kalina pushed herself up to her knees and looked around her room. Her candles were burnt out, only a few still burning. The spell had also sapped her energy to almost empty. She barely had enough left to disarm the circle and cleanse the area. When she was finished, she pulled her soaked clothes off and changed into a pair of men’s sleeping pants and tank top. Kalina keep her self busy, not allowing her to think over what she had learned. She would have plenty of time for that later. With one last look around her room, she opened the door and went to get her dinner.

© 2008 Brittaney

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