DF Chapter 4

DF Chapter 4

A Chapter by Brittaney

She stood at the window, the one that looked out onto the houses back yard. She stood there with her arms crossed as she watched her brother, Trenton Noreen, and her loved one, Damien Grieve, practice with their swords. The Grieve’s were master swordsmen that passed their secrets from father to son. They were able to perform moves with a sword that no normal human or immortal could master. And Damien knew all their secrets and had developed some of his own. He was now helping Trenton improve his own sword skills.


She let a small smile curve her lips as Damien flipped back to avoid Trenton’s attack.  Damien  quickly changed from the defensive to the offensive, advancing on him. Trenton block the attacks the best he could but was being pushed back. “Boys,” She muttered to herself and made her way to the back door. She knew that if she didn’t interfere someone was going to get hurt.


She opened the door in time to see Damien get attacked by a spirit wolf. Spirit animals were protectors of old magic families, each having their own species. The Noreens’ spirit animal was the wolf, specifically mountain wolves. “Jessup, SIT!” She yelled and the wolf stopped its attack and plopped down onto its rear. She then turned to her brother, “TRENTON ALBERT NOREEN! What in the goddess’s name were you thinking? Swords are no match for spirit animals!”


Trenton flinched and help up his hands, “Geez Sis, I wouldn’t have let him kill him.”


“Sometimes Trenton, I swear.” She glared at him then turned on Damien, “And you! You know better than to push him. You know Trenton can’t take a loss easily.”


Damien looked her straight in her eyes, turning on his charm. “A Ghra, we were just having a little competition.”


She softened under his gaze. She could never deny him anything when he looked at her like that. “Well…” She paused for a little and Kato grinned. That broke her, “Okay. But please be careful. You two know you are the two I care about the most.”


Trenton walked up behind her and threw his arms around her. “We’re sorry Sis. We don’t want to worry you.” He paused a moment and narrowed his eyes. “Wait a minute.”


She pulled out of his arms and crossed her arms over her abdomen. “No empathy powers! I hate it when you do that!”


Trenton grinned, “Ah ha! I knew something was different with you.”


“What?” Damien said alarmed and rushed to her side. “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing,” She answered a little too quickly and glared at her brother. “I’m perfectly healthy.”


“Yep,” Trenton’s grin grew wider. “You and the little one are very healthy.”


“Damn it Trenton!” She smacked his arm with a loud crack. “I wanted to tell him myself. I had it all planned!”


“Wait,” Damien turned her to face him. He placed his hands on each cheek, framing her face with his hands. “Badanie, a ghra, are you pregnant?”


She smiled and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Surrounding his middle with her hands, she said against his lips. “Damien, you’re going to be a daddy.”


Damien’s face broke out in a big grin as he spun her around. Placing a big kiss on her lips, he pulled her close. “I love you a ghra. Forever and Always.”


Kalina woke with tears on her face. For once, she dreamed a happy time of her past life. For the first time since the visions began, she woke happy and sad for what she had lost in her past life. Sitting up in her bed, she looked down at her hands. Maybe her past life wasn’t as bad as she thought. After all, she had been loved by two wonderful men. With this thought playing happily in her mind, she got up and began to ready for the day. Hopefully the good morning would become a good day.




The day had stayed good. Kalina had went to all her classes and emerged from the school at the end of the day with a smile. Becaused she had asked for it, Careen and Margaret had left her alone for the day. She would answer their questions tonight when they gathered for the circle. Hitching her bag on her shoudler, she made her way to the pick up circle. Careen’s mom, Deirdra, would pick them up there and take them to Careen’s house.


“Hey Kalin!” Careen called from where she stood by her mother’s car. Kalina raised her hand to wave but froze when she spotted Kristina. ‘Not her.’ She thought and walked to the car without a word.


Deirdra smiled from the driver’s seat, “Merry meet Kalina. Come sit in the front.”


Kalina nodded and sank into the passenger seat. “Merry meet Deirdra.” She turned to her and put her best smile on, “It’s been awhile.”


Deirdra nodded, “I know. We didn’t return from Ireland in time for yours and Marg’s last circle. No matter, we will have a good time tonight.”


Deirdra called Margaret Marg and was the only one to do so. Kalina thought it was weird that she had her own nickname for Margaret. She turned to the back seat and looked at Kristina, “Are you joining us tonight? I think I heard that Deirdra is training you.”


Kristina nodded and smiled, “Yes I am. In fact, Deirdra said I could lead the circle tonight.”


Kalina’s smile lowered at the news. It was suppose to be her turn to lead tonight and she was going to use the opprotunity to do a banishment spell. She wanted to banish the limitations blocking the full truth of her past self. “That sounds...” She was saved from commenting as Margaret climbed into the car.


“Sorry guys. I had to hide from my teacher.” Margaret sighed and rubbed her temple. “I swear he is evil incarnet.”


Deirdra chuckled as she pulled out of the parking spot. “I’m pretty sure he isn’t Marg. We know where they are and terminate them before to long.”


“Then he hides his idenity.” Margaret answered, “I’ve only had him one day and he already gets on my nerves.”


“All teachers get on your nerves.” Careen spoke up and received a friendly slap to the arm. Pouting she rubbed her arm, “Well you know I’m right. If your Gran would let you, you would drop school.”


Margaret shrugged, “Not with Kalin on my back. I swear she is worse than my Gran.”


Kalina smirked, “A good grade brings you several rewards. Besides for every A you bring to my mom, she gives you a prize.”


Margaret nodded, “I wouldn’t mind a new pair of jeans.”


“Exactly.” Kalina turned in her chair. When she seen Kristina, her mood turned sour instantly. Why she put her back up, Kalina wasn’t exactly sure. But she knew it had something to do with her past life. Just then, she looked Kristina in the eyes. ‘Have you remembered me yet?’ She heard in her head and shook it free. She turned around in her seat and looked straight forward.


Deirdra noticed the mood change and looked over at Kalina. “Kalina, are you okay? Something wrong?”


Kalina nodded stiffly without looking over to Deirdra. She knew that if she did, Deirdra would know something was wrong. “Yeah Deirdra. I just need to talk to you later.”


Deirdra nodded, “Okay. We will talk when we get home.”


“Thanks Deirdra.” Kalina answered and risked looking over to her. With her best smile plastered on her face, she continued to hide her true feelings. Somewhere deep inside her, something was telling her not to trust Deirdra. Deirdra was council scum and couldn’t be trusted.

© 2008 Brittaney

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