DF Chapter 7

DF Chapter 7

A Chapter by Brittaney

Everything was in place. Each of the elements was represented by her coven sisters. The area had been blessed on the height of the full moon, when it was neither waxing nor waning. The pentagram had been burnt into the ground on the height of the new moon, when it was neither waxing nor waning. Both of these times had been important to the spell. For if it wasn’t done right, and then nothing would work. This spell required just the right mixture of white and black magic. And it also required a level five black Wiccan or the caster would die from the consequences of the three fold law. But she didn’t care because she would sacrifice herself. She would be the selfless and willing sacrifice required to lock Tamesis away for one thousand years.


Stepping into the moon light, she went to earth’s point on the pentagram. Dressed in naught but a long black robe with hood up. Head bowed, she listened to the approaching steps of her sisters as they took their appointed spots. When everyone was in place, she raised her head and pulled back the hood. Her dark brown hair flew freely in the wind as her now forest green eyes scanned the pentagram. “Sisters!” She called and threw her hands to the sky, “We are here today to bring an end to a mistake. To correct what should never have come to past. To lock away Tamesis Grieve for one thousand years.”


 Serenity, Sydney, and Brianna threw back their white hoods as Hope threw back her grey one. They all raised their hands high and called to the wind. “Blessed be.”


Serenity stepped forward then, dropping her robe to the ground. “I am Serenity Grieve! Spirit element! I summon thee! Use thy key to open the door!”


Sydney stepped forward and also dropped her robe to the ground. “I am Sydney Duncan! Water element! I summon thee! Tower of the West! Protector of the fish and color blue!”


Hope stepped forward and dropped her robe to the ground. “I am Hope Noreen! Fire Element! I summon thee! Tower of the South! Protector of the butterfly and color red!”


Brianna stepped forward and dropped her robe to the ground. “I am Brianna Mackenzie! Air element! I summon thee! Tower of the East! Protector of the bird and color white!”


She stepped forward and dropped her own robe. Goosebumps rose on her flesh as the cool wind caressed her bare skin. “I am Badanie Noreen! Earth Element! I summon thee! Tower of the North! Protector of snake and color green!”


An elaborate wooden door appeared in the middle of the pentagram. A sliver of light shined from the crack between the earth and bottom of the door. Creating a false hope of what lay behind it. For inside lay darkness so dark not even light could penetrate it. Inside is where she was casting her son, to live a thousand years in a sea of nothing. The frame had carvings of faces, frozen in moments of intense agony. All replicas of past Wiccans fallen to its fate. For if you didn’t survive the sentence you became a part of the darkness and your face was added to its collection.


She walked closer, stopping a few feet away. Saying a quick spell, a bonfire ignited between her and the door. Its hot licks inches from her skin, only giving her a taste of what lie ahead. Picking up the dagger from it place embedded to the ground, she pressed it to her palm. “Blood of my blood, I summon thee!” She dropped some drops of her blood into the fire and watched it turn green briefly. When it returned to its proper color, she raised the blade to her hair and cut a lock. “Flesh of my flesh, I summon thee!” She threw the hair into the fire and watched it turn green once more. Raising her hands to the sky, she felt the earth shake below her. The fire burned higher and brighter. The wind picked up to hurricane force. And the sky opened up in a monsoon rain. “Tamesis Grieve! I summon thee!”


Tamesis appeared on the other side of the fire, in front of the door, quite dazed and confused. He stood slowly and looked around at the clad figures. Catching the door out of the corner of his eye, he turned to face it head on and all the color left his face. Turning on his mother, he charged an energy ball as the door began to open behind him.


She looked right into Tamesis’s eyes, her own eyes. Holding her hand in front of her, she began to draw runes in the air as she chanted in old Wiccan under her breath. The door opened wider behind her son and black tendrils snaked out, wrapping around his ankles. “Tamesis Grieve, I sentence you to live in the darkness. A thousand years shall be your key. Blessed be!” The tendrils pulled a kicking and screaming Tamesis into the void.


“I will NEVER forgive you mother!” He called out as the door slammed shut behind him. However, one more thing was required for her to finish the spell. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and took a step forward into the fire. Welcoming its warm embrace. However, she was yanked back and thrown to the ground.


Opening her eyes, she looked to the fire in time to see her love catch flame. “NO!” She called out and jumped to her feet. “Damien!” She ran to the fire, but hands held her back telling her it was to late. She struggled, bit, kicked, and screamed. She could not live without her love! Didn’t he get it; she was going to die anyways. Collapsing to the ground, she waited for death to come. But it didn’t, for in that brief moment of acceptance, she had learned to walk above love and hate. She, Badanie Noreen, was now a level five black Wiccan and wouldn’t receive the consequences of the three fold law.


“Badanie?” Hope kneeled down besides her and went to take her in her arms. However, upon seeing her sister’s eyes, she gasped and  pulled away. She no longer had green eyes full of love and understanding. Instead, her eyes were pitch black and full of nothing.


She stood up and turned from the fire. Turned from her sisters and went to the cliff. She would bring him back. She would give him life once again and let him go. After all, he had given her the power. The power her blood so much craved.


Kalina opened her eyes and sat up on her elbows. She turned to find Kristina standing at the edge of the cliff, over looking the waters. She could just feel the troubled mind flowing off the girl in waves. Standing, she went over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Kristina, I understand. You lost your sister to a world so dark. A world, you yourself are pulled towards.”


Kristina put a smile on her face and nodded, “It’s in our blood Badanie. The Noreen blood wants to work black magic. Therefore we have a high tolerance for the addiction. However, I…” She shook her head and turned to Kalina. “I can’t fight the addiction. I keep thinking if I was a level four with you. If I had had fought my addiction, then we could have killed Tamesis without having to destroy you.” She turned back to the horizon, “I’m sorry Badanie. I failed you.”


Kalina shook her head and pulled her into a hug. “Hope, you did no such thing. It is I that failed you. I let the power get to my head a luxury I couldn’t afford. Can we just start a new?”


Kristina nodded and hugged her back. “Then onto our new lives. No longer will their mistakes way us down. Besides, I feel as if there is something we are supposed to do. A destiny we haven’t fulfilled.”


Kalina sighed, “It will be shown to us soon enough.” Pulling out of the hug, she took her ‘sister’s’ hand. “Let’s return.”


Kristina smiled a true smile. Her pink hued eyes shined with joy and true happiness as she squeezed Kalina’s hand. “You have always known how to cheer me up. Thanks big sis.”


“Don’t mention it.” Kalina told her as they returned to the den. They were ready to face the real world and see what their journey has caused..


© 2008 Brittaney

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