DF Chapter 12

DF Chapter 12

A Chapter by Brittaney

Kalina looked around her crowded room from the arm chair she had curled up in. Kristina and Careen had claimed her bed while Margaret spread out on the floor. It had been four in the morning when the three of them had collapsed for sleep. Kalina had remained awake, watching her friends drift into the dream world she missed. Why the ability to sleep had not returned along with her appetite, she didn’t know. All she knew was that she was very close to using sleeping aids and Kalina hated using medication.


A persistent knock at her door pulled Kalina from her thoughts. Going to the door, she opened it to find Jacob standing there fully clothed. “What time is it?” She asked and turned to look at the clock. It was seven thirty in the morning on a Saturday. “Too early, what do you want?”


“Mom said,” Jacob quickly and raised his hands innocently. “Mom, Dad, and Sarah went to Brunswick for Sarah’s choir concert. James called and invited me to the Halloween maze in town, but his parents can’t pick me up because their car broke. I need a ride and called mom….”


Kalina raised her hand, putting a stop to her brother’s explanation. It was evident that he wanted a ride to his best friend’s, James, place. “Can’t do it little bro. I’m almost out of gas and need it to go to school Monday.” Kalina sighed as her brother began to pout. Rubbing her face in frustration, she did some fast thinking. “Why don’t you go ask May’s Gran? She’ll give you a ride.”


Jacob smiled and gave his sister a hug before running halfway down the hall. “Oh and Kalina?”


“Yeah?” Kalina raised a brow, wondering just what her brother was going to say now.


“You have a visitor. He came at seven just after mom left. When I told him you were asleep, he asked what your favorite breakfast was and I told him. He left and came back. He says his name is Zane and he’s in the kitchen bearing chocolate cream filled coconut donuts.” Jacob had a sly smile on his face. “When did you start dating?”


“Thank you,” Kalina refused to answer the question, closing the door on his questioning face. Leaning against the wood, she pinched the bridge of her nose wondering what she should do. Should she meet him as she was? Dressed in a pair of boxers, large shirt, and rainbow socks? Or should she take a quick shower and change first? But that would show that she was dressing up for him and just what did that mean? And just what the hell was he doing, bringing her her favorite donuts?


“Damn it Kalina, go eat your donuts and leave the rest of us in peace!” Careen’s sleepy voice called out from the bed. “You’re thinking so loud you could wake the dead!”


“Which is what you did,” Kristina groaned and looked at the clock. “Three and a half hours is not enough sleep.”


Margaret groaned in agreement and pulled her blanket over her head. Kalina chuckled at her friends’ reactions. If she could sleep, she would probably just curl up and fall back to sleep. Donuts be damned. However, that was no longer an option. “Alright, alright, I’m leaving.”


Kalina left the room and walked down the hall in time to hear her brother call out and leave the house. Turning the corner, she went to the kitchen and found Zane washing dishes. “You didn’t have to do that. I’d have prodded the girls into helping me.”


Zane smiled as he put the last dish on the drying rack and turned off the water. “I had some free time.” He turned and froze at the sight of her. It had felt like he had been punched in the gut and he wasn’t sure how he felt about that. “Good morning Lina.” He covered quickly, “I brought you a present.”


Kalina smiled and watched as he grabbed a plate piled high with donuts. “Morning Zane and thank you.”  She took one of the donuts and bit into the coconut covered chocolate filled goodness. Closing her eyes, she moaned in delight as flavor filled her mouth. It had been forever since she had tasted something so heavenly. “Thank you for the present, I greatly appreciate it.” She said after swallowing the bite and opening her eyes. Stepping up to him, she kissed his cheek before going to the fridge for a glass of milk.


Zane closed his eyes as she kissed his cheek and moved past him. Once again, he felt something swirl inside him. You can’t do this buddy, he told himself. She is off limits. Kalina sipped her milk and watched him, feeling panic fill her. Should she have kissed his cheek? She was just being friendly, but the look on his face confused her. Clearing her throat, she decided to change the subject. “Look, I don’t mind you being here. But why are you here? I thought you didn’t want to be with my friends unless on more neutral ground.”


Zane’s eyes flew open and he looked in the direction that he knew her room was located. Now that he concentrated, he could hear the three heart beats. “I didn’t realize they were still here. I should probably go.”


“No, please don’t go.” Kalina stepped forward and placed her hand on his shoulder. “I promise that they won’t do anything.”


Zane sighed and nodded. Deep down he knew that he should go. That to stay now would begin something that shouldn’t start. However, it was already too late. “Alright, I’ll stay. But they should be filled in Lina. It began to rain last night at midnight and it has been drizzling since then.”


Kalina smiled, feeling happiness fill her body because he wasn’t leaving. But the smile disappeared as she remembered what he told her before he left. “Alright, you start a pot of coffee and I’ll go wake them up. Be prepared though, they only had three hours sleep.”


“And how long did you sleep?” He asked all though he already knew her answer. When the guilty look flooded her face and she turned her face from him, he’s suspicion was confirmed. “Why can’t you sleep Lina? Is it nightmares, stress?”


The concern in his voice touched her. He was one hundred percent concerned about her and it wasn’t because she was a possible meal. “I don’t know why. Look I’ll talk about it later. For now, you make the coffee and I’ll wake the girls.”


Kalina left before he could argue with her. There was nothing he could do about her sleepless nights. She was truly touched by his concern, but she also didn’t want to worry about anyone she cared about. Kalina froze with her hand on the door knob. She had just admitted to herself that she cared for the vampire. Just how deep the feelings went, she wasn’t sure. But she had passed business associate long ago.


Before she could stir through her thoughts, the door opened in front of her and a very sleepy Margaret ran right into her. They both stumbled and fell to the floor, causing Kalina to have a very sore bottom. “Damn it May, watch where you are going!”


Margaret let out a big yawn and picked herself up of the floor. “Sorry Kalin, I didn’t see you there.”


“No really?” Kalina shook her head and stood rubbing the soreness out of her bum.


Rolling her eyes, Margaret sniffed the air and smirked. “You are god Kalin, making us coffee.”


Before Kalina could say a word, Margaret was gone. Knowing that she didn’t have long, Kalina walked into the room and flipped on the bright over head light. Hearing both of the girls’ groans and seeing them hide under the blankets made Kalina smile evilly. “Rise and shine. There is coffee and donuts.”


Kristina sat up and glared at her friend. “I swear if the coffee isn’t strong, I will kill you.” She swung off the bed and began to mutter under her breath in Spanish. Exiting the room with one last sharp look at her friend. Careen remained under the covers the entire time, trying her best to go back to sleep. Kalina walked over to her and tore the blanket off the bed, leaving her friend coverless.


“You have two seconds to give that back Kalin or you’re going to be hurting.” Careen warned and put her pillow over her head.


Kalina rolled her eyes and pulled the pillow away. “You won’t do anything because you’re a rule follower. Do onto others as you want onto thee. And ever mind the rule of three.”


“Yeah, yeah, I’m up.” Careen grumbled as she knew Kalina was right. Climbing out of the bed, she walked past Kalina out of the room and to the kitchen. However, the witch became wide awake at the scene before her. Margaret was sitting on the counter, munching a donut and sipping a mug of coffee. Kristina had her head stuffed in the fridge looking for cream for her coffee. And leaning against the counter with his arms crossed was a vampire. “Speaking about rules, just what is a vampire doing in a future Guardian’s house?” She turned on Kalina, “If the council found out about this, you could be in big trouble Kalin.”


Kalina walked in behind Careen and was stunned at her friend’s words. She knew Careen was right, but she didn’t want to see Zane leave. “Careen, Zane has something to tell us. It concerns the weird events that have been happening lately.”


Zane raised his hands to show that he meant no harm. “How about this witch, I’ll tell you what I know and then leave.”


“Zane you don’t…”


“No Lina, your friend is right. We could both get into trouble by our respective councils.” He interrupted her, even though it hurt to admit that Careen was correct. That he should blend back into the shadows and never return.


“Deal vampire. Let me grab a cup of coffee and then you can begin.”

© 2008 Brittaney

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