DF Chapter 14

DF Chapter 14

A Chapter by Brittaney

“A squared plus B squared equals C squared. If A equals three and B equals four, what does C equal?” Mister Potter, the geometry teacher droned on as Kalina tapped her pencil on the uncomfortable table and gazed out the window. All this stuff was too easy for her even if she was in the advanced classes. A ninth grader should be taking algebra not Honor Geometry. Yet, here she was bored out of her mind as she instantly knew that C equaled five. Her class mates around her struggled to find the answer as she fought off sleep.


“Anybody?” The teacher asked as he scanned the room. “Miss Johnson, could you please pay attention and do the assignments.”


“The answer is five.” Kalina answered with out looking from the window. She could hear the muttering around her as the students grumbled. Mister Potter seemed to glare at her from his spot at the front of the room as he obviously didn’t catch her day dreaming. She didn’t care as she was just counting the minutes until she could be free.


Once this class was over, Kalina had lunch an hour of peace in which she didn’t have to pretend to not be bored out of her mind. Then afterwards she had had biology then gym. Ending the day in a sweaty uniform as she played soccer, oh the joy.


As the teacher went back to the lesson, completely ignoring Kalina, she went ahead and started on her homework. If she did it now, she wouldn’t have to worry about it tonight. Instead, she could worry about the door and why the coven hadn’t found air. Just as she finished the second problem, the door opened and someone walked in the room. She would have ignored the visitor had the voice not been familiar.


“Excuse me Professor.” Zane interrupted and looked down at a sheet of paper that was evidently his schedule. “I just transferred here and I’m to join your class.”


Mister Potter just about preened about being called professor, a title he evidently didn’t own. “Yes, yes. Mister Serrano, I was told you be coming today. Please take a seat.” He looked over the seating arrangement and frowned as the only available seating was next to Kalina.


Kalina watched as Zane nodded and headed her way. She also noticed how just about every girl in the room looked ready to swoon. Something growled inside her, but she just pushed it aside. What did she care if they were attracted to the vampire? It wasn’t as if he was going to pay them any attention.


“Miss Johnson, please share your text with Mister Serrano.” The teacher’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts as Zane sat down next to her.


Kalina rolled her eyes and pushed her book towards the vampire as he scooted his desk closer. Zane just smiled at her before looking down at the text. “What are you doing here?” She hissed as the teacher picked his lecture up again.


“I’m coming to school, just like every other seventeen year-old.” Zane answered and pushed the book back to her.


Green eyes narrowed as they watched him relax back in the chair. “You’re not like every other seventeen year-old!”


“Neither are you like any other sixteen year-old. Yet here you are in a class you’re obviously high above.” The vampire countered and put his finger to his lips. “Now quite, Mister Potter is talking.”


Oh it was on now; Kalina thought as she closed the book and returned her gaze out the window. If he wanted to turn things around on her, then she just wouldn’t talk to him. And she did just that for the rest of the class, completely ignoring him. As soon as the bell rang, she was up and out of the class with the speed to rival a vampire’s.


Because of her speed, she got to her locker quickly and was able to open it before the hallways got too congested. Kalina decided to just screw the math homework, as she would have gotten it finished if Zane hadn’t of interrupted her. Besides, she could do it in homeroom the next day and none would be the wiser. Grabbing her Biology book, she put it into her bag and slammed the door shut. Stupid vampire; she cursed in her mind as she didn’t even know why she was mad. Because he decided to get smart mouthed; her mind countered. But he’s always smart mouthed, it’s what we like about him; Kalina found herself arguing with herself in her mind and froze. “Oh great, now I truly am talking to myself.”


Kalina rubbed her temple and went to the lunch room, getting into the enormous line. It was pizza day so everyone was eating the school lunch. The line was halfway down the hallway and filled with groaning and gossiping hungry teenagers. Just what a foul tempered witch needed, not.


“I’ve got half a ham and cheese sandwich with your name on it.” The familiar voice whispered into her ear and scared her to death.


“God damn it Zane!” She yelled at him and slapped his arm. “Scare me to death why don’t you?”


Zane just grinned, “So you’re talking to me now?”


“No!” Kalina answered quickly and returned her gaze to the front of the slow moving line. “I’m still mad at you.”


“Huh? It sure does sound like you’re talking to me.” Zane rubbed his chin and shrugged. “And why you mad? Because I wouldn’t tell you what I’m doing here?”


Kalina nodded as she rolled her eyes. Oh she could tell he was trying to warm up to her. But it would take more than half a ham and cheese sandwich and some joking around.


“What if I said it was to be near you?”


“I’d still wonder why.” Kalina found herself smiling despite herself.


Zane knew he was starting to win and therefore spun her around to look at him. “Because you interest me and I don’t care what your guard dog or rule book says.”


Kalina slapped his arm again, “Don’t make fun off my friends.”


“What? Kristina scares the s**t out of me and Careen is a walking rule book. Margaret seemed to be the only one that liked me.”  Zane chuckled and rubbed his arm where she hit him.


“That’s because May is a romantic at heart and she has…” Kalina thought it over while waving her hand, searching for a word, “a fancy for us.”


Zane raised a brow. Could the girl possibly know his feelings for Kalina? There was no way as he had just figured it out for himself yesterday. So he knew he was safe, for now. “So, you still mad at me?” He asked, deciding to change the subject.


Kalina tapped her chin as she thought it over, “If you throw in the entire sandwich.”


“And I’ll give you a soda as well.” He grinned and opened his bag, handing her the sandwich and soda can. “Let’s go eat.”


Taking the food, she kissed his cheek and beckoned for him to follow. “You’ll have to deal with the guard dog, rule book, and romantic.”


Kalina laughed as she seen Zane shiver. “Oh come on, three little witches against one vamp, only one of which of age. I think you have the advantage Zane.”


“Until you decide to join them,” Grumbling, Zane place his sun glasses on as they stepped outside. He really did hate being out doors during the day. No, it couldn’t kill him. But the sun did irate his skin and hurt his sensitive eyes. “And do you have to eat outside?”


“I won’t hurt you unless you hurt one of us first.” Kalina looked behind her at him then to the sky. It wasn’t raining, but the sky was dark and cloudy. The clouds were heavy with water and threatened to pour at any minute. “There isn’t much sun out, you’ll be fine.”


“And if it starts raining, I could melt.”


Once again, Kalina found herself laughing at his words. “I’m sorry to tell you this, but you are not made of sugar.”


Zane snapped and walked ahead of her. Turning around, he walked back wards. “Okay, how about the rare event of lightening strike?”


“I’m sure a vampire could withstand a few volts of raw electricity.” A cold voice interrupted their play and Careen stood there with her arms crossed. “What are you doing here vampire?”


“Oh leave him alone Reen.” Kalina shook her head and sat down on the picnic table, patting the seat next to her for Zane to take. “He brought me lunch.”


“Yeah, I brought her lunch.” Zane smirked and sat down next to Kalina, taking out the last piece of his lunch, a bag of Doritos. Opening them, he popped a chip into his mouth and chewed.


“Hey, I didn’t know you had chips also!” Pouting, Kalina took a bite of her sandwich.


Margaret smiled at the scene, her romantic nature being fueled. “Isn’t that sweet? I wish I had someone to bring me lunch.”


“Ha, like that’s the only reason he came.” Kristina watched the two carefully as she knocked a rock hard cookie on the table. “Can’t the cooks here learn how to make a decent cookie?”


“You’d think.” Kalina laughed and took the cookie from the other girl, weighing it in her hand. “Or maybe they make it like this on purpose, they make perfect weapons. See?” She lobbed it at Margaret.


“Damn it that hurt!” Margaret yelled and rubbing the shoulder the cookie hit.


“EXCUSE ME!” Careen called attention to herself. Her arms were still crossed and she wasn’t happy being ignored. “I suggest you answer the question vampire as my boyfriend is coming here in a couple minutes.”


“Who’s her boyfriend?” Zane asked Kalina in a whisper, trying his best to hide his smile. Why should he be afraid of the witch’s boyfriend?


“Gavino Marve, Guardian first class. He has a brail with him twenty-four seven.” Kalina answered and took another bite of her sandwich before taking a sip of the soda.


Zane shuddered at the mention of the brail. An elven silver chain with a curse that burns immortal and witch’s skin. “That’s why she’s threatening me with him.” He whispered to Kalina before turning to the mad Careen. “He can’t touch me. I’m on assignment. We’ve got a rogue on our hands and with bloodlust season around the corner, we want to catch him as soon as possible.”


“You’re a hunter?” Kalina asked. A hunter was the vampire equivalent to a guardian. They hunt down rogue vampires and enforce their laws.


“No, actually I’m a council member. I’m the head of the solitary vampires kinda by default as I’m the eldest. Most join a clan by my age.”


Careen raised a brow along with everyone else. Just what was a council member doing socializing with a bunch of nobody witches? “So you should know the rules about socializing with our kind.”


“I do, I just choose to ignore them.” Smirking, he popped another chip into his mouth as another male approached the group. Zane inclined his head, “Guardian.”


Gavino tensed his right arm where he kept his brail coiled around his arm. All he had to do was flick his wrist and the restraint would be in his hand. However, he recognized Zane from the list he received just this morning. “Councilmen, find any clues on the rogue?”


Zane shook his head, “No, but I have a week yet until bloodlust. Why don’t you relax? I promise not to attack anyone.”


Kalina’s mind was abuzz with the new bits of information she had just received. Just what was Zane doing hunting down a rogue? That was a hunter’s job, not a council member’s. And why was he so adamant about ignoring the rules? “Don’t worry Gav; he knows he’s out numbered.”


Gavino nodded and relaxed. “Alright then.” Going to his girlfriend, he wrapped his arms around her. “Relax Reen. I’m sure once Serrano captures the rogue, he’ll leave our company.”


“He better,” Careen muttered and sat down next to Margaret. But her posture remained straight and her eyes critical, looking for any reasons to hurt the vampire.


© 2008 Brittaney

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