DF Chapter 15

DF Chapter 15

A Chapter by Brittaney

Rain fell in big sheets, blinding everything with in two feet. The students were told to drive cautiously and get home safely. That if the rain kept up, school may be canceled tomorrow. Water, earth’s biggest enemy and friend, it feeds and destroys at the same time. And yet, Kalina didn’t want to get wet. She stood on the edge of the over hang with her eyes squinted, trying to spot her car so she could make a run for it. In fact, she was considering finding Careen and asking her to block the rain for her. But the witch was angry with her and probably wouldn’t help.


“I like rain storms, but come on.” Kalina cursed and looked up at the black sky. The rain wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. There was no helping it; she was going to get wet. Taking a deep breath to ready herself, she took a step forward.


“Kalin!”  Gavino called out and ran up to her, with Kristina in tow. “Hold up.”


Turning around, she staid under the over hang and spotted her two friends. Kristina was eyeing the rain with distaste. Water wasn’t fire’s friend either. “Hey Gav, don’t you have to report?”


“Yeah, but first I have to give you something.” Gavino stopped in front of her and pulled a roll of parchment from his bag. It was sealed with wax, the council’s crescent pressed into it. Kalina knew instantly what it contained.


“Already,” She asked as she took the note from him and opened it. Sure enough, it was her guardian summons. It stated that she was to report for her first day of training today. “Well, that was a lot of notice. How the hell do I get there?”


“Same way I do,” Kristina turned her gaze from the never ending rain to Kalina. “Gavino is going to take us.”


“What about my car?”


“I’ll drop you off back here afterwards.” Gavino smiled and looked down at the parchment, his smile quickly disappeared. “Damn, you got Ashley Durmond as your trainer. I feel sorry for you.”


“I got the same woman. What’s wrong with her?” Kristina asked and pulled out her scroll.


“Nothing, she’s just very strict. Come on, we better get going.” Gavino turned and walked out into the rain without a moment’s hesitation.


“Damn,” Cursing, Kalina put her scroll safely into her bag. “Looks like were getting wet Kris.”


“I hate the rain, I hate the rain, I hate the rain.” Kristina chanted and followed after Gavino.


Kalina laughed, placed her bag over her head, and followed after them. His car was only a few yards away, but by the time she reached the car she was already soaked through. Sliding into the front seat, she switched on the heater and tried to dry and warm herself. Kristina dove into the back seat and closed the door behind her. “It needs to stop raining soon or we’re going to have problems.”


“Yeah, but it could mean no school tomorrow.” Gavino grinned and started the car, turning on the windshield wipers. He put the car in reverse and pulled it out. “To your futures we go ladies.”


“Haha, very funny,” Kalina rolled her eyes and looked out the window. In truth, the only reason she was going was because she didn’t want to cause trouble. She didn’t want to step that toe out of line.




Pain, bone deep muscle pain, a new experience Kalina now knew how it felt. She stepped out of her car into the freezing rain and no longer cared. It was close to mid-night and her instructor had put them through an obstacle course. She needed to know their limits. Kalina had hit her limits twenty minutes into the course but had still pressed herself. She had been hit, tackled, spelled, and hurt so much that she had bruises on top of bruises. However, she had already learned so much.


Turning her face up to the sky, Kalina let the freezing rain beat the soreness from her body. What she truly needed was a hot shower and a good night sleep. Hopefully she’d receive the second. Locking her car, the witch turned towards the house and began to walk towards the darkness. Evidently her family didn’t even notice her absence; otherwise they would have left a light on. “I feel so alone,” whispered past her lips and she felt that ache form in her chest.


‘You must learn to live with out love and hate.’ Her past self’s words echoed in her mind and she finally understood. If she continued to love, she would break down from the loneliness. No one in her family would understand and her coven sisters had their own problems. A tear melded with the water on her face just as she felt strong arms wrap around her.


“You’re not alone.” Zane whispered into her ear as he held onto her again. He had been waiting for her since school had let out. He had begun to get antsy and worried until Careen’s words reminded him of who she would become. He told himself that she probably had guardian training and if the slight limp of pain was any indication, he thought correctly. His heart had reached out to her and he needed to comfort her. “I’m here,” He reassured her.


Before she could think, before she could contemplate it, before she could chicken out, Kalina leaned back into the strong arms and let her body relax. This feels right; she thought and closed her eyes. They staid like that for a long time. The rain soaking through their clothing, but neither cared. Kalina finally turned and buried her face in his chest, her arms wrapping around his middle. “Thank you,” she finally said.


Zane placed his chin on the top of her head and let his lips curl into a smile. “I mean it Lina. I’m here.”


Green eyes rose and connected with his, finding complete sincerity in them. “And I mean it, thank you. I was beginning to feel so alone. But then you pop up and I know I’m not anymore.”


The look in her eyes, the words coming from her lips, and the way her body shook had Zane reacting before he could think. His lips pressed against her forehead and lingered there. He wanted to aim lower. He wanted to connect his lips with hers, but he wouldn’t do that to her. He wouldn’t confuse her life anymore.


Kalina closed her eyes and stood still. She could feel her body warming slowly from that point down. The rain and pain no longer held power over her. Unwinding her arm, she placed it on his cheek and reopened her eyes. “Zane, I think you missed,” and before she could talk herself out of it, Kalina stood on her tip-toes and pressed her lips against his.


Neither could think as heat spread through out their bodies. A sense of right registered in both but neither moved to deepen or lessen the kiss. They staid connected, not moving. Until few minutes had passed. They both eased back at the same time, green optics connecting with silver speckled black ones. Realization spread through them both at the same time about what they had done. Forbidden; the first word to come to both their minds. But yet, neither would even contemplate taking back what was done.


“Zane, I…” A finger silenced her lips as a smile spread across his.


“Don’t ruin it.” He told her and held her close. Placing her head on his shoulder as he rocked her slowly, deciding to worry about the consequences later.


Kalina just smiled and nuzzled him, letting the magic continue for a few minutes more. It wasn’t until she shivered that she remembered where they were and what time it was. “I need to go inside. We’ve got class tomorrow.”


Reluctantly Zane nodded and escorted her rest of the way to her house door. Lifting her hand, he kissed it softly. “Until next morn we meet fair maiden.”


Kalina chuckled and watched him walk away until the night and rain engulfed him. “Until next morn we meet great knight,” she whispered to the wind and closed and locked the door.


© 2008 Brittaney

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