DF Chapter 17

DF Chapter 17

A Chapter by Brittaney

Everything was in order. The snacks were set, the drinks chilled, the spells written, and her explanation ready. Kalina’s only problem and worry was her friends’ reactions to her news. How would they take her dating a vampire, and not just any vampire? Zane was a council man on the vampire council. Margaret would probably yell out ‘I told you so’ and go on thinking romantic thoughts. Hell, the girl would probably ask Zane if he knew any other vampires willing to date a witch.


Careen would start spouting laws, even the laws long ago forgotten. She would try her hardest to stop the relationship now. And when she was unsuccessful, she would quit talking to Kalina. Giving her the silent treatment for the next couple months, but eventually the witch would come around.


Kristina would pull Kalina aside and remind her of the truth. Zane was not Kalina’s Murien Breatha Dan and never could be. Yes, he could be her soul mate for this life but he wasn’t her perfect soul mate. He wasn’t Damien. Kristina would try to inform her that their relationship was doomed to fail because Kalina had experienced full love and would settle for nothing less.


Then Gavino, who she invited because Careen couldn’t keep secrets from him, would pull the big brother routine. He’d go right over Kalina and head right for Zane, threatening the vampire with in an inch of his life. There would be four very different responses by four different people.


The bell ran, giving Kalina no more time to think it over. With one final look over the living room, she opened the door with her welcoming smile. However, it wasn’t who she expected. In fact, he wasn’t supposed to show up until hot heads had cooled down. “Zane, what are you doing here?”


“Did you really think I’d let you face the firing squad alone?” He chuckled and pushed past her into the house. He lifted her chin with his right hand and looked right into her eyes. “Besides, I can be here as a consultant. You guys need to think about the door opening.”


Kalina sighed, knowing he was right. Besides, she was happy for his presence. “Thank you,” she whispered and stepped into his arms. Nuzzling his chest, she closed her eyes and just allowed herself to relax. Her entire being had been so tense with the knowledge of what she was going to do.


“There, that’s better.” Zane whispered and placed a soft kiss on top of her head. “Now I’m going to hang out out back until you’re ready for me.”


Kalina shook her head and held onto him tighter, not ready to let him go. She knew it was silly. She knew it was frivolous, but the thought of him being so far away suddenly scared her. “You can hang in my room.” She said and finally let him go. “Just don’t go rooting through my belongings.”


“You mean I can’t search through your underwear drawer?” He laughed and allowed her to slap him, happy to see a little fire in her eyes. “Okay, okay, I’ll lay out on your bed and a wait your call.”


This time he caught her hand and lifted it to his lips. Kissing her palm, he trailed kisses until his teeth scrapped her wrist. The blood just below the surface smelt so good, so alluring, so inviting. But he wouldn’t bite until she was ready, until she offered it to him. Releasing her, he flashed a smile and walked into her room and not a moment to late as the door bell rang.


Kalina felt a little weak in the knees. The way his lips and teeth touched her skin was very pleasant. The door bell ran several times before she even dared to trust her legs. Opening it, she found her guests. All four of them were smiling happily at her, ready for the meeting. “Sit…” Her voice came out a little thick, causing her to need to clear it. “Let’s get started.”


“I’m not sure why you want me here Kalin,” Gavino spoke up and kissed her cheek. “You know I’m a solitary witch and don’t celebrate with anyone.”


“I know Gav, but you’re always welcome to celebrate with the coven.” Kalina waved his questions off. He would get his answers soon enough.


After everyone sat down, Kalina closed the door and went into the living room. Standing in front of them, she interlocked her fingers and watched her friends. Gavino had claimed the sofa with Careen. Gavino was sitting on one end with Careen stretched out, her head on his lap. Gavino was feeding her chips while making her laugh at the same time. Kristina and Margaret were watching the two loved birds, making kissing noises and all around fun. The scene only made her even more nervous.


“Well, tomorrow is Halloween as you all know.” Kalina smiled, calling a halt to the play.


“And Samhain,” Kristina added. “I think we should do our thing at sun up, go our separate ways during the day, then hang out at night.”


Margaret nodded, “I’m locked up with Gran until about nine handing out candy to the kiddies.”


“And Gav said he had a surprise for me.” Careen smiled and looked at her boyfriend suspiciously. However, he only zipped his lips with an imaginary zipper and threw away the key.


Kalina nodded, “I’m stuck ‘til nine as well. Parents are taking Sarah out and will take over candy duty at nine. So sun up celebration and late get together it is. I already have the spell written. Um….”


It took her a few moments, but she finally ruffled some papers and handed them each a copy. “You’re line has your name besides it. Memorize it; we just might be doing this thing sky clad.”


“No!” Gavino barked and shook his head. “I will not have Reen running around naked in the middle of a field.”


“But you can watch baby,” Careen chuckled and patted his cheek. “Come watch four naked women run around in a circle chanting nonsense.”


Margaret snorted at the image. She didn’t mind sky clad spells, in fact she preferred it. “I’m all for sky clad.”


“I’m not,” Kristina narrowed her eyes. “It’s f*****g cold out there.”


“What are you complaining about Kris? Fire can heat herself up.” Kalina smirked.


“To an extent. Kalin, I swear if you force us to go sky clad in late October I will hurt you.”


“Seconded!” Gavino said, still not liking the idea.


“Fine, fine,” Kalina laughed and shook her head. “Ritual robes it is, but Yule is still open.” When all her friends looked at her as if she was crazy, she laughed even harder. “Just kidding.”


“Can we get to the party now?” Kristina asked and tucked her paper into her bag. “I brought an old black and white horror flick for us to laugh at. A wicked witch supposedly kills teenage girls for sacrifices to our god.”


This time Gavino snorted. “Let me guess, virgins?”


Shrugging, Kristina took out the VHS tape and read the back. “Doesn’t say, but I think so.”


“I have one more thing.” Kalina interrupted. Interlocking her hands once again, she chewed on her bottom lip as they all turned to her. Ready or not it was time. “ZaneandIaredatingandweneedyouguystokeepitasecretfromthecouncil.” She blurted out all at once. They all blinked, trying to comprehend what she had said.


“Can you say that again Kalin, this time a little slower?” Gavino asked with a brow raised.


Kalina took a deep breath and closed her eyes. It was easier if she couldn’t see them. “Zane and I are dating.” Short and simple.


There was silence. An eerie one you knew was the calm before the storm. The short period it took for the news to sink in.


“WHAT?????” Careen yelled, comprehending first, and jumped from her seat.

© 2008 Brittaney

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