DF Chapter 18

DF Chapter 18

A Chapter by Brittaney

Voices melded together, making words inaudible. The protests and romanticism all united into one annoying sound that not even dogs could comprehend. A head ache began to form at the front of Kalina’s head as her spirits feel. Who was she to be kidding? There was no way she was going to do something her friends were against. She might as well go break the news to Zane and slink away. Maybe then the noise would cease.


A loud whistle shrieked through the air, terminating all of the voices. Everyone turned to the source. A very angry vampire glared at everyone as he strides completely into the room. “Some times I wonder why we dislike your kind. Then a stunt like this happens and I remember.”


He now stood next to Kalina. Where she was hunched over and hiding, he stood talk and intimidating. Right now, he didn’t care if the guardian pounced. Zane would take him and a thousand more just like him just to rid the sad look on Kalina’s face.


“Your friend, your sister comes to you asking for your acceptance and all you can do is yell at her?” His voice was on the brink of yelling, almost cracking with the effort of holding back. “You disgust me!”


“Yeah, well you disgust me vampire!” Careen walked up to him until she stood toe to toe. He may be taller and stronger than her, but in this state she could definitely hurt him. “Using your mind control ability on her to gain your means, which is blood.”


 “Check her witch, she doesn’t have a mark on her,” Oh he was ready to pounce, to show her just what he was capable of. “And if you think I could control her, you have very low faith in her abilities. Lina has one of the strongest minds I’ve encountered. I only know this because she tried to get into my mind, not the other way.”


Kristina stepped up and pulled Careen back before things got too ugly. “I knew Badanie had a strong mind but Kalina hasn’t had training.”


“But she was gone for two months,” Margaret stood and walked over besides Kalina. Her arms encased Kalina and placed her chin on her shoulder. “I’m with you Kalina. I think it’s about time you find someone that can make you happy.”


“And he better,” Gavino finally spoke up, hand flexed dangerously as he looked right at Zane. The threat was acknowledged by the other. “Glad you understand. Come on Reen, we’ve got stuff to do.”


Careen watched Kalina for a moment longer, waiting for the girl to rebuke her words. Yes, she would remain silent and not report the two. However, they were crossing a barrier she was unable to ignore. When Kalina didn’t, she turned and walked right out of the house not saying another word.


Kalina closed her eyes as the door slammed shut behind the couple. It was evident that Careen was not elated with her choice. “Thank you May,” her voice came out barely above a whisper.


“Kalin, remember he really….” Kalina raised her hand and stopped Kristina.


Her head lifted up as eyes opened. “But I have to try, please understand.” Kalina pleaded with her blood sister. At Kristina’s nod, they hugged tight.


“Come on May; let’s leave the love birds alone for a bit.” Smiling, Kristina took the reluctant Margaret by the hand and pulled her from the house.


After the door had closed the house went quiet. Kalina sat down and took a few deep breaths. Her heart was beating heavily and she found it hard to dismiss her thoughts. The look of betrayal on Careen’s face was implanted on her eyes. They had known each other from preschool, never keeping a secret or not taking each others advice. Careen, Margaret, and Kalina had always been the terrible three. They had caused each other to experience multiple levels of trouble. Now look at them.


Zane watched her carefully. He could see the wheels just turning in her head. Going to her, he squatted down in front of her and took her face in his hands. “Why do you do this to yourself? You close yourself up and deny your own feelings.”


Kalina adverted her eyes, unable to look him in the eye. He was right; she had always pushed her own feelings and needs aside for others. ‘Do onto others as you want done onto thee,’ Kalina lived by the Wiccan creed, even before she had begun to practice.


“I have to,” she answered him. “I am their high priestess and have to look out for their best interest.”


“But not at the expense of your self!” Zane had barely bitten off the growing anger. It was taking a lot of energy to refrain from shaking some sense into her. “Look at me Lina.”


When she didn’t comply, the vampire moved so that he was in her ling of sight. “Look at me and listen. You maybe their leader, you maybe their friends, but you shouldn’t sacrifice yourself for them!”


Kalina threw her self into his arms. Wrapping her arms around his neck and holding on tight. He didn’t know that she had done just that, long before she knew him. Long before he had even been born, Kalina had been prepared to jump into the fires of hell for her “sisters”. And even if the fire hadn’t of killed her, the spell she cast should have. Instead, she’d been saved by some cruel twist of fate and had gone mad with power and emotion.


Her love for Damien had taken over, putting her into a spiral of destruction. So keen on saving her love, so keen on making things right, she had only ended up ending the lives of her blood sister and brother. Never again would Kalina plunge into such madness. Never again would she permit the past to repeat itself. Her emotions, her feelings would always take a backseat to that of her loved ones.


Zane hugged her back, just as tightly as she held him. He didn’t know what was going on inside her head. Her mind would always remain a mystery, Zane understood that. But, what he wanted to know was why? What had happened that caused her to claim up?


“I will do my best,” Kalina whispered into his ear. Pulling away, she looked him in the eyes this time. “Just don’t leave me. I don’t want to be alone. No one understands what’s going on. They don’t know what its like to have destiny weighing down on you.”





































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Zane kissed her forehead before placing his against hers. Smiling into her eyes, he spoke softly. “I won’t leave you. I will be here for a very long time. I’m immortal remember?”


‘But I will figure it all out,’ he promised himself. ‘I will know why you hurt so much.’

© 2008 Brittaney

Author's Note

Everything goes. I will love all praise and critisism. Anything and everything will help me improve my writing skills.

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