DF Chapter 19

DF Chapter 19

A Chapter by Brittaney

The rain fell, soaking anyone who dared to venture out into the world. The sun had just begun to peak over the horizon to the east, yet the moon was still setting in the west. Yesterday had yet to end and tomorrow had yet to begin. It was a period where time didn’t exist, only this very minute. Kalina loved this time of day. The peace surrounded her, pushing yesterday’s problems away and holding off tomorrow’s worries. It was perfect.


Head tilted back letting the rain hit her face and wash away the new tears. Yesterday’s encounter was still fresh in her mind. The look of betrayal in Careen’s eyes still wrenched guilt on her subconscious and Kalina didn’t know how to fix it. She couldn’t leave Zane, not now, not after his promise.


Her peace was broken as the sound of movement came to her ears. Turning to the right, Kalina caught the rabbit running for cover from the unforgiving weather. Even the goddess’s creatures were running from the unending rain. The moment was lost, tomorrow became today, and Kalina had to worry about the door opening. The earth witch had to be concerned about the ever absent air. It was time to do something about it.


White robes shifted as Kalina raised her hands to the sky. She would plead to the goddess herself.


“Goddess we ask your favor

Help us in our labor

Reveal to us the one called Air

So we may fight this war fair

We have others and need just one

So we may keep this world of fun

So Mote it be

Blessed Be.”


As the words rang in the woods, Kalina felt the energy pass through her. The high that accompanied the spell was familiar, giving her system a jolt. It was nothing like the high tied with black magic, but it was better than nothing. Now, she only had to hope it would work.


“Sister Earth, I am ready,” Kristina was the first to approach. Eyes clouded with the knowledge of what was to be done, hair loose and matted to her back with the rain, and robes white with the purity of their magic. It was too easy for Kalina to jump back though, to a time Kristina wore grey robes, then black. To a time where their magic wouldn’t be so pure.


“Take your place Sister Fire,” Kalina spoke and pointed to the bottom left spike of the pentagram. She stood at the top right, in earth’s seat. Margaret would take the top spot, spirit, which was to her right. Air, which was at her right, would remain vacant until she choose to arrive.


“Sister Earth, Sister Fire, I am ready,” Margaret appeared. It was weird to not see her in black, but instead in robes of white. Everyone in their coven had yet to touch grey or black magic.


“Take your place Sister Spirit,” Kalina and Kristina replied and pointed.


They staid there for five more minutes, silent and considering what were to come. Samhain was the New Year for Wiccans. A time for new beginnings and it appeared this beginning was getting off on the wrong foot. Kalina was beginning to believe that Careen wouldn’t show that she had caused them to lose water.


“Sister Earth, Sister Fire, Sister Spirit, I am ready,” Careen stepped up, though kept her head down. Kalina could still hear the furry in her voice.


“Take your place Sister Water,” they chorused and Careen took her place. Everything was in place now and it was time to begin.


Kalina gave a nod to Margaret and she offered a smile. Margaret pulled her hair away from her face and closed her eyes slowly. Her voice began soft, barely audible over the sound of water drops, “As the old year ends.”


Kalina followed suit, her own eyes dropping voice just as low as Margaret’s, “A new one begins.”


“We remember last year,” Kristina said just a little louder.


Careen sighed softly before saying her own line, “And celebrates the new.”


May’s eyes opened and her head tilted back, the rain washing away the smile on her lips. “To old relationships.”


“And new,” Kalina spoke in normal tone keeping her eyes closed.


“With this Blessing,” Kris opened her eyes and glanced over at Kalina, a little worried about the line she chose for herself.


“We love and cherish,” Reen let the spell wash away her pain and anger.


“So Mote it be, Blessed Be,” Everyone finished the spell together, the energy rushing through them. The rain stopped and lightening struck a few feet away, causing them all to jump.


Kalina broke ranks first, walking slowly over to the charred earth. Could it be a sign? Telling the girls they were running out of time? Kalina didn’t know but when she touched the black earth she could hear her element cry out in torment. Something was going to happen and it wasn’t going to be good.


“Kalin,” Careen kneeled down besides Kalina and took her hand. “Can you hear it to? It’s coming Kalin and we need to end it.”


Kalina nodded and pulled her hand away; shutting the screams off before they drove her crazy. “Soon Reen, as soon as Air arrives.”

© 2008 Brittaney

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