DF Chapter 23

DF Chapter 23

A Chapter by Brittaney

The girl stumbled again, catching herself on a light pole. Leaning against it she glared at the couple, trying to make her eyes focus. “I… I know y…hic…ou.”


She shook her head, failing to clear it. It had been a long time since it was last clear, but that didn’t matter anymore. She had fought, can fight, and will continue to fight until the day she died, drunk or not. “Oh well. It… it… damn.”


Giving up, she pushed from the pole and crouched low. Fists formed high and ready, even if they were waving uncontrollably.


Zane couldn’t believe this. Every time he tried to get some private time with Kalina, someone came along and interrupted them. How could he get the girl to fall in love with him if they were never alone? It was proving rather annoying. Eyes narrowed as he watched the drunk, unsure of just how dangerous this could be. “Lina, do you know this woman?”


Kalina was uncertain on how to answer that. She knew Brianna, the strong unforgiving b***h of a coven sister. This person was nothing like the sister she had come to love and find pride in. “It’s complicated. I think she’s the missing element.”


Turning from Zane, Kalina stepped forward slightly and put her hands in the air. “There’s no need to fight anyone. He means no harm.”


“No… you don’t un…hic…dershtand. He’sh not what you think he ish.” She shook her head violently, accenting the no. “Shtep… shtep back, I will defend your honor.”


“You don’t need to do that.” Kalina tried to explain, not wanting to get anyone hurt.


Zane shook his head and put a hand on Kalina’s shoulder. “There’s no negotiating with the drunk. She won’t touch me, trust me.” He flashed her a smile and stepped forward. Looking into the drunk’s eyes, he offered her a fight. “Go right ahead Blondie.”


The girl only smirked before stepping into the fight. There was a blur of motion as her fist swung, a hairs breath away from Zane’s chin. The vampire’s eyes widened, shocked on just how close she was to hitting him. From that moment on, Zane didn’t underestimate her.


The girl only smirked before stepping into the fight. There was a blur of motion as her fist swung, a hairs breath away from Zane’s chin. The vampire’s eyes widened, shocked on just how close she was to hitting him. From that moment on, Zane didn’t underestimate her.


The fight wasn’t what Kalina expected. There was no blurs, no movements easily caught by the untrained eye. Instead the two seemed to jump from location to location. One moment Zane stood in front of the girl, the next behind her avoiding the punch thrusted forward.


The girl laughed, or it sounded like a laugh. To Kalina it was hard to understand the drunken sounds coming from the girl. Then she disappeared, just as Zane had, reappearing at his side with a foot heading right for his kidneys. He spun blocking it with his forearm with such force that it made a sound like thunder.  Kalina was surprised no one came running to investigate the sound it was so loud.


Kalina had to have blinked because once again the girl changed positions, sparing no time between attacks. Air swirled around her fists as they rammed into the vampire’s stomach, sending him flying into a brick wall ten feet away.


Zane growled as he climbed out of the whole his body formed, eyes slowing glowing red as he glared. The last time someone landed a punch on him, he’d been a new born and foolish about his abilities. This girl was making him feel like a new born all over again, and he wasn’t happy.


“Who are you?” Fangs made speech hard, but he pushed back most of the anger. He couldn’t afford to loose his temper. Especially if she was who Kalina thought she was.


The girl stumbled a bit, but quickly recovered her balance. “Ma…Marcella. Rem…hic…ember it vampire, for I will k…hic…ill you.”


Marcella waved her hands in the air, conjuring weapons out of thin air. On her left hand metal knuckles appeared, one inch spikes jutting above each hand. In her right hand appeared a short sword, about 3 feet in length and 2 inches wide. Kalina watched her take one step before appearing behind Zane, sword swinging for the kill.


Zane only had enough time to grab the sword with both hands and instantly regretted it. The metal was silver and it burned, smoke rising from his palms. Hissing with a mixture of pain and anger, he jumped back before the left hand could connect with his gut. He blinked, as Kalina decided to describe it, to her left a long thin blade in his hand.


“Step down witch, before I am forced to retaliate.” He didn’t want to, truly didn’t. But his vampire half, the one fighting to emerged, demanded her blood in payment for the pain she caused him.


“Awe… hic… p…poor little va…hic…mpire can’t keep up?” Marcella blinked and swung, trying to cut his head once again.


Zane parried and blinked himself, foot kicking Marcella in the back and sending her stumbling. The more he fought, the faster he got, and the more feral he became. “Last warning, stand down!”


“I…in your dreamsh,” Marcella retorted and blinked behind him, sword going through his shoulder.


Zane screamed as the silver burnt him, inside and out. Before he could react, Marcella connected with the knuckles and punched him off her blade. That was his limit. Crouched, he growled as he lost complete control. Marcella had no hope as he blinked and kicked her back, into the same wall she had forced him into. She let out a yell of pain and he descended murder in his eyes.


Kalina had seen it all too late and knew she had to react now. “No!” her voice and magic screamed, throwing Zane ten feet. “Gerth stwaurt po vermis qe detu.” The Wiccan language flowed without thought, locking them in place. Both tried to get up, Marcella mumbling her own words under her breath, but Kalina’s magic proved too much.


Turning to Marcella, eyes connected and Kalina sighed. There was so much in the girl’s eyes but it was clouded by the drink. “Frithu,” her voice was low and rang with the power behind it. Kalina watched as Marcella’s eyes grew heavy and she fell fast asleep.


Turning back to Zane, she walked over slowly and watched the vampire struggle, both against the restraints and him self. “Detu Zane, detu.” Hands stretched out, just beyond his reach, as Kalina tried to calm him down. She knew better than to approach a vampire in frenzy.


Zane had no idea what she was saying. He was still dazed from the magic, the fight, and the pain of his wounds healing. However he felt a calm spread through his body, stilling the beast. It took a few minutes but Zane came back into himself. The fangs disappeared, eyes and face returned to normal, and he no longer looked through a blood hazed sight. “Wh…what are you saying? I don’t understand.”


When he finally calmed, the invisible restraints disappeared and Kalina approached. “How could you not understand? I was speaking English.”


“No you weren’t,” Zane hissed in pain as her hand touched his face. The cuts the silvered made still stung and smoked slightly. He’d be fine soon, it just took longer to heal from silver and holy inflicted items than anything else. “You were speaking gibberish.”


Thinking back, Kalina realized what had happened. In her concern and anger, she had switched to the old Wiccan language. It was a language long dead and only remembered by the eldest of souls. But spells spoken in the language were more powerful and unbreakable than spells spoken in any other tongue. “Sorry, I just…” she shook the explanation off. For him to fully understand, she had to tell him a lot. “I said ‘Put down your weapons and still’ the first time. Then I told her to sleep and you ‘still Zane, still.’”


Zane blinked, now understanding where the calm came from. She had given it to him. “I’m sorry; you shouldn’t have had to do that. But, she was faster and stronger than I thought. Then she brought out…”


This time it was Kalina that silenced him and shook her head. “If anyone should apologize it should be me. I kinda knew what she could do. But that’s a long story. We’ve got to get her somewhere safe and I’ve got to call a meeting. Air finally came to us and its time to get things moving.”


Zane wanted to hear that story. It might reveal some of the secrets hidden deep inside her and might give him some understanding. However, now was not the time. Kalina was right, they needed to get the little warrior somewhere she could sleep it off and then…


The vampire’s mind froze. The last of the elements arrived and now there was no stopping Kalina. He knew that she would face some challenges. After all, what kind of god wouldn’t try to stop the one’s keeping him locked up? From here on in, danger would lurk around every corner. It scared him.


Feeling overwhelmed by it all, Zane wrapped his arms tight around Kalina and held her close. Lips caressed her hair and he breathed in her scent. He wanted nothing less than to hold this moment forever, to never let her go. He had to though. Not because she had to go home or because she needed to see friends, but for the fate of the world. It didn’t help that she had no idea what truly lay ahead of her.


Kalina would have pushed him away with a smile. However there was something in this hug, in his touch, that made her still. Holding him right back, Kalina closed her eyes and allowed herself to melt. Nothing mattered but his arms around her. For the next few moments, nothing existed but them too.


Lips parted and Zane almost spilt it. The love in his heart had become too much to bear alone and he wanted to share. But eyes opened and fell upon the sleeping girl, reality crashing in on him. Kalina had no time for love, especially with a vampire. “Go get your coven members; I know a place we can take her.”


Kalina brushed her lips against his, thanking him silently. Knowing Marcella wouldn’t wake up for a long time, she left him to stand guard. And though no words were exchanged, Kalina knew everything had changed in this one night. No longer could anything remain the same and it was time she learned where she was going. Tomorrow, Kalina decided, she would visit Careen’s mother and demand her answers.



© 2008 Brittaney

Author's Note

My first attempt at writing a drunk person. Tell me how I did.

Edit: I redid the fight scene. I felt that it was lacking action and length. And that Zane angered to quickly. Please review and tell me what you think of this newer version.

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