DF Chapter 27

DF Chapter 27

A Chapter by Brittaney

Zane watched the change in her eyes, the slow drift from abandonment to duty that brought anger to his own optics. He recognized the cover from watching her with her friends and it pissed him off.

“Don’t you dare,” He hissed the words between clenched teeth. Standing he turned from her and crossed the room again. It was the only thing keeping him from shaking some sense into her.

“Don’t what?” Kalina asked, adverting her eyes again.

“Take all the blame! Put all the responsibility on your shoulders and not make people pay for their own mistakes.”

“I don’t…”

Zane growled, stopping her from uttering the lie. He faced her again but kept across the room. “Yes you do. I’ve watched you Lina. You shoulder it all, not requiring the others to reap their rewards.”

“That’s not true!” Kalina yelled though she knew it was a lie. From the beginning she accepted the burden of being Head Priestess. Her coven mates never felt the pain she did. “I’m their leader. It’s my job to protect my coven members.”

He growled again. “There’s a difference between protecting and sheltering. What you do with your coven mates isn’t my concern. But never, I repeat never, take MY share of blame. Promise me Lina. Vow that you’ll never ‘protect’ me like you do your kin.”

Their eyes connected and Kalina shivered from the fury and truth in his eyes. She couldn’t remember anyone ever reading her so clearly. Everyone believed the mask she wore night and day, never looking deeper than the careless smile she wore. It was frightening that someone she knew a couple months could see more than the friends she knew all her life.

“I vow.” She said barely above a whisper, accepting his truths.

Zane forced himself to breath, releasing the anger with the air. “I should have warned you. Yes you should have knocked before coming in. But, how were you to know that I would attack you? Now you know.”

Kalina nodded and watched as he smiled slowly, the tension easing from the room with that one expression.

“Now I know.” She repeated, a blush blooming on her cheeks.

“Get dressed. There’s something I want to show you before you’ve got to leave.”

Kalina didn’t move for several minutes, waiting for him to either turn his back or leave. He didn’t shift an inch, eyes sparkling with glee. Her choices obviously amused him. She had to admit, had the roles been switched, she would have been entertained. That didn’t mean she had to like it.

Arching a brow, she hugged the blanket to her body, stood, and began to search for her clothing. Zane watched the whole time, a smile on those troublesome lips. If they hadn’t been so delectable Kalina wouldn’t be in this predicament.

She managed to find all her clothes except for one important article, her bra.

“Are you looking for this?”

Kalina titled her head up to find Zane standing above her, her bra pinched between his fingers and a wicked smile on his lips. “Yes,” Kalina growled and moved to snatch it. Zane was quicker than her though, he pulled them just out of her reach. He shook the bra, daring her to grab it. His height and speed was in his favor as he continued to dance away, laughing at her plight. Kalina couldn’t help but join in on the fun. His smile and laugh was contagious and she was struggling to hold her frown.

“Zane, please give it to me.” She half laughed half yelled at him.

Zane grinned and waited until she was within arm’s length. Pulling her against him, he looked into her eyes before kissing her softly. “All you had to say was please.” He handed her the bra then went to the door, “You know where the bathroom is if you want it, I’ll wait for you at the bottom of the stairs.”

Kalina watched him go, clutching the garment as she smiled to herself. He had a way with her that no one else did. It was as if the vampire could read her moods and deal with them as if they were his own. With him Kalina could be happy. There was just one problem, Damien. He existed out there somewhere.

It didn’t take long for Kalina to meet Zane downstairs. She peeked in on Marcella before following him to the opposite side of the building to some book selves. At first Kalina thought he had a book to show her, probably a spell that might help them in their work. Instead, Zane pulled a small book forward and the large book self jumped aside revealing a door way. Zane smiled at her surprised and pulled her through the door.

The short hallway was dark and small but Zane guided her easily. It opened up to a medium sized room, no bigger then ten by ten. Every inch of the walls was covered in books, old and leather bound. Exactly opposite of them was another door that had a sliver of light under it, evidently coming from the outside. Forming a circle, thirty or forty chairs surrounded a table. They were all the same, giving no impression of a head or leader.

“Where… What is this room?” Kalina asked, though she had a basic idea.

“Head quarters and sanctuary for the solitary vampires. This is where we hold our meetings and decide punishment when rules are broken. It’s also home for any vampire that needs it. But that’s not why I brought you here.” He pulled her around the room, once again stopping in front of a book self. Zane pulled out three books and opened a safe that was hidden behind them. “Now where is it…” he grumbled as he riffled through some papers and small boxes.

Kalina nibbled on her bottom lip as she waited; concerned with how much he was showing her. He didn’t once stop and swear her to secrecy and this trust flabbergasted her. There was no insurance that she wouldn’t use this information against him and the other vampires. Kalina knew she wouldn’t, but what assurances did he have?

“Here it is,” Zane’s exclamation startled her, causing him to chuckle. “This has been in my family for as far back as stories can narrate. It was said that great-granddad Keith forged it with his own hands for his sweetheart and soon-to-be-wife. It was then given to their oldest son to do the same with. Each and every relationship connected with this trinket has lasted ‘til their deaths.”

He was watching her eyes, noting the alarm that began to grow in them. It bothered him slightly, but he couldn’t stop now. While he had lain awake last night, he made his decision. Opening the box, he revealed a silver pendent. It was a curved S with petals at the top and bottom of the S’s curves. To Kalina it looked to delicate to touch, as if it would break at the softest caress.

“It was given to me from my grandmother when she died. ‘Give it to your lady, my boy; just like your Granddad gave it to me.’ Those were her last words. So Lina, I present this to you hoping you will accept.” Like a knight would present his sword to his king, Zane presented the chain and pendent.

He loved her, and not the mandatory love of a vampire to a mate. This love was so much more. So deep and bright that it hurt Kalina to discover it. She had let things go to far with out explaining. “Zane, I… Before I decide you need to hear something. As a blood witch I have fate to answer to, whether I want to or not. I have lived many lives, each different than the rest except for one thing. From the time of first birth, a witch is matched with their counter part. A soul that matches the other like two pieces of a puzzle called Murien breatha dan, ‘one true soul’. Basically it’s a soul mate that follows you through each life. There is no guarantee that you’ll find each other, but that person is out there.”

“And I’m not him,” Zane whispered, pain shooting through his heart.

Kalina knelt down and forced Zane to look into her eyes. The pain she found there almost broke her. “But you are here and he isn’t. These last months I needed someone and you were there. It hurts to know I can’t give you everything I have and I wish I could. If you still want to give that to me, if you understand there may come a time I have to leave, I will accept it. Just please remember I can’t give you everything.”

Zane blinked, pushing the fear, pain, and depression away. His fingers seared but he ignored the sting while he placed the chain around her neck, hooking it in the back. His lips sought hers and caressed them softly. “There is no way for you to get away now. The presenter and presented last until death.”

“And you’re immortal,” Kalina whispered against his lips feeling painstakingly loved.

Zane nodded and grinned. “You better go wake your friend and go. I’m sure the bulldog is wondering where you disappeared to.”

Laughing, Kalina turned and headed for the exit. When she reached the hallway Zane called her name. “Yes?”

“I love you.”

Kalina smiled, her eyes tearing up. “I know,” she answered before leaving the room.

© 2009 Brittaney

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