Envy being the Enemy

Envy being the Enemy

A Poem by brittanyjane

A shadow consistantly taking up space
Sitting next to me
With its taunting glory
Taking me by the sholders

It's pushing me down
I get back up, trembling
And get pushed, harder
I find I have no reason to get up anymore

All I see is shadows
Every dark blot
Over powering the air I breathe
I'm lying in one dark hole

I can see the blood pushing its way out
The envy takes my own small victory
Saying I'm easy to take over
I know I can't win

There's always a shadow
Sitting in the desk next to me
With a smirk on its face
While I watch my sleeve soak up my tears

© 2008 brittanyjane

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Such a deeply emotive, moving write! The dark companion to your sorrow and pain. Beautifully haunting!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Grammar tip:

"it's" = it is
"its" = belongs to it, no apostrophe for this one


"With it's taunting glory" (its)
"With a smirk on it's face" (its)
"I can see the blood pushing it's way out" (its)

Hmm. A personnification of envy?
Envy causing the S.I?
Or envy being a by-product of S.I, i.e. envying those who don't self-harm?

The tone of this is good, matter-of-fact description of the situation.

I think 'over-powering' i either one word or two words hyphenated...not sure though.

Good piece.
Thanks for sharing it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on February 21, 2008
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I don't know a lot about myself, anymore, so I definitely couldn't tell you anything. more..

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