Osama, Obama, Oh Mama, Mo' Drama

Osama, Obama, Oh Mama, Mo' Drama

A Poem by Brjden (Bridge-Den) Crewe

When I recite this one, it gets progressively louder and more passionate as I'm angered. That's why I "typed" it starting small, then it enlarges, but gets smaller by the end. I hope you enjoy.....



                  Yes, I know my enemies…….

There the teachers who taught me to fight me

Compromise, Conformity, Assimilation, Submission, Ignorance, Hypocrisy, Brutality, The Elite……All of which are American Dreams, All of which are American Dreams,……. ALL OF WHICH ARE AMERICAN DREAMS!!!!

             -  Rage Against The Machine, Know Your Enemy  



Osama, Obama, Oh Mama
' Drama

by Bridgey "CrazyGuyOutsideTheCornerstoreScreaminAtAir" McLovin



Life's a b***h and then you marry one
And it's a scary One Life to Live
I've experienced kids having kids with jail bids double they age
A gun cocked and waived, and shoots in the face
Of another brotha that shorted him 20 bucks the other day
If there's another way to escape the ghetto, we'll never know
Those who keep their lives straight, and keep their mouths closed,
May get a job for minimum wage?

You mean to tell me that people in this place
Are either dead, or dead broke, or dealing dope
Jail bids, sharing a cage?
But then, our heads of state got billion tucked away
For bailouts and oil wars

while the poor is ignored?
We're getting played and paid low
You think we're getting saved?

If he were buried, 
He would be, spinning in his grave to see us as slaves

grow up inside a maze
Killing each other for cheese like trapped rat renegades

Shooting bullets is praised

Buildings laying decayed
We're in the place where our police get paid in drug raids
Abandoned playgrounds where kids can't play
And the homeless hangs out
Backboards with no rims

and monkey bars rusted out
Where Babies are have babies
And baby daddies running away
Where young girls are called "mommy"

before they're called "teenage"
Low income homes
From trailer park trash  

to ghetto brownstones
Plantations to

Debating the reality to roam

Today, poor isn't a color

but the winning color is GREEN$

You either get it or forget

Living thee American Dream

So I ask the "other half" to seek privacy
Before you laugh
And could you please, before you leave
Remove your dick from our a*s?!?!
The games they're playing
Raising gas with no explanation
Dollar menu heaven

Work payday hell 

with no vacation

High prices, with no helping hand
Just Hamburger Helper

With no bail out plan, no stress relief
So more Alka Seltzer

Citizens, go "Helter Skelter"
Mother nature, We melt her
Our Mentality, “F**k you, pay me!” 

As our morality welters

Women want their respect

with Twitter pics showing their breasts

Then are upset when boys

expect meaningless sex

No health care? They don't care

Have a seat in the chair.

You'll sit in that waiting room forever

Like you're not even there
We're like kids legally grown
The bling your wrist that's shown 
Comes with the limbs

Of little kids in Sierra Leone
There's no place like home 
High mortgage rates

You'll can't own
No glove, Mo' love

But who's the father is unknown
Our teachers get no respect
Our preachers lie and collect
Condemn Superbowl n*****s  
But sell pills to get erect?

We elect evil

& expect regal behavior

from these people

100,000 jobs lost

for every one

fired C.E.O.

Holy & Oil wars

so now we need

extended soldier tours

No cancer cures

Lawyers charm injustice

From jurors

Opportunity is

closing doors

The wealthy

still want more!


my a*****e's sore!!


IS IT ALL FOR?!!?!??!



I just try to live, before it's time to leave
I just, wanna be happy

I just wanna... Be

© 2012 Brjden (Bridge-Den) Crewe

Author's Note

Brjden (Bridge-Den) Crewe
I hope you enjoy this one. This is my mama's favorite one! Lol I started writing this 8 years ago and I only recently finished it. I haven't recited it yet, but I hope to soon. I hope you enjoy.

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Featured Review

A mama's favourite and a J. Black's favourite too!

Such an "in-your-f*****g-face" kinda poem where it stars out small, but you don't feel like the people hear ya, so then you get louder and louder until people see nothing but the red and anger you possess.

"Life's a b***h and then you marry one." -- you started out with a bangin' line, that I was captivated from the start.

It was so powerful and full of emotions, but to actually hear YOU read this would be mind blowing. I really think you should record yourself and then put it on a playlist just so people can really get that feel. Overall, this is the first piece I've reviewed from ya, and I like you. You got raw talent and it's creative. So glad that you stopped by and told me to read this. You do not disappoint, that's for sure. Hats off to you!

Posted 15 Years Ago

7 of 7 people found this review constructive.


Raw. Powerful. Explicit.

What's not to like? Well done!

Posted 11 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Very Nice the feeling were flowing or flooding either way I liked it. much ratings keep on writing

Posted 13 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Wow... I didn't know you had edited this much. Nothing is the same as the last time I read it, this is waaaaay too sick

I won't even try to put this on the pedestal it deserves. I bow down in appreciation my friend.

Posted 15 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Another favorite of mine!!
Everything you wrote is surely true!!
im actually in love with your style...

Posted 15 Years Ago

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"Today, poor isn't a color,
but the winning color is GREEN$
You either get it or forget
Living thee American Dream!"

This is great man, and i might just quote you on that part if you dont mind

Posted 15 Years Ago

And the tragedy in all of this ......it is so true in that too many have come to accept it as being ok - just another day in life - sure, a pathetic, all for me, or a step on the little guy, or a get out of my way, or a I am too good for you, or "so, you think you're somebody - get real" kind of self righteous dude, or dudette who walks around like they own the world when they are totally ignorant to the needs of us..the common person.
Wonderful job Bridgey, and I particularly like the way you start off with a low roar, and build it until it screams through the streets of injustice.
Sheila.............with you all the way on this one!

Posted 15 Years Ago

Compromise, Conformity, Assimilation, Submission, Ignorance, Hypocrisy, Brutality, The Elite��All of which are American Dreams, All of which are American Dreams,��. ALL OF WHICH ARE AMERICAN DREAMS!!!!"

i rev this earlier , still true with additions oh I love ratm by the way
those who died are justified

hopefully not more drama
just sayin Hi

Posted 15 Years Ago

This was one of the absolute best poems I have read in ages!
I was literally cracking up in my seat!!!!!
Bravo, Bravo!!!!!
You are indubitably a force to be reckoned with.

Posted 15 Years Ago

Damn! excuse the word but damn! this is amazing
Straight to the point and well said.
A very powerful piece here.

Posted 15 Years Ago

Have you heard of indiefeed? They have this excellent podcast of performance poetry, and I would love to hear your work some time.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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