Here's to you, Mother and Father

Here's to you, Mother and Father

A Poem by ThisWasAnAccident

About my parents.

Oh mother and father
Two people I love the most
Wait now that I think about it
Maybe not.

"God will help you"- Mother
"Stupid w*****k morons"-father 
What a kind example for your son.

Remember that camping trip?
The one you promised me?
The one that never came. No?
Well I do.

Oh, mother and father
A quick question if your in a good mood
Do you love me?

That's alright, go ahead and roll your eyes 
For I'll take it as a maybe
As always.

"The worlds to dangerous"- parents
"We're afraid you'll get into trouble"
Thank you for your support.

Oh sweet homophobic parents
Oh I'm sorry
You just don't 'agree' with their lifestyle

What would you two do
If I fell in love
With a male?
If you met him, what would you do?

What would you two do?
You'd put up a charade, a mask
Once that person leaves
It comes off, and the fights start.

I'm the crazy one?
I'm the one whose possessed?
I just take in all your criticism
And then cry silently

In the morning 
I wake up and tell my friends stories
Of our good times
When you're in a good mood.

When I come home
No questions are asked
Except for.
"How are you doing in school?"

Really, that's what you want to know
I'm your son for Christs sake!
Instead, I smile and just say

Perhaps, I too have a mask
That I use to hide in around others
Thank you mother and father

For your emotional distance
For your horrible language
For your fairytale religion
And for making sure you were happy.

© 2012 ThisWasAnAccident

Author's Note

This is basically my daily life. Some of this was written while I was in a bi-curious kind of thing. I just found it and spruced it up. Enjoy.

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Wow! This is amazing and you can feel the emotion in it! Great work! I am sorry you go through this and hope all gets better :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I liked this poem. Really showed how you truly feel about them. Good job :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Hey, my names Ryan. I just recently got cheated on by the girl of my dreams, so yeah :/ I like to write poetry and have a cat named Whiskers, unoriginal I know Hope to talk to you soon :) My best.. more..