Whispering Voices Of the Night

Whispering Voices Of the Night

A Poem by BrokenLight

Something I hate to admitt


Lights go out

All becomes dark

Silence sweeps the floor.


Listening to the night settle

With tired eyes.


But even silence can be



Whispers flow loudly into

My room.


Parania sets into my skin

My heart drops into my stomach

As the whispers grow louder

And louder in my ears.


No one is here

I reasure myself.


But even then, the whispers

Won't stop.


Tossing and turning

With fear stuck in my



When not even happy thoughts

Can make them run

Or soft music can let them stop.


They yell, and cruss at me

Breaking my skin and entering

My vunurable mind.


Making me scream inside

They laugh as I bleed.


Because I know they are

HERE to STAY with ME.

© 2011 BrokenLight

Author's Note

It's a poem about what I experienced a couple nights ago, ask any questions if you have any. I'd be glad to answer.

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In many ways this poem has a major "goose-bump" effect. Paranoia getting the best of us as the lights go out, voices creeping in from the night. My gosh, the thought just terrifies the wits out of me. Telling yourself nothing is there and yet they continue to whisper from the shadows. Eeek! Your words are captivating but the fact you crossed each line out, almost denying to yourself that it even happened, it was really adds flare to this piece. Nail-biting and wonderfully written, BrokenLight.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on February 24, 2011
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The Forest, CA

I am 19 yrs old, I love to write poems, science- fiction stories, but my stories have either Lesbian or Gay characters. I see myself as a Gay writer, I am a woman who does accept Gay, Lesbian, bisexua.. more..