9 11

9 11

A Chapter by Owl City

    I remember 9/11 when I was in 6th grade. I remember hearing the screams and cries. I didn't understand what was happening. I remember two planes crashing into my daddy’s work office on his first day at work in New York and my mom's and my first day of living in New York. I'll take you back to the day on my first day in 6th grade and my daddy’s first day on the job in the Twin Towers.  

                 I walked into a new classroom with unfamiliar faces and a class with screaming children; the smell of fresh paint on the walls. All was good at 8:00 am. No one had a clue about the planes crashing into the twin towers starting at 8:52 and 9:03. At 8:05, class began. They teacher quieted down the children and had them all introduce themselves to the class. When it was my turn to introduce myself I told them how I moved in yesterday and that my dad works in  Twin Tower A (the first tower that crashed down at 8:52). Some kids laughed at me and I glared at them. That kept them quiet so I sat down and a quiet, pale girl named Abigail came up to introduce herself. She seemed very nervous; kids were laughing and a boy named Wilbert through a piece of paper at her. Abigail looked at him with a sad face; I knew she had no friends so I felt like slapping the boy  but I decided not to on my first day at school. Abigail started to speak and Wilbert started coughing to interupt her. Suddenly, he started screaming. The teacher ran to him to see what was wrong. He said he imagined a scary thought about planes crashing into the Twin Towers. Then, at 8:30, we all heard a crash and some type of an errrr sound, like a plane sound. A sound we all never heard before.     


   We all ran outside to see what the sound was. I started crying, the tower that my dad worked in was burning down. I ran to the teacher tears going down my face, I was unable to speak. The teacher just pulled me to her and hugged me. We were both speechless.




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Owl City
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good so far, watch you grammar and certain spelling. it should have been threw, not through in paragraph 2. i thought that it was good though. keep it up!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Good job.

Posted 13 Years Ago


Posted 13 Years Ago

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Owl City
Owl City

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