Droppin' In

Droppin' In

A Story by BrotherCorpz

This is a Short Story Tribute to Warhammer 40k, written by Kalas of KallyCorpz, owned by BrotherCorpz. Enjoy!

"Impact in five." The Field Commander Dethster voxxed over the com-link. And in no less than the Commander had said, the Space Marine drop pod smashed into the planet, destroying the ground around it. Instantly, all four members of the Black Arm Fifth Tactical Assualt Squad rolled out of the pod and fired multiple Bolter rounds into the right flank of the attacking greenskin warband.

As the Orks began to notice other enemies attacking their flank, they retreated to cover and focused their main fire on the exposed human soldiers. Simultaineously, the four Marines ran and dove into the destroyed walls scattered around the landing site, protecting themselves from the heavy fire. "Garson and Nell, cover me while I move to a new position. Those b******s are try'na supress us!" Barked the Commander over the com. Both of them aimed their weapons at the greenskins and let fly the hot, metal shards that made up the Bolter rounds. Meanwhile, the Commander lept over the wall he had used for cover and sprinted toward another decayed wall.

Commander Dethster noticed the Third Tacticle Assault Squad advancing up the hill toward the Ork's location. "Third TA Squad Leader, this is Field Commander Dethster, over."
"Squad Leader Khaine, receiving you loud and clear, Commander. I need a SitRep."
"Stay your men, Khaine. Those ugly, green b******s are waitin' 'round the corner for ya'."
"Thanks for the heads up, Commander." The Squad Leader proceeded to radio his men to stop and get back into cover. However, the youngest marine in his squad discarded the order and move up the hill on his own. 

As he passed an abandoned guard tower, a large Ork Kommando jumped from the top and landed on the lone marine. The marine was pinned to the ground and the Kommando aimed his weapon at his opponent's head. Before he could fire the Third squad was already pumping molten titainium into the Ork. This Kommando was different, it was well amoured and the shots did nothing but bounce of the metal protecting him. The greenskin laughed and aimed his gun again. Immediately, the Field Commander burst from his cover and raced toward the Ork. Enemy rounds pinged off of his power suit as he exposed himself in the open. His squad instantly, sending another volley of fire at the Orks, giving their Commander precious seconds.

The Commander slammed his shoulder into the Kommando's waist and pummled him into the wall of the guard tower. The pair crashed through and blasted out of the second wall of the building. The Commander rolled off of his opponent and simultaineuosly drew his blade.
The Kommando chuckled deeply as he beared his oversized pistol. Dethster held his breath as he exploded forward toward the Ork. The Ork fired his weapon but missed as the Commander strafed from left to right. The greenskin held his nerve as he fired shot after shot at the Space Marine but to no avail. The Commander neared and soon he leapt toward the Ork and plunged his blade into it's stomach, tearing through it's innards. 

The Kommando howled in pain at first, then grabbed the Marine's shoulder plates and pulled him closer. "Die, you greenskin sonuvabitch." Dethster snarled, as the dieing Ork growled at him. The Commander pushed his blade deeper into the Ork and waited until it's glistening, black blood oozed from it's mouth. He dropped the body and wiped the blood from his blade.
He heard the roar of more Orks to his right and dived for his Bolter. He rolled as he retreived his weapon but just as he was going to fire, the Orks were downed by some well-placed shots to the head.

The rest of his squad rounded the corner and ran toward him. "Are you ok, Sir?" Asked Nell.
"Better than that guy." Replied Dethster, pointing at the dead Kommando. Garson laughed and helped his Commander up off the ground. Dethster look at the his third soldier. 
"You been awful silent today, Cam." He said.
"But he rarely speaks, Sir." Stated Nell.
"I know that. But it looks as if something is botherin' him."
Cam stepped forward. "I'm fine, Sir. It's just...this is my home planet, Sir." The Commander nodded, then accessed Cam's file via his HUD. He read his details. 'Name: Cam Sorenson, Age: 26, Birthplace: Cernux.'

"Well i'll be damned. It is his homeplanet." The Commander said. Just then the Third squad entered through the hole in the guard tower. "Listen up boys. This here planet is the home of our own Space Marine, Cam. Now he's probably as pissed off as anything at these filthy greenskins try'na take a hold of it. So we're gonna see to it that we kill everyone one of them nasty, black-blooded b******s." The two squads cheered in agreement. "Third, I am ordering you to fall in with my squad and follow us in the purgin' of them greenskins."
"You heard the Commander, men." said Khaine.
"Khaine, I hope you don't mind if Garson takes second in command."
"Whatever you say, Commander."
"Okay then boys. Let's move out!"

© 2011 BrotherCorpz

Author's Note

Written by Hayden "Alseif" Hughes
Merely a tribute to an awesome world :)

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Added on February 22, 2011
Last Updated on February 22, 2011
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