A Poem by Brother Jacob

Nineveh was the place that God wanted me to go. 
But I ran and told God no. 
For Nineveh, was a wicked city. 
Very sinful, and not pretty. 
I saw a ship, and I climbed aboard. 
I was a man on the run, running from the Lord. 
The ship was caught in a storm.
It was my fault, I did inform. 
It was because I ran from the Lord. 
I told the crew to cast me overboard. 
Then, I was swallowed by a whale. 
Now that right there is a true fish tale. 
Three days in the whale’s belly, I did stay. 
I, Jonah, began to pray. 
I told God, that if He would get me out. 
I would go to Nineveh, without a second doubt. 
The whale got sick and spewed me out. 
Then I headed to the Nineveh route. 
I, Jonah, the man, that God sent. 
I was astonished, as I saw, each one did repent.

© 2022 Brother Jacob

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Added on January 14, 2022
Last Updated on January 14, 2022


Brother Jacob
Brother Jacob

Hello, my name is Jacob; I am a Christian author in my early 20's. I do write other types of poetry, but the majority of what I write is about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Warning my writing may of.. more..