The Legends of Kayshall Chapter 11 (An Image of Loveliness)

The Legends of Kayshall Chapter 11 (An Image of Loveliness)

A Chapter by Bruce Grimes

                                                  Chapter- 11

                                           An Image of Loveliness

  The next morning Kallander awoke in the hospital, still sitting in the chair where he had been the night before. He found Shamonah was sleeping soundly with her head in his lap; but he also found that he was being overcome by a sudden urge to relieve himself. He shook her gently to wake her and finally she started to come around. She just looked at him and smiled as she sat up in the chair. Kallander found it difficult to stand because his legs had went to sleep from Shamonah sleeping on them. Slowly he made his way behind the partition where there were two large pots and he relieved himself and then he stumbled back to his chair.

A short time later Kallander was able to stand again. “We should probably go and make our report to the King,” Kallander said to Shamonah as she stared at Martex.

Glancing up at him, she stood. “Yes he will want to know the result of last night's events.  I'm sure he will consider it a great victory,” Shamonah said as she turned and started walking down the hallway.

A confused look came over Kallander face. “My lady, wasn't it a victory?” Kallander ask as he walked after her.

“Yes but I'm not sure it was as great a victory as what we might think.  I think Lord Jedack's attacks were ill timed. The force on the battlefield was too small and he knew it; but it would have been big enough to give the Straylock demons the time they needed to complete the Pentaquad with little chance of detection. You were never supposed to beat that force on the battlefield, and the siege was supposed to drag on for weeks,” Shamonah said as she walked out of the hospital.

  A short time later they arrived at King Raylanty's command tent to find King Raylanty and Lord Colantray both in the middle of a conversation with the messenger.

“You say the Orc’s and sent an emissary; they’re in a camp about ten miles south of here,” Lord Colantray asked with concern in his voice.

 “Yes my lord there awaiting an ambassador from the King,” The messenger replied.

  “Do you have any idea what it is they want?” King Raylanty asked the messenger.

  “The only thing they're emissary would tell me, was that they come in peace and that they wish to speak to an ambassador of the King. They said they would wait there until one arrived,” The messenger said. King Raylanty stood there for a moment deep in thought, and then he exhaled with exasperation.

 “Colantray what was the last report on their numbers down at the camps by the swamp?” Raylanty asked as he looked over at him.

“There were well over a hundred thousand; but keep in mind that a large portion of them are women and children. There essentially refugee camps, not war camps,” Lord Colantray said as he walked over to the small table and poured himself a mug of Dark Ail.

“Okay Sargent go back and tell the Orc emissary that I will be sending an ambassador to see him within the next two days,” King Raylanty said as he waved the messenger away and then he looked over at Shamonah and Kallander.

 “Please tell me the two you have something good to report,” King Raylanty said in an exasperated tone. Shamonah walked up to the desk with a broad smile.

“Yes my King I had excellent news. The Pentaquad has been broken and the city is safe at least for the moment. Luckily for us Lord Jedack overconfidence undermined his Army's ability to perform and doomed his attacks to failure. Martex, Percy and Sep are all recovering in the hospital as we speak,” Shamonah said in a tired voice as she walked over to the table and poured herself a mug of Dark Ail. Kallander just stood there by the door almost as if he were in a daze until King Raylanty noticed him.

“I have a job for you Kallander. I want you to go and see what this Orc emissary wants. You'll be acting as an emissary from your King so behave accordingly,” King Raylanty said as he looked at Kallander who stood there dumbfounded for a moment.

  “I'll have an escort of the Royal guard ride out with me. I can leave as soon as Sep is out of the hospital,” Kallander said as he walked over to the small table and poured himself a mug of water.

  “When do you think you're Captain will be up and around?” Lord Colantray asked as he walked over and sat down by the stove. 

  “He should be back on his feet by this afternoon,” Kallander said as he drank some of his water.

  “Good, I want you leave as soon as he is ready; and Shamonah I want you to go with,” King Raylanty said as he sat back down in the chair behind the table. 

    That afternoon after Kallander had collected Sep they met up with Shamonah at the South gate where a small contingency of the Royal guard was waiting. Just then a rider came up at a gallop and stopped his horse abruptly in front of Kallander.

 “Sir Kallander the King would like for you to report to him immediately, at the command tent,” the man said as he saluted. Kallander cast wary glances at Shamonah and Sep and then they turned their horses and started back to the command tent. A short time later they stepped through the tent flap, seeing Raylanty examining what appeared to be a brand-new suit of armor.

“Ahh you're here good. I have your armor of Agarith, it just arrived,” King Raylanty said with a broad smile. It was a brilliant suit of black field plate armor, with silver trim. The Brest plate had a gold inlay of the crest of Agarith on it.

  “We'll put it on Kallander; our Smith’s went through a lot of trouble to make this for you,” King Raylanty said.

  Kallander just stood there for a moment, astonished at what he was looking at. Lord Colantray walked up behind him, slapping him on the back.

“Welcome to the club youngling,” Colantray said as he handed the armor to Kallander.

Kallander took the armor into the small room in the back of the tent, and with Sep’s help he was suited up within a few minutes. When he walked back into the front of the tent Shamonah's eyes lit up with excitement and King Raylanty the Lord Colantray both had broad smiles across the faces.

“Now you look like a Knight of Agarith,” Lord Colantray said as he bowed his head slightly.

“Yes he most certainly does; doesn't he,” King Raylanty replied. Shamonah stood there and stared at Kallander in his new armor for a moment.

 “Impressive, most impressive; just remember Kallander the armor doesn’t make the man,” Shamonah said as she smiled.

“Now that you're dressed properly; why don't you go and see what those Orc emissaries want,” King Raylanty said as he looked at Kallander in his new armor.

“My Lord is there anything I should know; as in how to deal with them,” Kallander asked as he turned to face King Raylanty. 

“This is likely just to meet and greet; find out what they want and come back and make your report,” King Raylanty said as he walked over to the small table and poured himself some ail.

Short time later Sir Kallander, Captain Sep and Shamonah along with 10 of the Royal guard all rode out of the South gate; heading for the Orc’s emissary camp. After about a half-hour of riding the camp came into view; the Orc had built a fence of sorts around it using brush from the prayer. There were two huge Orc’s wearing hardened leather armor and holding saw-toothed Spears guarding the entrance to the camp. Kallander and the rest of the group stopped at the edge of the camp and dismounted; Kallander walked over to the guards who just stared straight ahead as if he was not there.

“I am Sir Kallander BloodRaven; emissary to King Raylanty Larson, I believe you're expecting me,” Kallander said as he looked at one of the guards. The guard did not respond; he just continued to stare straight ahead. Kallander stood there for a moment not quite knowing what to think.

“I have come to see your emissary,” Kallander said and still there was no response from the two guards. Kallander looked into the camp and could see three large tents; but there were no other Orc’s in site.

“Well then I will just go in and find out who it is that I need to see,” Kallander said as he started to step forward; when suddenly there were two vicious looking spears pointed at his chest.

“No, you wait. Gradach will see you when he ready!” One of the Orc guard said in a low rumbling voice. Kallander stepped back and both of the guards went back to standing at attention.

“Gradach you say,” as a frown ran across his face. “Tell Gradach that Sir Kallander of King Raylanty’s court is waiting,” Kallander said and then he turned and walked back over to where Shamonah and Sep were waiting by the horses.

“Sep you never told me they were so big,” Kallander said as he flashed Sep a concerned look.

“I figured it was something you would need to see for yourself,” Sep replied as they watch one of the guards walked over to one of the tents and speak to someone inside and then returned to his post.

A few minutes later a huge Orc that stood head and shoulders above the others, emerged from the tent and walked out to the entryway of the camp.

“I am Gradach, and I will speak with you now,” he said as he motioned for Kallander and the others to enter the camp.

They all took seats on the ground around the fire pit; one of the Orc's brought them mugs of grog.

“King Jacqualcred wishes to have peace with your king. To show our goodwill in these matters; we have destroyed what was left of the Army that attacked this city,” Gradach said as he watched the three sitting across from him.

“You destroyed Lord Jedack’s Reken Army?” Sep asked with a look of disbelief.

“Is that not what I just said,” Gradach replied with a slight bit of annoyance to his tone over his word being questioned. “Their bodies lie scattered in the swamp,”

“I will return now, and tell my King of the good deed that your King has done. I'll also tell him that your king wishes an alliance,” Kallander said as he got to his feet.

“King Jacqualcred will await your answer in the hills just south of the Perchan Forest. I hope we will meet again,” Gradach said as he stood up.

 A short time later the group was back at command tent; Kallander reported to King Raylanty on the day’s events.

“The Orc’s want an alliance, that something that I'll have to give some thought to. You say they destroyed the last of Jedack’s Army. If that's so then it definitely shows that they want this alliance; perhaps we should consider it,” King Raylanty said as he stood there by his desk deep in thought.

Kallander just stood there for a long moment without saying a word.

   “What is it Kallander, is there something I can do for you?” King Raylanty asked with a concerned tone to his voice as he noticed that Kallander was looking lost within himself.

   “Sir I was just wondering if just by chance, since my friends and I are so close to the Colowe Forest if we…,” Kallander was asking when King Raylanty suddenly cut in.

   “Yes of course my young friend, you and your friends can go home for a few days. I’ll need you to be back in about ten days. I won’t be here so you’ll need to report to Lord Colantray instead,” King Raylanty said as he poured a mug of ail.


                                     On the road to Rettes

It was about midday and they were about half way to reaching Rettes; when Sir Bolandurus and Croesus spotted a large group of men standing across the road up ahead. They slowed the pace to continue to ride until they were within about thirty feet of the group. Sir Bolandurus took a long hard look at them; there were nine in the group. They were armed with pitchforks, split malls and chopping axes and had no armor at all to speak of.

 Bolandurus looked over at Croesus. “Stay here, I'll handle this,” He said as he got down from his horse drawing his sword. He walked forward to within ten feet of the men; none of which acted as if there were in any big hurry to get into a fight.

Finally one man stepped forward brandishing a short sword. “Give us your money or else,” He said nervously.

Sir Bolandurus stood there for a moment and stared at the man; looking at their deep tanned faces and taking notice of their callused hands, and then he smiled. He stuck his sword into the ground beside him; and started walking towards the man brandishing the short sword. The man suddenly got wide eyed and started to back away.

Sir Bolandurus slapped the blade to one side and grabbed the hilt taking the sword from the man. “Give me to think before you hurt yourself with it. What do you men think you're doing out here?” He asked in a harsh and abrupt tone.

The man whose sword he had taking; stood there wide-eyed with fear running across her face. “Were trying to feed our families,” The man said as he stood there in shook.

“You men are farmers, why aren't you farming?” Bolandurus ask as he stood there looking at the man.

“Our farms were up by Bendel pass. When the battles started, our farms and crops were burned and we were left with nothing. We have to steal just to feed our families,” The farmer said as he stood there and shook.

Sir Bolandurus stood there looking at the man deep in thought for a moment. “What if you men were given the chance to go back to work as farmers rather than bandits; would you take it?” Bolandurus ask as he looked around the group of men.

They stood there for a moment staring at one another, nodding in agreement to the one that Sir Bolandurus had been talking to. “Yes, if we had the chance,” the farmer said with a grim look on his face.

“Good, I have a family estate near Lowehandus. I'll give you horses and traveling money to get there. You'll be going to the Laydrakshion estate just north of Lowehandus. When you arrive speak to the caretaker and he will set you up with winter quarters and assign you your jobs,” Sir Bolandurus said as he handed the man back his short sword.

Bolandurus walked back and took the reins of five of the horses and retrieved a small bag of gold from his saddlebags and walked back up to the farmer. “Here take these and gather your family’s and be on your way. When you arrived give the caretaker this,” Sir Bolandurus said as he handed the farmer a small medallion with his family crest on it.

“How can we ever think you?” The farmer asked as he fought to keep a tear from his eye.

“By going to my estate and working it, and not letting me catch you out here on the road again. Because if I do; I will haft to kill you. This is your second chance farmer take advantage of it,” Sir Bolandurus said with a Stern look on his face. Then he turned and walked back to Croesus grabbing his sword on the way and they started off towards Rettes again.

After about an hour riding Croesus glanced over at Bolandurus. “You're a hard one to figure out,” Croesus said with a slight grin.

“It is my job to kill bandits; not farmers. Killing those farmers would not have served the law; it would have just been murdered,” Sir Bolandurus said in a stern voice as he looked over at Croesus who nodded in agreement.

They arrived at Rettes just as the Sun was starting to set behind the Pedrick's. Rettes was known for its lumber milling and it's brightly colored round buildings, which were all three stories or more.

Bolandurus taped Croesus on the arm and pointed at a bright yellow three-story building. “That's constable’s office; you'll be able to collect on those wanted posters there. He has probably went home for the evening; but you should be able to catch him in the morning,” Sir Bolandurus said as they road on down the street.

Finely they arrived at a small Inn called The Checkered Curtain. Croesus noticed that this building was not painted in the outlandish colors like the rest of the town; it was just a plain white with light tan trim around the Windows. Croesus did notice one thing that seemed out of place on the building; there was a small crest of Agarith just above the door.

Inside there were two long tables set end to end with long benches by the side that ran the length of the room. At one end of the room there was a large stone fireplace that had a healthy fire already burning in it and on the far side of the room there was a large bar that ran half the length of the room. The bartender stared at them for a moment then a sudden look of recognition came across his face along with a broad smile.

 “Bolandurus it is so good to see you, I take it you've been out hunting Highway men again. Who is this; did you bring one back with you?” The man asked jokingly, but it was obvious he still expected an answer.

 “This is Croesus; he is a friend of mine,” Bolandurus replied as he walked over to a table by the fireplace.

“Bolandurus I did not think you had any friends, no one but me and Randall over at the blacksmith shop can stand your company for any length of time,” the bartender said with a smile.

“Well Cedric not everybody is as cantankerous as you are,” Bolandurus said as a drunk stumbled by.

“Croesus why don't you get us a couple of mugs of ale and bring them over to the table,” Bolandurus said as he sat down.

“Say misters aren’t you kind of dark for this area? Where did you come from?” The drunk who was now standing at the bar ask Croesus as he looked him up and down.

“I came from the Meranching Islands if you must know,” Croesus said with a stern look on his face; which caused the drunk to take a step back.

Croesus picked up the mugs of ale and started to turn and walked back to the table just as the drunk clumsily bumped into him and fell to the floor. The bartender promptly told him to get out of the Inn as Croesus walked on back to the table. Sir Bolandurus stood up just as Croesus arrived at the table.

“I'll be back in a moment; there something I need to tend to,” Bolandurus said as he walked over to the door and went out into the street. It was almost pitch dark outside by this time, and it took a moment for Bolandurus’s eyes to adjust. After searching around he spotted who he was looking for; the drunk who seemed to be walking quite well now. Sir Bolandurus walked after him removing his dagger from its scabbard as he walked up behind the man; he slammed him in the back of the head with the hilt of the dagger, knocking him unconscious. After a moment searching he found what he was looking for; Croesus’s purse along with several other peoples as well. Within moments the town guard had arrived and Sir Bolandurus handed the thief over to them as well as all the purses except for Croesus’s. On the way back to the Inn Bolandurus opened Croesus’s purse to check its contents; much to his surprise he found a small rectangular stone with magical runes on it. He had seen these types of stone before, so he knew that they were used by the Pedrick witches. He also knew that Shamonah had been in the area only a few weeks earlier and that she had possibly gone south to the city of Krerry; which was where Croesus had come from. Bolandurus walked slowly as he made his way back to the Inn. Thinking about what he had discovered and trying to decide whether or not Croesus was an enemy or a friend.



                                      (The Colowe Forest)

King Raylanty had graciously granted Kallander his request for leave and Shamonah was now showing him the fastest way back to the Colowe Forest. They arrived at Feg in the late evening of the second day.

“Kallander I will be at my home if you need me; I need to spend some time with my father,” Sep said as he looked at Kallander and Shamonah.

“Tell your father that I wish him well and that I will be down to see him in the next day or so,” Kallander said as he turned and road off towards his parents’ house. Moments later they arrived at the house and tied up their horses to a small stable barn. As they were walking back to the house Maurice emerged from the door.

“Who is out here,” Maurice asked before he could see who it was.

“It is I father, Kallander and I have brought someone with me,” he said as they walked up to the door.

“Kallander it is you! With the reports we've been hearing of the battle at Valley point; we had not dared to hope,” Maurice said with a look of relief on his face at seeing his son.

“I dared to hope. I pray to Agarith every day that she would protect you and bring you home. Just like I did with your father when he was at Bendel Pass, and I see she has answered my prayers once again,” Grace’s voice rang out from inside the house.

“It was bad but I made it through,” Kallander said as he went inside.

“Mother, father, I would like to you meet Shamonah Siyling one of my commanders and one of the main reasons that our missions have been successful,” Kallander explained as he went on to tell them about all the things that happened since the last time they'd seen each other. They talked till late in the night until finally they all went to bed. Shamonah was given a small spare bedroom that the blood ravens had for guest.

Kallander spent the next day visiting the families of the men that he had known from the forest that had fallen in battle. On the morning of the fourth day he was sitting on the side of the small hill above his parents’ house that overlooked the village of Feg. He had spent countless hours up here in the past; but somehow this time was different. There was a chill in the air, and it wasn't the kind that came with the winter snows. This kind of chill cut through to the bone and it had a foul smell to; but not an unfamiliar one. Kallander recognize the foulness as he looked out over the small village and the vast forest that he had called home all his life. Yet somehow he knew that this would be the last winter that would pass over it. Kallander sat there by the small fire and stared out at the snow-covered treetops in morning as a tear ran down his face.

“Kallander, Kallander is everything all right?” A soft voice asked from him. There was no need to look; he knew the voice all too well. Shamonah walked slowly over to the small fire and started to warm herself.

“Look at it,” Kallander said as he waved his hand in a wide motion towards the village in the forest. Shamonah looked around at the snow-covered treetops and fields and then back over at Kallander.

“It's all going to be gone Shamonah, by mid-summer or late fall it will just be a memory. The arch mages armies are coming and when they get here they’ll level it all,” Kallander said in a low somber voice as he stared into the disappearing fire. Shamonah looked over at him, and gently stroked the back of his head with her hand.

“It's going to be all right Kallander; the people of the Colowe Forest will be saved and that is what matters,” Shamonah said as he glanced over at her hand that was now resting on his shoulder; it somehow seemed to make them feel at ease.

“I certainly hope you're right Shamonah. So what brings you out on this frosty morning? The supply way heading for the fortress won’t be ready for another week,” Kallander said as he glanced over at Shamonah.

“A rider came in about an hour ago from the river camp. Apparently it is time for the Rover test and your father has requested that you be there,” Shamonah told him as she brushed the snow off a stump and sat down. Kallander just closed his eyes and took in a deep breath as he tilted his head back with an agonizing look on his face.

“Can you smell it Shamonah,” he ask as he pulled out a kerchief and wiped it crossed his nose; as if to brush away the smell, but knowing it would do no good.

“There is a foul smell coming in breeze; but there's something different about this time. I don't know why but I think this fight is going to be harder than the others,” he said as he stood up and put his hand out to help Shamonah. The two of them set out a short time later and arrived at the training camp that evening. As they road into the camp Kallander could see the master trainer walking towards them.

“Kallander right young friend, it is good to see you. It has been far too long; yes it is been far too long indeed,” Master trainer said as he grasps Kallander's hand with a smile. As he looked into Kallander's eyes he could tell there was something wrong.

“It is good to see you as well Master Trainer,” Kallander replied as he looked around the camp thinking that something didn't seem quite right.

“Enough of this Master Trainer, Kallander; you’re a Knight of Agarith now. You are my master now Kallander, so just call me Quill,” he said with pride as he stood there looking at Kallander in his armor of Agarith.

“As you wish Quill, but you'll always be the master trainer to me,” Kallander said as he walked beside his old teacher.

“I am honored Kallander and I think you. I have news; Dimez arrived in camp this morning bringing word the King Raylanty will be arriving in the morning,” Kallander's eyes lit up as he listened to what Quill had to say.

“Why would King Raylanty be coming here?” Kallander asked with a concerned look.

“Kallander there are many things that I need to tell you, but now is not the time. You and Lady Shamonah should come to my tent tonight, I will talk to you there,” Quill said as he gave them an uneasy glance.

“We will be there. Could you tell me where Dimez is?” Kallander asked as he glanced around the area. Quill just smiled and pointed over at a small group of men; where Kallander could see an all too familiar figure standing among the man talking. Kallander Shamonah walked over by where Dimez was at.

“Say Dimez whenever you have a minute…,” Kallander said, smiling as he watched Dimez stop and slowly turn looking over his shoulder. His face lit up like the morning sun as he ran over grabbing Kallander swinging him off the ground, almost falling in the process and then doing the same to Shamonah as the joy of seeing them came flooding out. The three spent the rest of the day catching up on lost time.

Later that evening they arrived at Quill’s tent. As they entered was back to the door and step back with a start.

“Oh you're here, good. I have Elven sky Mead, if you would like some,” Quill said as he held a mug out offering it to them. Taking one they seated themselves on some stools that Quill has set up for the meeting.

“So master trainer why have you brought us here?” Kallander asked and then taking a drink of his hot mead; giving the mug a shocked look and sitting in the side.

“Some things never change Kallander; you're always straight to the point. In case you didn't know it the arch mages armies are on the move in the North. King Raylanty has sent orders that the Colowe Forest this to be evacuated. We pulled all the troops in from our border camps and positioned them near Karran. We’re expecting the arch mages to come through Kiber Pass the suite down into the Colowe Forest wiping out Karran and Feg as a go. We think they'll head to the backside of Bendel pass which would cut off supplies and reinforcements to pass; which is also something we cannot allow because if that happens the past fall.” Quill explained as he drank his wine.

“So there's an impending attack at Kiber Pass and you figured pass is going to fall. Please gather the secondary force Karran to cover the civilians as a retreat from the Colowe,” Shamonah said as she leaned forward resting her elbows on her knees and thought about what Quill said.

“Yes my lady those are my orders.” Quill said as he stood up and walked over to the tent door and stared out the forest for a moment.

A short time one later Shamonah got up to leave; saying her good night's to everyone she told Kallander where he could find her if she needed her for some reason. About halfway through the night the three men finely decided to say their own good night's, and Kallander went to check on Shamonah before going to bed for the evening. He found her right where she said she would be, down by the river. She had built a large bond fire and it appeared that she was doing some sort of beautiful dance around it. As Kallander moved closer he could tell that there was something different about Shamonah. But it was too dark and she was too far away to be able to tell just what it was. As he took a few steps closer it suddenly occurred to him, she was doing this beautiful fire side dance in the nude. Kallander moved forward some more and then just stopped as he was suddenly lost in the beauty of what he was watching. With the Moon beams shimmering down upon her and the glint of the firelight reflecting off of her; the sparks the fire spiraling upward as the midnight snow swirled downward. Kallander honestly could not remember when he had ever seen anything as beautiful as what he was looking at right this very moment as he watched Shamonah dance in a circle around the fire. Then suddenly she stopped and then the light of the fire she slowly turned towards him. The fire danced behind her reflecting off the snow as the moonlight shining down brightly causing the snow to flicker and sparkle with the crystal like luster, giving her an almost aura affect that highlighted the beautiful curves of her body. Then a light blue shimmering light appeared around her that glowed like a flaming torch and then it was gone. Shamonah stood there for a moment and then suddenly collapsed into the snow. Shamonah sat there for a moment and then force yourself to get up off the freezing ground, she looked around and saw Kallander as he was moving towards her through the trees.

“Do you like what you've seen, Kallander? Come join me,” Shamonah whispered as she watched Kallander coming through the trees.

“I thought you might,” she added as Kallander felt himself start turning red as he smiled she smiled as well as she turned and slowly walked over to where her clothing was and started getting dressed.


“I didn't think you could see me,” Kallander commented as he stepped into the light walked over to her.

“See you know, I couldn't see you; but I could feel you. I could feel your eyes as they flowed over every inch of my body. Oh yes I knew you were there,” she responded as she smiled at him.

“Ahh I'm sorry I didn't mean….,” It was answering back when Shamonah gently put her hand over his mouth.

Shh Kallander it's all right. After all, I invited you hear and besides it felt good. It always feels good when you look at me the way you do. Most men only look at me with fear and disgust in their eyes. You don't look at me that way. You seem to always look at me with wonder in yours, and you just stand there and marvel at what you see. Other men only see me for what they fear; but somehow you're able to look past that as if it's not there and you only see me. That in itself makes me look at you in awe. So Kallander you can watch me any time you choose I welcome it,” Shamonah said as she leaned over and kissed him softly on the mouth. Then she started getting dressed and Kallander stepped up behind her and tied her top as he looked at the gentle curves of her back and the smoothness of her skin.

Shamonah if you don't mind my asking; what were you doing when I walked up?” Him Kallander ask as he stood there watching her put on her skirt and then help straighten it.

“I was performing a power ceremony. The dance is part of the ceremony and this is how I gather my power, so that I can cast my spells,” Shamonah explained as she finished getting dressed.

“I thought that wizards just had to study there spells and then they could cast them,” Kallander said with a questioning look on his face.

“Well that's not quite all there is to it but in a Wizard's case that's close to the basic idea anyway. But keep in mind, I'm a Pedrick witch not a Wizard and that there's a big difference between the two of us. For instance a Wizard can cast many more spells then what the witches can. Also keep in mind that because of the way witches cast there spells and the fact that witch spells are a rawer force of arcane magic then what a Wizard spell is; they tend to be more powerful against their targets, but they can possibly do harm to the caster when being cast. The ceremony dance that I was doing is what heals me and fills me with the spell energy that I need to cast my spells,” Shamonah explained as she finished getting ready.

“I think I understand,” Kallander said with a confused look on his face as he waited for her.

“Well I think we should be getting back now. We always have tomorrow look forward to, so we should go get some rest,” Shamonah commented with a smile and Kallander walked her back to her tent.

Later that night when one of the camp guards was walking by Shamonah,s tent, he could hear her moaning. She tossed and turned as she started to sweat and in doing so, she threw her blankets off onto the ground. Her mined started fading in and out as raced across the landscape. Tossing and turning she thrashed back and forth on the caught as her mined raced from placed to place in the Colowe Forest and then suddenly the vision of a Cole black Wolf jumped into her mind, it seemed to be chasing her. Then suddenly there was a vision she knew all too well, it was the Pedrick mountains just North of Kiber Pass. Then the dream faded away she woke up for a moment, gathering up her blankets she looked around the empty tent and went back to sleep. Shamonah woke before the Sun did the next morning and was up walking through the camp well before most of the rest of the camp had started to stir. She wondered what her vision had meant; if it had been anything at all.

The Sun seemed to rise in the direction of the sky far too quickly for Kallander taste and the morning birds beckoned him to get up with her unwelcome songs; so he rolled off his caught with a groan as he stumbled around his tent in an attempt to wake himself up. Then place stepped out into the light and the light and the sound of the camp hit him; he abruptly step back into the tent out of fear they might either faint or vomit, one of the two because his head hurt so badly. Just then he felt someone grab his arm and then he saw Shamonah as she helped to sturdy him.

   “I think I drank too much last night,” Kallander moaned as he rubbed his head.

   “I don’t know what would ever give you that idea,” Shamonah responded as she placed a glowing hand on Kallander’s forehead and a few seconds later he took a deep breath, as if he had just come up from a deep pool of water. For his headache was suddenly gone.


   “Thank you,” Kallander said she just smiled as they started walking to the testing grounds. They were soon joined by Quill and Dimez who looked just as bad as what Kallander had, so all was quiet till they reached the testing grounds. Then with all the hustling around and shouting that was going on, Dimez and Quill looked like they were going to faint at any moment. Kallander pointed at them to Shamonah and she nodded and walked over to Dimez, placing a hand on his forehead and two fingers to his lips.

   “Shh,” Shamonah said and then she uttered a strange musical word and her hand glowed and the pain was gone, then she smiled and walked away. When she finely found Quill and she started to do the same thing, but he pulled away with a look of fear.

   “Trust me,” She commented and then she cast the spell and the pain was gone and a look of relief came over him, then she turned and went back to stand by Kallander. A short time later the testing began and the three of them all sat down to watch. The younglings ran through the course hitting and missing there targets as they went all that day. They sat there and watched the younglings till late afternoon. Then Kallander’s mined started to wonder to the past as he sat there watching and wondered how many of these youngling's were going to get their orders and how many of them would he have to watch diet as well.


© 2013 Bruce Grimes

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YOU POSTED!!!!!!!!! This is as usual, quite yummy.....I LOVE your description!!! :DDD THANK YOU! *tackle hugs*

Posted 10 Years Ago

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