The Legends of Kayshall Chapter-12  (Two Sides of the Same Coin)

The Legends of Kayshall Chapter-12 (Two Sides of the Same Coin)

A Chapter by Bruce Grimes


                          Two Sides of the Same Coin

                                 The City of Rettes

  “Cedric pore me whiskey,” Bolandurus said as he walked back into the Inn. Glancing over at the table by the fireplace, he could see Croesus sitting there eating some food.

  “Has he been there the whole time?”

  “Yes, he has not moved an inch. Why do you ask; is something wrong?” Cedric asked as he started to reach under the bar for something.

  “No, it will be all right,” Bolandurus said as he waved his hand indicating for Cedric to leave whatever it was he was reaching for under the bar. Sir Bolandurus drank his glass of whiskey and turned and walked over and sat down at the table with Croesus.

  “I believe you've lost something,” Bolandurus said as he tossed Croesus’s purse onto the table.

  “Where did you get that,” Croesus asked as his eyes got wide.

  “That drunk that bumped into you was a cut purse. I just happen to spot it and I turned him over to the town guard,” Bolandurus said with a smile.

  “Thank you that's all the money I have for right now,” Croesus said as he started to open the small bag.

  “There's one thing missing out of it that I would like for you to explain. Why do you have a Pedrick Witches teleportation stone,” Sir Bolandurus ask as you lay the small rectangular stone down on the table. Croesus eyes suddenly got wide with fear as he looked at the stone, and then at Sir Bolandurus.

  “What is your mission Croesus? Who are you supposed to assassinate?” Sir Bolandurus ask in a flat tone as he stared Croesus.

  “No, it's not like that. I was not hired to assassinate anyone,” Croesus said as sweat started to run down his face.

  “Then what was your mission? What were you hired to do? I know you were hired by a Pedrick Witch and the only one that's been in the area was Shamonah the Demon Witch. Did she hire you to assassinate me?” Sir Bolandurus asked as he sat there studying Croesus.

  “No she didn't hire me to assassinate anyone,” Croesus said as he wiped sweat from his brow.

  “So it was Shamonah that hired you. You say she didn't hire you as an assassin; then what did she hire you for?” Sir Bolandurus ask in that still flat tone as he watched Croesus; trying to judge whether or not he was telling the truth.

  “She came to me down in Krerry. She wanted me to track down to people; you were one of them. The other was someone named Eldrick. He was the one she was truly interested in; she wanted to know where he was staying. She told me when I found this out that I was to use that stone, and it would take me to wherever she was at; and then I would be paid the rest of my money. I was not sent as an assassin; I was only sent to locate this Eldrick person, and then report back to her,” Croesus said as he sat there nervously waiting for what he was sure to be his death.

  “So the little protégé sent you to find her mentor,” Sir Bolandurus said with a slight grin.

  “Relax Croesus you're in no danger from me. I did not truly think you were an assassin; after all you could've killed me a 100 times over the last few weeks. You help me get that young knight back across the Pedrick's and I'll show you were Eldrick is at,” Bolandurus said as he started to drink some of his ale.

  “You mean you're going to help me,” Croesus said as he picked up his mug of ale.

  “I think we’re in a position to help each other. You see that little stone you have their makes it to where you can travel great distances in the blink of an eye. I have something similar that I used with my squire that does the same thing,” Sir Bolandurus was saying as a bartender brought him a plate of food.

  “I'm just surprised you still trust me,” Croesus said in a low tone.

  “Croesus tell me something, if we were in a fight would you still trust me to guard your back. As you have many times on the road over the last few weeks. I would still trust you; just like I did yesterday and the day before. That little stone does not change that trust. Having someone that you trust, to guard you’re back out there is more valuable than any amount of gold; wouldn’t you say,” Sir Bolandurus said as he ate his food.

  After having spent so many nights sleeping on the ground Croesus thought that sleeping in a bed would be a pleasant change; but after the events of the evening sleep did not come easy for him and he found it restless. The next morning he went over to the Constable's office and collected his rewards on the various wanted posters. The Constable thought it odd that the posters had been signed off on by Sir Bolandurus; but he honored the posters and paid off the rewards, if somewhat reluctantly. Later that day Sir Bolandurus returned from the stables.

  “The horses should be ready by tomorrow,” Sir Bolandurus said as he sat a leather tote bag down on the table.

  “I'm going to be gone for a few hours. I have to go make some excuses as to why I will be out of sight for so long. You just wait here, I should be back by nightfall,” Sir Bolandurus said as he gathered his stuff and went back up to his room.

A short time later he came back down and walked over to the Constable's office. As he entered the office the Constable face grew grim.

   “Bolandurus, I was wondering when you were going to be coming around,” the Constable said in a gruff and almost angry tone.

   “It's always nice to see you to Bryce,” Bolandurus said with a hint of aggravation in his voice.

   “So what you want, the sooner I get you out of my office the better the air smell,” Bryce said to him in a nasty tone.

   “I need to use the door. I'm going to Rican,” Bolandurus said doing his best to ignore Bryce.

   “Well you know where it is. Hurry up about it, you're smelling up my office,” Bryce said his tone even more belligerent.

Bolandurus walked over to a plain wooden door on the wall and opened it up to reveal a glowing yellow wall behind.

   “You know one of these days Bryce; you're going to talk to me that way and I am going to feed you your teeth. Luckily for you I don't have time to mess with it today,” Sir Bolandurus said as he turned and walked into the yellow wall and vanished.

 A few moments later Bolandurus reappeared in the Constable's office in the port city of Rican. The Constable there suddenly jumped to his feet with a look of shock on his face.

“Oh Bolandurus it's you; I hate those dang doors,” the old man said as he held his hand over his chest and was breathing hard.

   “Easy there Jaythanielle; that old heart of yours might quit beating,” Sir Bolandurus said as he patted the old man on the shoulder.

   “Are you going to be here long?” Jaythanielle asked if he went and sat back down in his chair.

   “No, I have a few things I need to do here in town; and then I'll be going back,” Sir Bolandurus said as he turned and left the Constable's office.

He made his way to the blacksmith shop; by way of back alleys and side streets. Entering through a side door he walked over and started talking to the blacksmith.

   “Why did you come here during the day, what if someone saw you?” The blacksmith ask in a nervous tone.

   “I used to side streets; so that no one of consequence would see me. Now do you have the maps ready?” Bolandurus said as he watched the door to make sure no one was coming in.

   “Yes I have them; everything is marked. There camps, the places where they keep their supplies, and those places were there making the undead,” the blacksmith said as he handed the maps to Sir Bolandurus.

   “Excellent, this is good work it will help tremendously. Now all I have to do is get it into the hands of King Raylanty,” Sir Bolandurus said as he looked at the maps.

   “Do you have any idea how you're going to accomplish that?” The blacksmith ask as he watched Sir Bolandurus role of the maps and put them away.

   “Yes I have a couple of different possibilities; I just have to figure out which one is the best route to take. These maps are the beginning of the end of the arch mages. Wish me luck my friend if all goes well I should be back in about 6 to 8 weeks,” Sir Bolandurus said as he turned to leave out the side door.

   “May Agarith be with you my old friend and protect you on your travels,” the blacksmith said as Sir Bolandurus left.


                                (The Colowe Forest)

    Early the next morning Kallander found himself standing on top of the wall of the combat circle; staring down at the men as they entered the small arena and faced the trainers, much as he had done only months before. He spent the day watching them being cycled through one after another and wondered how many of these men truly understood what it meant to face the enemy. It was late afternoon when Kallander noticed that Quill had come up on top of the wall.

   “Kallander these next three are the best in the class; they remind me a lot of you and your friends when you were here. This one coming up you should take a hard look at; he is just as good as what you were, maybe even better,” Quill said as he pointed to the youngling that was entering the combat circle. Kallander watched him with renewed interest as the youngling fought with the three trainers and beat each of them, the last one barely but he won nonetheless.

   “No, there something wrong here; Quill blunt my blade,” Kallander said as he drew his sword and held it up to Quill. Quill ran his fingers along the blade speaking the magical words and the blade began to glow a pail blue. Kallander turned and looked down into the circle.

   “You wait there, you're not done yet,” Kallander said as he turned and started walking down the ramp into the circle. The youngling looked at him for a moment, with a look of shock of wonder and then he readied his sword.

   “So what is this, I get an extra tester today?” The youngling asks as he started to circle around Kallander.

   “You get the privilege of being treated like you’re on the battlefield instead of in a playpen. You get the privilege of being treated like your opponent is trying to kill you, because he is. So if you're smart you will try to kill your opponent; because that's how you survived on the battlefield. Playtime is over boy stay alive or die,” Kallander said as he readied his blade taking a high guard position.

Then he swung and sparks flew as the youngling blocked, again and again their blade met as they worked their way back and forth across the circle. Kallander caught the younglings’ blade with the hilt of his sword and then kicked his feet out from under; he hit the ground with a thud. Kallander swung high into the air and brought his sword down with a blinding flash, just as the last moment the youngling rolled to one side and was able to block Kallander's blade; causing a shower of sparks to spray everywhere. Kallander quickly swung a sweeping blow sending the youngling sword flying across the training circle, then they brought the tip of the blade down to the youngling's throat in one sweeping motion and stopped just short; as you lay there wide eyed and full of fear.

   “You're dead my young friend and the Reken that killed you has already moved on to his next target. You cannot give ground to your enemy like you did to me, even if you're on your back you keep fighting because if you give up you die. There is no forgiveness on the battlefield. There are only those that live and those that die and at the end of the day you want to be among the ones that live, so you never quit got that youngling?” Kallander said as he turned and walked back over to where Quill and Dimez were waiting. They just looked at him and smiled. 

   “Yes Sir,” the youngling said as he stood up. “I remember it well,”

   “You're supposed to train him not kill him Kallander,” Dimez said as he tried not to laugh.

   “This will sometimes the best way to learn is to die or at least think you're going to for a minute,” Kallander said as he handed his sword to Quill and he removed the blunt spell from the blade.

   “Yes well that definitely showed him how fast you can go from being top of the class to dead on the battlefield; I'll say that for it,” Quill said with a slight bit of concern in his voice.

   “I just hope it sinks in. I would hate to see him on a list of the dead any time soon,” Kallander said, taking the sword back from Quill. Quill just nodded as Kallander and Dimez walked off towards their tent.

   “He's good Kallander, he's really good,” Dimez said as he stood next to the fire and circle of tents, worming his hands.

   “Remind you of anyone you know?” An all too familiar voice commented from behind them.

   “Yes sire it does,” Kallander said as he and Dimez turned and bowed to King Raylanty.

   “It reminds me of a youngling that was far too cocky for his own good. Because of that it cost the lives of his comrades,” Kallander said as King Raylanty stood there and frowned and shook his head and took an arrow from Kallander’s quiver.

   “Kallander you need to get over the self-pity crap; you're commander of men and you need to start acting like one. Yes you've lost a few men what commander hasn't its war. But because of your actions of Valley point thousands of men were saved from a sure death on more than one occasion. So knock this crap off and start acting like a Knight of Agarith, like what you're men expect you to. Now come with me I have someone I want you to meet,” King Raylanty commented as he looked at the arrow for a long moment and dropped it to the ground and pulled two arrows from his own quiver and placed them in Kallander's. Kallander looked at the arrow on the ground for a moment and then he followed the King. They walked over to where the youngling had just finished their testing and were standing by the old Oak tree. Kallander thought about when he had taken his test and first met King Raylanty, it all seemed so long ago; but really it wasn't that long at all. The youngling all suddenly dropped to one knee as he saw the King approaching.

“Rise, my son this is a testing ground not a throne room,” King Raylanty commented as he put his hands out for the youngling to rise up.

"Knight Captain BloodRaven I would like for you to meet Dover Cearrant; he's a new member of your squad. I think he will work out well for you,” King Raylanty commented as he waved his hand from Kallander to Dover.

   “Ahh.. Pleased to meet you Knight Captain, I've heard a great deal about you,” Dover said with a slight smile as Kallander just nodded and turned to King Raylanty.

   “So what do you think of him Kallander? I heard the two of you met earlier in the combat circle. Did you do well?” King Raylanty asked with a broad smile. Kallander stood there and thought about it for a moment as he stood there looking at the youngling that he had fought with earlier in the combat circle.

“He did better than most would have that have never faced true combat before; but he still died.” Kallander said in a low and even tone.

   “Excellent then he did well, that is good to hear,” King Raylanty said with a broad smile.

“Sir I need to find Quill so I can get a count of the new recruits,” Kallander commented to King Raylanty.

“Yes of course, I will see you later,” King Raylanty said as Kallander turned and left. Later that evening it started snowing, the light from the camp fire was bouncing off of Kallander's face as he sat there talking to Shamonah.

   “Kallander you don't have any idea who that youngling was that you met today, do you?” Shamonah ask as she poked at the fire and watched the Sparks floating up towards the night sky. Kallander cocked his head for a moment as he thought about the question.

   “No; why should I?” Kallander responded with a confused look.

   “Think really hard for a moment, who do you know that has the same last name as that youngling.” Shamonah commented as she smiled and stirred the fire. Kallander sat there for a long moment and then suddenly blurted out.

   “Lord Colantray, are you telling me,” Kallander said as he almost fell off the log he was sitting on with a look of shock and fear on his face.

   “Well it took you long enough. Yes Dover is Lord Colantray's son and King Raylanty's nephew,” Shamonah replied as she tried to keep from laughing. After a moment or two of feeling frustrated he pulled himself together.

   “Why did King Raylanty just put Dover and Lord Colantray's outfit, instead of mine?” Kallander asked with a bewildered look on his face as he poured a mug of mead and wormed it over the fire.

   “The King doesn't like it when family works too closely on the battlefield. I believe it has something to do with your family, the BloodRaven's and what happen at Bendel Pass. As far as why it was your outfit that was Lord Colantray doing. I think he said it had something to do with you being the best he has,” Shamonah said as she continued poked at the fire and watched sparks fly up towards the night sky.


   Early the next morning a Kings guard arrived at Kallander's tent, bearing a message to King Raylanty wants to see him as soon as possible down by the target range at the River and he was to come alone. Which Kallander thought was odd. About an hour later Kallander walked down the trail to the River range and found King Raylanty waiting for him.

   “Good morning Kallander, have you eaten yet?” King Raylanty asked as he offered him some jerked venison and dried fruit.

“I'm glad you came along I needed to talk to you in private about something. But first tell me what you think of Dover?” The King asked as he walked on towards the target range.

   “Only seems to be capable enough when he's running the Testing course. But then there was never any real danger there and he knows it and that could make a big difference when it comes to real combat. So remains to be seen, as to how well he'll do in combat,” Kallander said as he followed the King off the path and they sat down on a log.

“Well I'm sure you'll get him trained right and have him ready when the time comes. Now on to more important matters, I'm sending you and a small group north to try and enlist a mage called Corrox. Make no mistake about this; this mission won't be easy. He is never shown allegiances to any one and I need you to somehow convince him to show loyalty to us. If for some reason you can't gain his allegiance; then I need you to make sure he didn't become allied with the Arch-Mages either. I will leave it up to you as to what you do in this case. But you must prevent that from happening. I will be sending Martex and a Pedrick Witch named Shantara along with you, so use there Council well. Watch for the arch mages troops along the way in case they have the same idea. When you're done Corrox’s tower come south and meet me at Worrg Gate. I think you should hand pick the men that will go with you. Choose him well because it is always your life will depend on them. So my young friend how about one of those old-fashioned shooting contest like we used to have,” King Raylanty said with a smile as he stood up and walked down to the target range.

   “Yes my least that sounds like an excellent idea. Say what do these arrows do that you gave me the other day?” Kallander ask as he walked up brewing fired an arrow into the target at the far end of the range.

   “Those are good for a one shot kill most of the time. They can only be used once though, so pick your target well,” King Raylanty said as he aimed and fired.

Over the next few days Kallander thought about who you would be choosing to go on this mission and finally made his choices. He gathered Dimez, Sep, Shamonah, Martex and Shantara all together one night. They listened as Shantara explained the King's mission concerning Corrox. The night before they were to leave they were sitting around the fire discussing the mission when a youngling approached the group.

   “Knight Captain BloodRaven I would like to volunteer for the mission that you're going on tomorrow,” the youngling said as he stood there at attention.

    “Do I know you?” asked Kallander with as he looked at the youngling, knowing he had seen him somewhere before.

   “My name is Dover Cerrant. We met a few days ago at the testing grounds,” the youngling replied and a sudden look of realization came over Kallander face, at the same time Shamonah started to laugh. Kallander flashed a Stern look at her and turned back to the youngling, Shamonah struggled to control her laughter.

   “Well Dover I appreciate your offer, but I believe we have enough men for this mission,” Kallander said as he watched Dover bow his head in disappointment and turn and start walking away. Kallander started to sit back down when Martex tapped him on the shoulder and motioned for them to follow. Stepping to the far side of the group they stopped.

   “Kallander you should reconsider taking that youngling, is very good at what he does and we could use another sword,” Lord Martex said in a Stern voice.

   “What am I supposed to tell his father for the King for that matter, if he gets killed out there?” He replied in a worried tone.

   “You tell them the truth that he died a warrior's death. King Raylanty and Lord Colantray will understand. Do you think he would've been the first to die in battle? That youngling comes from a Royal family and it's a family of warriors at that. These men are very capable and you have to let them be what they are meant to be. It's your choice Kallander, but I think you should bring him along; I don't think you'll regret it,” Kallander just stood there for a moment and then he turned and walked off after Dover. He found him a short time later back at his tent.

   “Say Dover can I speak with you for a moment,” Kallander said as he looked to the flap of the tent. Dover smiled and stepped back outside.

I know your good so if I let you come with us. Just do me one favor and not make me half to explain to your uncle why you didn't come back,” Kallander said in a flat tone of voice.

   “Yes Sir Knight Captain, you have my word on that, I'll do my best,” Dover said with a shocked look on his face.

   “Okay meet up with the rest of us that Don where we camped, be prepared for a long hard ride,” Kallander commented as he turned and started to leave.

   “Knight Captain BloodRaven thank you; thank you for giving me the chance,” Dover commented with a smile.


        (The Journey North along the Pedrick Mountains)


Early the next morning Kallander stepped out of his tent, only to see Dover sitting there next to the fire. Dover looked up at him from the food he was cooking and nodded his head; Kallander had a slightly surprised look on his face but only slightly. A short time later the rest of the group were awake and eating, and they were on the road shortly after sunrise. It started snowing on the first night and continued doing so for the next three days. The trek through the Colowe Forest was slow because the snow was over Shin deep on the horses; and it took them almost 7 days to make it to the forest edge. During this time Shamonah worked on teaching Martex how to control the amount of energy he put into his spells that he casts like a witch. At the edge of the forest Dover road up beside Kallander as he glanced off behind him.

   “Kallander I didn't want to say anything before; because I wasn't sure but were being followed. I spotted 4 to 5 wolves on our trail; they've been there for about two days. There's something ells too, over to the East along the tree line,” Dover commented as he turned in his saddle and looked at the tree line at that Kallander's head snapped back as he spun around in his saddle and watch the trees. Then he saw some deer running out of the forest.

“So we have company, it would appear as if the arch mages are expecting us,” Kallander commented as he watched the deer running from the tree line.

   “Did you get a good look at these wolves, what did they look like?” Kallander ask as he looked over at Dover.

   “From what I could tell they were huge black things, as big as small ponies,” Dover said with a concerned look on his face.

   “Wolves you say, grate we've got Cragg's on our trail. If these things attack it will be Swift and deadly. They have a deadly bite and are very smart; there bite is venomous and will kill very quickly,” Shamonah said as she scanned the tree line to see if she could see any of them. Kallander new know for sure; why Teano died from such a minor wound. A short time later the group spotted a group of Cragg keeping pace with them; they did so all that day. When the group stopped to make camp that afternoon Kallander put Dover on first watch and went to fined Shamonah.

   “Shamonah tell me what you know about these Cragg's,” Kallander ask as he sat down next to her.

   “Well the Cragg's are very intelligent creatures and they are often used by the arch mages as scouts and sometimes even as assassins. If there following us than their mission is probably to stop us from reaching Corrox,” Shamonah said as she stacked some wood to build a campfire.

   “You mean to say these things are intelligent enough to take and follow orders to that extent?” Kallander asked in disbelief.

   “Yes,” Shamonah said as a small jet of flame shot out from her hand and set wood on fire.

   “So were going to have to be on our guard from here on out,” she said as she pulled out a piece of venison from her pack and set it up to roast over the fire. After the Sun went down Kallander went out and walked around the edge of the camp and watched the red glowing eyes as they moved back and forth in the distance.

   “They've been moving in a little closer each time they pass, but there still too far out of arrow range to worry about for now,” Kallander heard someone say in a low voice, he turned to see you Dover standing there watching the eyes moving back and forth.

These Cragg's, you've seen them before haven't you Knight Captain?” Dover asked as he walked up and stood next to Kallander as he watched them.

   “Yes I've seen them before; they killed a friend of mine last fall,” Kallander answered as he glanced back out of the glowing eyes. The group was up and on the move before sunrise the next morning the brilliant orange Sun was blinding as it came up over the Pedrick Mountains. They traveled all that day and on into the evening making camp just before dark. By the time they had made camp they could see the head of a large Valley that was cut deep into the Pedrick Mountains, Corrox’s tower was set deep within it. Kallander stood there looking at it as the evening Sun was starting to set behind a ColdSper Mountains; just then Martex walked up to him.

   “It looks closer than it is. They're still two more days of hard travel before we come to the approach to the tower,” Martex said in a flat tone as he looked off towards the Valley.

   “The approach to Corrox is tower should be interesting in itself; at the very least it will be guarded. By what, well that could reach even beyond the scope of my imagination,” Martex commented as he stood there looking at the mountain valley. Kallander just shook his head, turned and walked out to check the edge of the camp and put Dover on guard along with Sep. When he reached the edge of camp he found that Dover and Sep both had already taken up watch positions.

   “Are they still out there?” Kallander ask as he walked up and stood next to Dover.

   “Yes there still out there and they've been getting closer. My bow has a longer range then most and I might be able to catch an arrow off the wind and hit one; but if I miss they will know our range, but if I hit we will have one less Cragg to worry about,” Dover commented as he watched the Cragg's red eyes moving back and forth at the snow-covered hills.

   “Well Dover I believe it's time to find out just how good you really are,” Kallander said as he stepped back to give him room to shoot. Dover smiled as he unstrapped his quiver and set it down next to him, and chose an arrow from it. Then he notched it and picked his target and slowly drew the string back taking aim, waiting for just the right moment and then he let the arrow fly. The arrow fired high up into the air and slightly into the wind as it shot out over the hills towards its target in the darkness. The two elves stood there and listened and waited, and then suddenly there was a (yelp) and then silence. Dover and Kallander just looked at each other and then Kallander smiled and walked off shaking his head. The men stood there watches that night, the Cragg did not leave but they came no closer to the camp. After two more days of travel the group finely made it to the base of the mountain. They set up camp next to the cliff face that night to help block the wind and make it easier to guard the camp.

Later that evening Shamonah came to Kallander.

   “Kallander I need your help,” Shamonah said as she looked down at them sitting next to the fire.

   “Sure what is it,” Kallander ask.

   “No questions, just come with me and bring some firewood,” Shamonah said as she turned and started walked away. Kallander got up, grabbed a bundle of firewood and followed her. Shamonah started walking up the side of the mountain until they found a flat place on the mountain side.

   “Kallander I need to perform a ceremony in order to replenish the magical energies. I need you to build a fire and stand guard while I'm performing the ceremony,” Shamonah said as she pointed to the spot where she wanted the wood to be put. Kallander place the wood in a small pile. Shamonah poured a strange liquid over the top of it. After a couple of strikes with his flint and steel the wood burst into flames but only just. Shamonah cast a spell on it and huge blue flames erupted from the wood jetting up into the sky. At first Kallander thought it was his imagination and then he realized that there was some sort of music playing on the wind, he turned to Shamonah and asked her what was going on only to see that she was starting to undress. When she finished taking off all of her close she started to sway back and forth performing a very light dance as she circled around and around the fire, waving her arms around over her head as she spun around. As Kallander watched her dance a blue vaporous cloud came up around her with white sparks streaking through the air with long white tails it was shoot through her body as they flew through the air. Kallander wondered if he had ever seen anything so beautiful as he stood there and watched, Shamonah. This went on for several hours, until finely Shamonah gave way and fell in a heap to the ground. Kallander grabbed a blanket from its back and quickly ran over and covered Shamonah up. The blue flames quickly died away and the white sparks were gone as well. Kallander wondered how she could stand to dance in this kind of frigid cold without any clothes. He helped her to her feet and to get dressed and then they started walking back down the mountain to the camp. Kallander put her to bed and checked on the camp one last time before going to bed himself.


© 2013 Bruce Grimes

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As good as usual! I love how the dialogue builds up the tension and how you don't really refer to something at times but we still know it's there (example: Cedric and his 'something' under the bar). ;D A lovely chapter, and yet another cliffhanger!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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