The Legends of Kayshall  Chapter-2 (The Smell is in The Air)

The Legends of Kayshall Chapter-2 (The Smell is in The Air)

A Chapter by Bruce Grimes

I am not a violent man, but when pushed into a corner it releases the beast from within and hence I become truly dangerous. Quote: Sir Kallander BloodRaven



   I am not a violent man, but when pushed into a corner it releases the beast from within and hence I become truly dangerous.
Quote: Sir Kallander BloodRaven

                                        The Smell is in The Air

                              (At the Village of Feg in the Colowe Forest) 
  The five youngling wondered around the small town of Feg which was a milling community that made it income from making furniture and other things from the rare wood of the Zalland trees; it was late evening when the youngling's all headed home. The Sun had already set over the Coldsper Mountains when Kallander finely arrived at home. The marvelous smells of a hot meal that awaited him were enough to overwhelm his senses as he opened the door and he took in a deep breath of pure pleasure. His father looked up from a book he was reading as his mother started to carry dishes and from the kitchen and placed on the table.

  “We wanted you to share the meal with us so we waited for you,” Morrice said with a smile as his mother finished bringing the food in from the kitchen, smiling with a glow of pride as she placed the food around the table.

  “I'm sorry I was late. We started talking and lost track of time. You never know it could be a long time before we see each other again, and we want to spend some time together,” Kallander said as he waited for his mother to sit before taking his seat.

  “It better not be a long time; you're all going to the same place, and at the same time for that matter,” Morrice said as he took a seat at the table, then they all bowed their head and said a prayer to Agarith thanking her for the days blessings.

  Kallander looked up from praying. “All of us to the same place. That will be great. Say father; can you tell me what this patch means? No one else has one like it, and none of us can figure out what it means,” Kallander ask as he held up the patch to his father.

  Morrice sat there and blew on his soup for a moment. “Well son the patch with the lion claw, holding the crown means that your part of the Royal Guard. The patch with just a crown in it means that your part of the Royal Army. It also means that if for some reason they run short on field commanders you could be picked as a new commander and put in charge of hundreds of men. Here is another patch that you will need, put this one on your right arm, it is the patch of house BloodRaven and don't forget that,” Morrice said and then he sipped up some of the soup.

  “Father; don't you think it's strange that the King is going around and handpicking new recruits?” Kallander ask as he soaked up some soup with his bread.


  “I'm not sure about that myself Kallander. I only remember it happening once before. That was when he picked me and my four brothers and we went and fought in the East during the Great War of Fate",” Morrice was saying and then he suddenly stopped and sat down his soup spoon, as his face turned pale and his eyes looked as if they were going to glaze over as a look of fear came over him. Slowly Morrice stood at the table turned and walked towards his bedchamber, pausing beside Kallander he placed his hand on his shoulder with a steel like grip. “Come with me son,” Morrice said in a voice so soft it could barely be called a whisper.

  As they entered his parents bedchamber Kallander looked around; he couldn't remember the last time he had been in this room. His father knelt down beside the bed and pulled out an old dust covered trunk from under the bed; which seemed odd in the otherwise spotless room. As his father opened the trunk Kallander could see a beautiful Tiger stripe Maple Longbow, a rather plain looking long sword with a gold pommel and a brown leather quiver with ten red fletched arrows in it. His father placed these items on the bed one at a time in a nice neat row.


   Morrice stood there and stared at the items for a long moment; then he looked over at Kallander. “I had hoped that I would never have to look on these things again; much less be faced with the prospect of needing to give them to you. Because I knew if I did it would mean you were going to be leaving; and chances are you will never return,” Morrice stood there for a moment with a blank look on his face; as Kallander just stood there silent not sure what or if he should say anything.

  “These things served me well at one of the worst times in Kayshall’s history; and I believe they will do so again by helping you. This bow will allow you to shoot faster and kill almost anything you hit; it enchants the arrow is with a fast acting poison, so don't use it to hunt with. The sword has a small enchantment on it that will help you find the weaknesses in your enemy’s armor. This quiver will hold up to two hundred arrows. That may sound like a lot, but if a war is coming then you'll find it won't be near enough; so keep it full. These red fletched arrows will always return to your quiver after being fired; unless they are broken or disenchanted somehow. The bow won't poison these arrows or any other magical arrow just so you know; but these arrows can make the difference between staying in a fight and being dead on the field,” Morrice said as he ran his hand across the fletching of arrows, as a mournful look came over his face and he seemed to drift off to some faraway place for a moment.

  Morrice reached into the trunk and pulled out a small pouch and opened it up. “This belt pouch will hold up to twenty five pounds of stuff of almost any size. Be careful about putting sharp objects in this; it would be real bad if you punched a hole in the side of the bag,” Morrice reached into the small bag and pulled out a small rectangular stone. “This is an enchanted sharpening stone. It will put a minor magical edge on any blade you use it on; but it only lasts for about twelve hours; so if you're going to use it you should do it right before you go into battle,” Then he pulled out a small leather case that contain various fletching tools. “These fletching tools put a minor enchantment on any arrows that you make with them; it makes it to where you're able to hit some magical creatures. The effect of the enchantment only lasts for about a week; so make sure you replace your arrows ever so often,” Morrice said as he set the fletching tools down on the bed. “Well they're yours now son. May they bring you home safe,” Morrice said and then he turned and walked out of the room.  


  Kallander's mother slipped quietly into the room to stand beside him; and she stood there looking at him as he looked at his father's gifts. Kallander looked over at her as she laid her hand on his arm and looked at the bed. “I thought I was done sending my men off to war after the last one; and now I have to send two more off again,” She said as a tear ran down her cheek.

  “Two, what do you mean you have to send two off to war?” Kallander ask as a look of confusion and fear passed over his face.

  Kallander’s mother just shook her head. “You don't really think the King came all this way just to see the testing today do you? The King came to see your father; who is the head of house BloodRaven. He wanted to know if house BloodRaven was going to stand with him again he wanted to know if your father was going to stand on the battlefield with him again. King Raylanty is calling his Dukes to his side and your father is one of those Dukes. So yes I will be sending two of my men off to war again,” she said as she carefully put the stuff back in the trunk and started to shut it, she stopped when she saw a Golden locket hanging in the lid. Smiling to herself she took the locket and opened it up revealing a vivid image of her when she was much younger. Shutting the lid to the trunk she turned to Kallander. “These are yours now so take them and learn how to use them so that you can come home to us again,” she said as she forced a smile and walked out of the room.

  Walking outside she went around the back of the house and up the side of a small Hill where she knew she would fine Morrice standing looking up at the moon.        

  “Morrice I have something that belongs to you; things being as they are you may want it back,” Grace said handing the small locket to him.

   He opened it up and stared at it for a long moment. “I remember the fighting at Bendel Pass. So many died there, my four brothers, most of my friends and countless other Rovers all died there. The dead frozen faces come to visit me even now, after all this time. My brothers come to visit me, they standard at the foot of our bed. It's like they're waiting for me to join them. At times I can still hear the screams of the dying and smell the decaying flesh of the dead soldiers that littered the ground. I can remember staring at this image and longing to hold you in my arms again. I know this image and the thought of coming home to you was the only thing that kept me sane. I pray to Agarith that if she would help me get home to you; I would never leave again. Now I'm not sure I can keep that promise,” Morrice said as he looked over at Grace as a tear started to well up in her eyes.

  “King Raylanty did come here just to see you Morrice; that alone should tell you how much he needs you by his side. Morrice I know how you feel about swearing a promise. Just like I know your first loyalty beyond family is to King Raylanty. No one is asking you to stay, not even Agarith. Just do your best to be safe; don't worry about me and the children will be fine,” Grace said as they held each other.

  Kallander didn't sleep well that night as he thought about what his mother had said. Over the next few days the boys spent their time with family and friends. Early on the last day Kallander was standing atop of a small hill that over looked the entire valley. There was a fog that was settling on the valley; he watched as it ran down off the hills like a gentle flood, rushing down to meet the millstream like a raging river as it covered the valley floor. It was quite a beautiful site; one that Kallander had seen many times but never paid that much attention to, until now and he wondered if he would ever see it again. Then Kallander suddenly heard a ragged voice made so by age behind him; it was his Grand Pappy. "Can you smell it? Can you smell the foulness that's coming in on the breeze?" Kallander's Grand Pappy asks as he walked up next to him. He turned and looked at him with a confused look on his face.

  "What do you mean Grand Pappy? I don't smell anything," Kallander said as he looked around the area.

  "No I guess you wouldn't, at least not yet. You don't even realize what's about to happen, not really. But you will and a lot sooner than you might think," his grandfather said in a solemn voice.

  "What are you talking about Grand Pappy?" Kallander asks as his grandfather sat down on a nearby tree stump.

  "Well there's King Raylanty coming to see your father and watch the testing. There are also the orders that are calling the Colowe Rovers to service outside the forest. WAAAR, that's what I'm talking about. I can smell it coming in on the morning breeze. It's like the stench of a dead animal that's been sitting in the summer sun far too long and you just can't quite get shed of the smell of it," Kallander's Grand Pappy said as he listened to him go on not quite knowing what to say.

  "Don't mind me youngling. I'm just an old elf that's worried about his younglings. It was just this way when your father and uncle's went off during the last war. That time I went as head of House BloodRaven when your father and four uncles went, but this time it will just be the two of you," Kallander's grandfather said as he started to reach down to pick up a nap sack. Kallander's eye's narrowed with concern after hearing that reference to his father going off to war with him again.

  "Here I have something for you," Kallander's grandfather said as he handed him a Bronze Chain Shirt. "It will help to protect you against things that your sword can't," His grandfather said as he held the armor up to Kallander's shoulders to check the fit. “Always where this under your other armor; it is light and will fit under any type of armor. It was made that way on purpose; keep it close so that way it can keep you alive,” Kallander grandfather said with a Stern look as he tried to make his point clear.

  "Like what Grand Pappy? What kind of things are you talking about?" Kallander asked as he looked down at the armor. The old elf just smiled as he handed the armor to Kallander.

  "You'll find that out when it is time," Kallander's grandfather said as he turned and walked away. Kallander watched him walk down the hill and then went back to looking out over the valley. He looked down at the armor and he noticed that there was a patch on the left sleeve that matched his except that it had three gold dots on it instead of one like his.

  The next morning the five younglings met in the center of town before the sun had come up. They looked around at the place that had been there home all of their lives and wondering if they would ever see it again. Kallander stood next to his horse holding out a hand full of corn as he rubbed its neck. "Well Gossamer, are you ready for this?" The big gray horse stamped one hoof and shook his head causing Kallander to smile.
  "Me either old friend, me either," Kallander said as he moved to the side of his horse. The younglings mounted up and slowly started out of the small hamlet, as they topped a small hill someone yelled from the hamlet. "Buena fortune!” an old Elvish phrase meaning good luck. They stopped and waved their arms high in the air. Turning they started to ride when Kallander suddenly stopped Gossamer and wheeled him around taking another long lonesome look at all he had ever known. He had a dreaded feeling that he would never see it again as he did right now. Taking a deep breath and he turned Gossamer around quietly starting the long ride, lost deep in thought. All of the youngling's fathers had told them that they believed war was coming. 

  There were three days' worth of hard traveling over some very rough ground with no roads to speak of in order to reach the rally point that they had been given. The first day was spent traveling along the road that leads to the Village of Pelden and the old road known as the Chanton Trail. This part of the forest is covered in small hills and large rocks; the thick underbrush often obscuring the trail. After traveling through such conditions by the end of the first day both man and horse were exhausted; stopping at sundown they made camp atop a small hill. Kallander not seeing the need for it posted no guards that night; because they were still deep within the Colowe forest. Being exhausted as they were the group slept soundly until about halfway through the night; when they were suddenly awakened by strange ear shattering howls, that rang out through the night air. The group rolled out of their bedrolls; grabbing their swords and bows and bringing them to the ready.

   Sep moved over to where Kallander was in a crouched position and sat there sitting on his heels for a moment. Then the howls echoed through the night air again; and Sep cocked his head as he listened to them and took a drink out of a small flask that he had. “It sounds like some sort of Wolf; but I've never heard one that sounds like that before. What do you think it could be?” Sep ask as he readied his bow.

  Kallander listened to the howls echoed through the night and shook his head. “I don't know,” he said as he stared into the darkness aimlessly search for whatever made the noise.

  The wailing howls were bone chilling and made their skin crawl; continued throughout the night. As night drug on the group began hearing movement in the thick underbrush around the camp. They scanned the area trying to locate what it was, but were unable to; the rest of the night drug on revealing only shadows and darkness and little or no rest for the weary.  The early morning sun started breaking over the Pedrick's peeking down through the leaves of the great Zalland trees; as the group ate a morning meal of jerked venison and water.

   A short time after moving out Sep spotted something keeping pace with the group off in the distances. “Kallander hold up for a minute,” Sep said as he pulled his horse to a stop, and Kallander did the same. “Right out there about a hundred yards, do you see them?” Sep ask as he pointed at something off in the woods.

  Kallander leaned forward in his saddle as he took a hard look in the direction Sep was pointing; as he tried to see through the glare of the morning Sun as it broke through the forest canopy. Then suddenly he saw them; they were horrid looking creatures, huge and Wolf like in appearance. Kallander noted that they were the size of ponies, with long black hair around there chest area that progressively shorten as it moved down the back, it had a long whip like tail with a small tuft of hair on the end. The creatures head was large and squared off with a long snout and two oversized ears that came to a sharp point; its eyes were also very large and they seemed to glow a light red in color.

  “Yes I see them,” Kallander said as he leaned forward in the saddle as he strained his eyes to get a better look. “What are they?” Kallander asked Sep as he watched the creatures run between the trees.

  “I'm not sure; it's too big for a Wolf or even a Worg; and I can't get a shot in these woods,” Sep said as he pulled his small flask from a pouch and took a quick drink, and then he kicked his horse back into motion. The creatures kept pace with the group all that day; Sep and started taking a count of them and by that evening and decided there were somewhere between seven and nine.

  As the Sun was setting over the Coldsper Mountains the group found a small clearing with a spring running through it and made camp for the night. The watch was set for the night the group tried to get some sleep; but found it difficult with the sporadic growls and the constant rustling of leaves and underbrush as the creature’s circled the camp. About halfway through the night, Derracky shouted an alarm that brought everyone to their feet with their weapons at the ready, just as the creatures came crashing through the camp. The sudden array of swinging swords as the younglings made their attempts to strike at the creatures as they raced through the camp. Then suddenly one let out a howling scream that you would swear would raise the dead; as Teano's blade sliced deep into one of the creatures, turning its head sharply it snapped at Teano caching him on the shoulder and leaving a massive wound that ripped down his arm. Teano swung back as he screamed from the pain stabbed his sword deep into the creatures chest; and it crashed to the ground like some great bag of rocks that had suddenly been thrown down and just laid there, and then Teano collapsed next to it. Kallander ran across the camp and delivered a killing blow severing the creatures head. The other younglings quickly bandaged Teano's arm.

 Kallander picked up the creatures head and looked at it for a moment; then he held it up high in the air. “Lei passato oggi,” You lose today! He shouted in old Elvish and then he threw the creatures head to the ground.

Almost as if they heard and understood him, the creatures renewed their bone chilling howl from the night before they continued it the rest of the night. Every one took turns on watch; the creatures left the camp along for the rest of the night; even so with the constant howling there was no sleep or rest to be had.

                       (Inside the slum district of the City of Krerry)

  Far to the Southeast inside the city of Krerry; the figure slowly moved through the deserted streets, cautiously moving into the dim light of a lantern to reveal the frail and beautiful features of a young Elvin woman.  She scanned the fronts of the small stone houses in front of her; they were all sandstone Brown and had red tiled roofs, with alleyways on each side that had stairways leading up to other houses just like them on the hillside above. Shamonah moved from one building next as she avoided various piles of waste that had been tossed into the streets until she finally arrived at the corner.



   After taking a quick glance around the area, she walked up and knocked on the door. “Who's there?” A deep voice with a distinct island twang to it ask as the light from inside streamed out in the street as the door cracked open.

  Shamonah stood there and squinted for a moment as her eyes adjusted to the light. “I am Shamonah, Shantara told me you might be able to help me,” Shamonah said as she pushed back the hood on her cloak.

  “Shantara sent you,” the man says as the door opened a little more. “Okay,” he said as he slowly opened the door and allowed Shamonah to walk in. She slowly looked around the dimly lit room until her eyes came to rest on a tall man.  He had a short well-kept Brown beard his hair was twisted into tight curls that hung in spirals all over his head. His jet black skin made him seem as if he could just fade away into the dark his dark Brown eyes seem to have a hollowness about them that brought an uneasy feeling over Shamonah.

  “You're a human,” Shamonah said with a slight bit of surprise her voice. “You don't see many of your kind in Kayshall,” Shamonah said as her eyes scanned over the man coming to rest jewel handled dagger tightly gripped in his left hand. “Are you planning on using that or is it just to steady yourself with?” Shamonah ask as she pointed to the dagger. The man grinned slightly as he slid it back in its sheaf.

  He stood there for a moment looking at Shamonah almost as if he was trying to make up his mind about something. “So what is it that you need; that Shantara would send you to me,” The men ask as he looked at Shamonah.

  Shamonah stood there for a moment before she answered. “From what I understand you might have some Meranching Squid ink for sale. I've also heard that you're one of the best trackers on this side of the Pedrick Mountains, and I'm in need of the best tracker I can fine,” Shamonah said as she looked around, spotting a sitting stool and taking a seat while she waited for his answer.

  "How do I know you're not part of the Imperial Guard, looking for smugglers?" The man said as he continued looking at her trying to size her up.

  Shamonah leaned back against the wall; as she thought about the question for a moment. “I would guess; the easiest way would be for me to show you,” she said as a deep look of concentration came over her and she passed her hand over her face. A moment later two very distinct marks became visible upon her face; one on her left cheek and the other on her four head. The one on her cheek was a tattoo of a crescent Moon with two dots in the cradle. The mark in the center of the forehead was a brand rather than a tattoo; declaring her as being the property of one of the darkling houses of the underworld. The man recognized that the marks identified Shamonah as being a ranking member of the Pedrick Witches coven.


   A look of concern came over the man's face. “Okay so you are who you say you are, now cover those things back up, you never know who might be watching,” the man said as he glanced at the door; she waved her hand back across her face and the marks vanished as quickly as they appeared. “I have Meranching Squid Ink, but it's not cheap and I will not negotiate on the price,” the man said as he looked at Shamonah, she simply nodded. “It is two thousand an ounce that is my price,” the man looked at Shamonah and again she simply nodded and reached for a small pouch.

  He turned kneeling down and pulling up a large tile stone from the floor. “In answer to your question about me being one of the best trackers in the area; yes I am,” he said as he pulled a small jug from the hole and placed it on the floor. “So what is it that you want me to track?”  He asked as he picked up the jug and placed it on the table. 

  Shamonah smiled as she watches dreadlocks bounced aimlessly around as he turned his head from side to side. “One thing at a time; let us finish with this before we move on,” Shamonah said as she leaned forward. “I'm still not quite convinced that you're the man for the job; so let us spend a little more time together, before I make up my mind,” Shamonah said as she sat there and looked at the man.

It was obvious that he was not used to being scrutinized about his capabilities; especially by a woman. “So let us start with the ink then; just how much do you need?” He asked as he unsealed the lid on the jug.   

“I need at least six ounces, seven if possible. Can you handle that?” Shamonah ask as she watched him start pouring the black liquid which seemed to have a yellowish glow about it; into small measured vials.

“I should be able to handle that without any problem, but I want to see the gold now; it's fourteen thousand,” he said as he was pouring the ink into the vials. Shamonah opened up a small leather bag that she had been holding and reached inside of it; pulling out a much larger bag and sitting it on the table.

  She opened the top of the bag to reveal a large amount of platinum pieces. “There's fifteen hundred platinum pieces in there, you keep the rest,” she said as she watched him seal the stoppers with wax. “Now for the tracking job; there is someone I want you to find. His name is Sir Bolandurus Hawklander; and he is a Knight of Agarith. I want you to find him and find out who and where his master is. Then I want you to report back to me. For doing this, I will pay you five thousand in gold now and another fifteen thousand when the job was completed, to my satisfaction,” Shamonah said as she sat there and waited for the wax to dry on the vials.

  Man stood there and rubbed his neatly trimmed beard as he thought about what Shamonah had to say. “I'm not an assassin, so I won't kill this man especially not a Knight of Agarith,” he said in a gruff tone as his island accent rang through.

  Shamonah laughed slightly as she smiled. “You cannot kill this man if you wanted to; better then you have tried many times and failed. No, I don't want you to interfere with him at all. I just want you to track his movements, so that you might find out who his master is and where he is, nothing else,” Shamonah said as she started putting the vials into the small leather bag.

  “I will have to think about this. This man you speak of is very powerful and dangerous; he is not one to be trifled with. If him or his master were to catch me spying on them; neither one of them would blink an eye at killing me, in a most unsavory way I'm sure. So why are you tracking him?” he asked as he sat down in a chair by the table.

  “He had been tracking me until a few days ago when I managed to lose him; it was most likely at his Masters bidding and I want to know who that is for sure. As far as the danger is concerned you wouldn't expect to get paid twenty thousand in gold if your head wasn't on the chopping block would you?” Shamonah ask with a slight smile as she watched the man eyes widen for a moment.

  “No I guess I wouldn’t. If I take this job, how am I supposed to contact you when I've finished?” He ask as he finished with all the vials and placed them over by Shamonah.

  “You will use this,” Shamonah said as she placed a small round flat stone on the table that had a green crystal set deep in the center of it. “Hold this in your hand and say ‘Kollabh ceantrast’ and it will bring you to where ever I am at,” Shamonah said.

  “Okay I will take the job. You have any idea where I should start to look for him,” he asked as he placed the lid back on the jar and sealed it with candle wax.

  Shamonah removed another bag of coins and sat them down the table. “He was near the Merchion Forest three days ago, but I think he went north,” Shamonah said as she finished placing the ink vials and a small leather bag.

  He stood up; reaching out to take the bags of coins, then suddenly Shamonah's hand caught his wrist with a steel like grip stopping him. He just stared at her for a moment.  “I will leave in the morning to fine this Sir Bolandurus of yours,” he said as he looked at her, she removed her grip from his wrist and he placed the bags of coins in the hole in the floor and then did the same with the jug of ink.

  “There's something I've been wondering about, what is that small pouch you have there,” he asks as he looked over at her.

“It's a belt pouch of holding, if you are successful with this; I'll see about getting you one. They're really quite useful,” Shamonah said with a slight smile. Shamonah stood to leave and then she stopped. “By the way what is your name again?” Shamonah ask as an odd look came over her face; as she realized that she had neglected to ask for now.

 “Croesus,” he replied as he placed the tile stone back over the hole in the floor.

  “Croesus; is that it? No last name,” Shamonah asks with a questioning look on her face.

  “It's the only one my mother felt I needed. It means Night Tiger in my language,” Croesus said as he stood up showing pride in the explanation of his name.

  Shamonah smiled at seeing this. “Night Tiger you say, well good hunting Croesus,” Shamonah said with the nod of her head she opened the door and went back out into the dark streets of Krerry.

© 2013 Bruce Grimes

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Bruce Grimes
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Many grammar errors but again love how u really bring out the personalities in your story how each of them make me feel like I know them already it makes me feel like. I'm actually In the story

Posted 12 Years Ago

Was goingto read more but sorry, the small font makes it really hard going .. will have to come back another time.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Hmmm. Yummy. That was just yummy. :D Even though it was a reread, as it was a rewrite (do I even make sense? I"m confusing myself, even...), it was yummy and very refreshing and fresh. :D I just love the way you put your ideas into sentences!

Posted 12 Years Ago

just posted the rewrite for this chapter if anybody's interested

Posted 12 Years Ago

Well from the rough draft years ago this is good I like the way u keep shamona in the roll of being very cnfident an keeping that leadership feel about her she knows what she wants an she is not afraid of asking but I want to know why it is so rare to see humans in kayshall

Posted 12 Years Ago

Again, not much of a cliffhanger. Also, there were a few grammatical errors here and there, but otherwise? Amazing. How long have you been writing, and how come you've only just joined writerscafe? This is awesome!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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