The Legends of Kayshall  Chapter-9  (The Circles of Evil)

The Legends of Kayshall Chapter-9 (The Circles of Evil)

A Chapter by Bruce Grimes

                                                                               The Circles of Evil 
                        (On the Wall at the Northeast Tower)
  Kallander led the way and a short time later the group arrived on top of the wall at the base of the Northeast tower. There were several sets of footprints tracking through the blood pool at the base of the stairs now, no doubt caused from the removal of Sir Derracky's body. 
   “Tell me Lady Shamonah; do you see the blood line on that bottom step?” Sep ask as he pointed to it.                                        “Could something magical have caused the blood to pool like that, and if so could it have also kept the sounds of the torture from being heard as well?” Sep ask with a concerned look on his face as he looked over at Shamonah.
   “Yes Sep there’s several spells that can do what you're describing. The use of a spell like that would explain why no one heard anything,” Shamonah said as she looked closely at the blood line on the step. 
   “I think I'll stay down here. I was just up there a few hours ago, I doubt it's changed much,” Sep said as he rubbed a hand across his gut and looked mournfully at Shamonah. 
   Shamonah nodded at hearing this as she and Kallander started up the stairs. As Shamonah reached the top of the stairs she could see the gruesome sights that were left behind. Slowly she stepped out onto the top of the tower and made her way around it taking care not to step in the blood on the floor, she took a peace of chock and made several circles on the floor as well and she stopped and looked over the edge of the wall in several places. Shamonah motioned for Kallander to stop as he started to step out on to the top of the tower. Slowly she walked to the center of the tower and knelt down on her knees and started making strange hand gestures and speaking in a strange almost musical language of magic. A yellow ring of energy slowly started to radiate out from her in all directions, but it caused the stone of the tower to glow red. As the energy moved away from her, strange footprints started lighting up on the stone. Much to Kallander’s surprise there weren’t that many; there were only six sets of prints besides Shamonah’s. There were two sets of prints that seemed to have three long toes. One of these sets of prints just stayed on the battlement. But the other seemed to walk around on the tower floor and then they stood on the battlement itself. The prints didn’t go down the stairs nor did they scale down the wall of the tower. Shamonah looked at the prints and started writing in her note book. Then she stepped off the distance between the foot prints; one of them was twice as long as hers.  
  “Kallander do you see these scratches on the stone that I circled, the ends of the tows come right up to them. That confirms what I believed about it having claws,” Shamonah said with a look of satisfaction on her face. The spell started to fade after a few minutes but Shamonah seemed to think she had all she could get from here. 
   “What do you think it might be?” Kallander asks as they started back to the command tent.
   “I’m not sure what it is yet, but I do know it is capable of spell craft. That's what that red glow was all about. The creatures used some kind of spell in the ritual they performed. When you make the report to Lord Colantray, tell him I'm sure there are two of them and they can fly. If you need me I'll be back in my room doing some research and trying to figure out what sort of creatures were dealing with,” Shamonah said as she stood up and walked back down the stairs to the wall.

                                                             (The Command Tent)
   When Kallander reached the command tent, much to his surprise he walked in on King Raylanty and Lord Martex having an argument about Lady Shamonah.
   “That's just it Martex, you don't know that she's responsible for these murders. You're trying to accuse her of this because of old hatreds between you and not off of any evidence, and I'm not going to put up with that type of childish nonsense, just because you have had bad blood in the past,” King Raylanty said in a louder than normal tone as he struggled to control his anger as he glared at Martex. 
   A look of rage started to come over Martex’s face at hearing this. “Childish nonsense, the b***h tried to kill me and probably would've if it weren't for that damned curse! I'd still be lying out there on the planes, if it wasn't for Percy!” Lord Martex said as his voice thundered through the tent.
  “Watch your tone Martex, remember who you're talking to!” King Raylanty said in a flat tone as he walked over to the small table and poured himself a glass of wine.
   “Ah… excuse me sir, but I have something to report,” Sir Kallander said as he stood there by the tent door. 
   “Well it’s good to see you youngling, come in. Would you like some wine Kallander?” King Raylanty asks as he filled Kallander a mug.   
   “Yes sir that would be nice, I am off duty after I finish here. My lord, I have news from Lady Shamonah,” Kallander said as he walked over to take the mug from King Raylanty.
   “Huh this should be good,” Lord Martex said with a slur of sarcasm in his voice.
   Kallander shot Lord Martex a cold glare and then he turned to King Raylanty. “Lady Shamonah has discovered some strange foot prints on the top of the Northeast Tower where Sir Derracky was killed. My lady believes that these prints belong to some sort of flying creature; she also believes that there were two of them involved. She has also discovered that these creatures are capable of using magic and are performing some sort of ritual on the tops of these towers,” Kallander said as he stopped to drink some of his wine and waited for questions. 
    “Do you have any idea what sort of creatures these prints belong too?” Martex asks as he filled his own mug with wine.
  “No Lord Martex, not at this time.  Lady Shamonah is in her chambers doing research at this very moment, trying to figure that out,” Kallander replied coldly.  
   “You said there were two of them, are you sure?” King Raylanty asked as he walked around the desk. 
   “Yes sir, there were two different sets of the same type of foot prints. They were the same type, but they were two different sizes,” Kallander said as he turned to face the King. Kallander finished his wine and turned to leave.
   “Say Kallander, just one more thing. Could you tell me how Shamonah could fine the foot prints when no one else could?” Lord Martex asks as he turned to look at him. 
  “That’s Sir Kallander, and the answer is the same way she found evidence that the creatures had been casting spells, she cast spells herself,” Kallander said in a flat, almost gruff tone as he turned and left the tent. Martex just stood there with a stunned look on his face. King Raylanty just smiled and walked around the desk and started working with some maps. 
   “Martex, I don’t think my young Knight likes you much, or maybe he just likes Shamonah better,” King Raylanty said as he took a drink of wine and looked over at the tent flap. 
 “He should be careful about whom he picks as his friends and who he picks as his enemy, besides it makes little difference to me if he doesn’t like me,” Lord Martex said as he poured himself a mug of wine.
 “I don't think you fully appreciate what just happened. That young Knight stood up to you in defense of Shamonah. He likes her and he likes her enough to put his career on the line to stand up for her. Now the only question is does she like him? Could he be the man we've been waiting for?” Raylanty said with a slight smile as he took a drink of his wine.
“Him, do you really think so? Well it could be, perhaps the young Knight of Agarith will prove to be just the thing that she needs to fill the void in her life,” Martex said more to himself than to Raylanty as he sat down in a chair and started staring into the fire. “How can she cast spells in the dead zone when I can’t? I just don’t understand it?” Martex asks again as much to himself as to the King. 
“Well Martex perhaps you can, have you tried?” King Raylanty asked as he looked up from his maps with a smile. Just then a sudden gleam came over Martex's eyes as he started making hand gestures and speaking in the strange rhythmic language of magic. Martex's hands started to glow a soft red in color and suddenly three small balls of fire shot forth from his hands streaking across the tent, King Raylanty dove behind his desk as they passed. The small balls of flame hit the King's helm that was hanging on an armor rack and melted three perfectly round holes in it as they passed through one side. At seeing this Martex’s face lit up like a young apprentice that had just cast his first cantrip. Martex glanced around to see Raylanty getting up from behind the desk shaking his head.  King Raylanty walked over to the armor rack and picked up the helm and looked at it.
   “I see you can cast at least one spell,” King Raylanty said as he looked at the holes that were still burning red around the edges in his helm. “I hope I don’t need this any time soon,” Raylanty said with a slight smile that quickly turned grim as his eyes focused on Martex. 
  “What's the matter?” Martex asked with a bewildered look on his face as King Raylanty reached up and wiped his hand across the side of Martex’s head, to reveal blood. 
  “You're bleeding out of your left ear and you're bleeding a lot!” King Raylanty said with a worried look on his face. Then his eyes widen as he saw blood start running from Martex’s nose as well.   
    “Guard’s, guard’s come in here quickly,” King Raylanty said in a booming voice. The guards came bursting into the tent with their Spears at the ready. Much to their surprise they arrived just in time to see Lord Martex collapse into a chair with King Raylanty holding a blood soaked cloth to his face.
 “I want you to go get Lord Percy and bring him back here as quickly as possible,” King Raylanty said as he pointed to one of the guards. “And I want you to go and get Lady Shamonah and bring her. Now both of you go and bring them as quickly as you can,” King Raylanty said in a tense and worried tone as he tended to Martex. A short time later Lord Percy came running into the tent and immediately set to work on trying to figure out what was wrong.
  “Good grief Raylanty what happened to him?” Lord Percy asks as he tried to stop the bleeding. About this time Shamonah walked in the tent. 
   “What’s wrong Raylanty, why did you send for me?” Shamonah asks as she wiped some sleep from her eyes. 
   “Martex started bleeding from his nose and ear just before he collapsed in the chair, I thought you might know why or be able to help,” King Raylanty said as Shamonah walked over and looked at him. Shamonah noticed what looked like red sweat on Martex’s forehead.
   “He looks as if he is sweating blood,” Shamonah said as she took a close look at him.
   “You noticed that to, I’m checking him for poison now,” Percy said as he rubbed a white salve on Martex’s neck. Shamonah wiped her finger tips across Martex’s forehead as if to make sure and they came up with blood on them. Shamonah just stared at the blood for a long moment and then she turned and looked at King Raylanty. 
   “What was he doing right before this happened?” Shamonah asks as she glanced over at Raylanty. 
   “Well we were drinking some wine and then he tried casting a spell and a minute later he started bleeding. First out of his ear and then out of his nose,” King Raylanty was saying. 
   “Wait a minute, Martex cast a spell!” Shamonah said as a stunned look came over her face. This caught Lord Percy's attention as well. 
   “Yes, he cast a missile spell at my helm, just look at what it did! The missiles shot right throw the side of my helm and it’s protected against magic missiles,” King Raylanty commented as he picked up the helm and ran his fingers throw the holes. Shamonah took the helm and looked at it for a long time. Then suddenly a look of realization came over her face. Shamonah sat the helm down on the desk and then stepped over next to Martex; with the wave of her hand and started speaking in an almost musical tone a small yellow halo appeared above Martex’s head. The halo sat there quivering for a moment and then it turned bright red, a look of realization came across Shamonah face at seeing this.
   “He wasn’t poisoned Percy, he’s somehow tapped into his inner energy to cast spells with. It doesn't surprise me that this happened sense he's never had any training on how to cast spells this way. He's gone and used too much energy at once and that's why he’s bleeding and collapsed. Let him rest for a few days and you might heal him up a little bit to stop the bleeding, then he should be fine. I'll stop by his place, if he's going to be casting spells this way then he needs some basic instructions on how to do it so that he don't kill himself,” Shamonah said in a tired voice as she wiped the blood from her hand and tossed the rag down on the desk and left the tent.

                                                          (Martex’s Mansion)
   Later that evening just before sundown a lone hooded figure walked slowly throw the streets to be confronted by a set of huge iron gates with a beautiful mansion behind them. The figure walked towards the gates and without even slowing down and only the wave of a small hand the gates flew open as if they were nothing. As the figure walked through the gates the figure waved its hand again and they slowly closed. The figure stopped and stood there for a moment and then started walking down a long stone pathway to the main house. The pathway had huge willow trees growing close together on both sides of the path with tall walls of well-trimmed hedges in-between each of the trees. The branches of the willow trees had been trimmed so as to grow out over the pathway, casting brilliant yellow beams of light through them as the evening sun was setting. As the figure walked to the door of the main house there were two Rover Knights that could be seen standing guard. One of the Rover Knights started to stop the figure when the ranking knight stopped him and reached over and opened the door and bowed slightly and waved the figure inside. The figure walked into the entry chamber that opened up into a grand entry Hall that was oval in shape with two great staircases on either side of the room.
 The hooded figure just stood there for a moment and then a young wizard dressed in glossy purple robes walked out of a side chamber. At seeing the new arrival she suddenly got an astonished look on her face and turned and ran back into the chamber. A few moments later a much older gentleman dressed in green robes with gold trim emerged from the chamber. His graying hair and hawkish features revealed little about him as he walked over and stood there for a moment looking at the figure with his flaming orange eyes.
 “It is good to see you again my lady, it has been far too long since your presents has graced these halls,” The man said as he stood there looking at her. “You do realize, he is not going to be happy that you’re here,” The older man said with a slight smile.
“His happiness was never one of my greatest concerns Xardrat. But I gave my word to the King that I would teach him the basics of my way of casting, that is why I'm here,” Shamonah said as she slid the hood back off of her head. 
Xardrat just smiled and then he motioned to one of the stairways. Xardrat led Shamonah to the top of the stairs and down a short hallway to a set of double doors. Xardrat turned and looked at Shamonah and pointed at the door. “He has been sleeping since he was brought in,” Xardrat said and then he turned and started to walk off down the hallway.
   “Xardrat it has been good seeing you again as well,” Shamonah said and Xardrat paused but a moment, nodded and then continued on down the hallway. Shamonah reached out and opened the door and walked into the dimly lit room and started turning up the lamps. She was met by what was not at all an unexpected roar from Lord Martex. 
   “What the hell are you doing here? And turn those damn lamps down!” Lord Martex said as he grabbed his eyes to shade them as he threw off the blankets. 
   “Now that's no way for a gentleman to behave when a lady comes to visit,” Shamonah replied as she smiled and walked over to him. She pulled his hand away from his eyes and looked into them for a moment. 
   “So where’s the lady?!” Martex asks Shamonah in a snide voice as she turned his head and looked in his ears.
   “I would say she’s standing right in front of the gentleman, wouldn’t you?” Shamonah reapplied as she turned Martex’s face around and looked him in the eyes. 
   “I heard you cast a spell earlier. That's quite a feat for you,” Shamonah said as she turned and started turning some of the lamps down. 
   “Yes I did, why are you jealous that you’re not the only one that can cast spells in the dead zone now?” Lord Martex said in a snide voice once more as he stood up from the bed and started getting dressed. 
   “Do you have any idea how you cast that spell and in an area where no one but Witch’s and Druids can even think about casting spells? Not to mention being able to cast it at a level of power that you’ve never been able to achieve before, well do you?” Shamonah asks in a stern voice as she looked at Martex. He sat back down on the bed and thought about what Shamonah had asked for a moment. 
   “Well, now that you mention it I haven't got a clue,” Lord Martex reapplied in a flat dry tone as he seemed to be searching his mined for an explanation. 
   “Well I can tell you if you truly want to know, so do you?” Shamonah commented as she walked over and sat down in a chair across from him. He sat there for a moment, and then he nodded. 
   “Good, when you cast the spell earlier you were using what, is called Blue Sleshion Energy and you over extended yourself all at once and that’s why you collapsed. Using Blue Sleshion Energy is something that very few casters know about and even fewer know how to use. The ones that do are referred to as witches, but not all are. One thing for sure, if you're going to be using the Blue Sleshion to cast spells you’re going to need some training. I brought you this Tome, which will teach you the basics on how to control the energy flow, so that way you don't kill yourself. I suggest you get in touch with Shantara, she is a master at using the Blue Sleshion,” Shamonah said in a soft tone as she leaned back in the chair and smiled.  
 “Let's go for a walk Martex, unfortunately there's nothing I can do about these murders until there's another one.  So in the meantime I'll teach you a little bit about how to control the amount of energy you use when casting with the Blue Sleshion,” Shamonah said as she stood up and walked towards the door, and waited for Martex to finish dressing.

                                                  Camp on Merchion Costal Road
  The next morning Sir Tiberius woke to the sound of Sir Bolandurus and Croesus having a conversation about what to do about him and his squire, he strained to be able to hear what was being said.
  “Well taking him up to Bendel Pass is out of the question, there's constantly fighting up there and we would have to go through the arch mages lines before we could ever get near the keep. So the only other route is through Cragg Pass and he just doesn’t have the skill to make it through that on his own,” Sir Bolandurus said in a calm and even tone.
  “Are you suggesting that we nurse made him through the pass to the other side of the Pedrick's? You realize what will happen if they catch you on the other side, what if he turns you in? I know you feel honor bound to do this but, I'm not sure how far this kid’s honor goes. I've known a lot of men that would hate your guts for what you did and would jump at any chance to kill you for it.” Croesus said in a stressed and worried tone.
  “He is a Knight of Agarith, and I am bound by the honor of my code to return him to safety, whether he feels he is bound by that or not. I do not ask you to come with me Croesus, because I know the road that I’m taking is likely one that I shall not return from. Just no my friend, this is something that I must do,” Sir Bolandurus said as he added some wood to the fire.
 “It doesn't matter if you're asking me to go or not, I am going. We traveled the road this far together, besides I would miss you. So what do we do first?” Croesus said as he set some game hens to roast over the fire.
 “The first thing we need to do is get these two ready for travel. The squire still needs some healing, his head wound is being more difficult than I thought it would be, but he should recover. We’re going to need to pick up supplies and get Tiberius's armor repaired; we should be able to do that at Rettes. We'll head for their as soon as the squire is up and around,” Sir Bolandurus said as he picked up a pack and started walking over towards the squire.
 “So you’re taking us to Rettes,” Sir Tiberius said as Bolandurus walked by.
 “We’re going to stop there and pick up supplies and get your armor fixed. You're going to need it when we go through Cragg Pass,” Sir Bolandurus said as he stopped in knelt down beside Sir Tiberius. “Let's have a look at that chest wound of yours,” Bolandurus said as he pulled open Tiberius’s shirt to reveal a large amount of redness around the wound. He stared at it for a few moments and then placed his hand on Tiberius’s chest and said a short prayer, Bolandurus’s hand started to glow a pale yellow and the redness in Tiberius's chest faded away. “There that should be better,” Sir Bolandurus said as he stood up.
 “Yes it is, thank you,” Sir Tiberius said as he rubbed his chest. Bolandurus just nodded and walked over to the Squire and knelt down beside him. 
  Tiberius got up and walked over to where his squire was laying and watched as Sir Bolandurus tended to him. “Is he going to live?” Tiberius asks with a worried look on his face.
 “He took a nasty blow to the head and he has yet to regain consciousness, on top of that he’s running a high fever. If I can get his fever to break he might have a chance, but I haft to get the fever to break first. Otherwise were going to lose him and there will be nothing I can do about it,” Sir Bolandurus said in a flat tone as a look of concern passed over his face. 
   “Is there any way we can cool him off?” Sir Tiberius asked as he looked at the squire.
  “Well there’s a small stream not far from here. We could try soaking his feet to lower his temperature, but the coolness of the water could send such a shock through his body that it might kill him. Even so it may be the only way to bring his temperature down,” Sir Bolandurus said with a grim look on his face as he looked over at Tiberius. “He's your squire Tiberius, so I'll do whatever you want done,” Sir Bolandurus said as he stood up and looked Tiberius in the eyes.
  An obvious sense of worry ran across Tiberius’s face as he looked from Bolandurus to his squire and back again. “Let's move him to the stream and try to break the fever,” Tiberius said with a grim look on his face and a tone to match.
  “I will send Croesus and Skinny to find a suitable spot to move the camp to, it shouldn't take long,” Sir Bolandurus said as he nodded his head and turned and walk back over towards Croesus.
  Within moments Croesus and Skinny left the camp headed towards the stream. Tiberius sat down next to the fire and watched it slowly devour the logs as he waited for them to return. A few minutes later Sir Bolandurus came walking up carrying a makeshift litter and motioned for Tiberius to follow him. They walked over next to the Squire where Bolandurus lay the litter down next to him. “Help me move him on to this so that way we can carry him,” Sir Bolandurus said as he took hold of the squire’s shoulders and lifted him onto the litter. Tiberius grabbed his feet and they moved the squire with relative ease.
  About an hour later Croesus returned. “We've found a place to move the Squire to that should work for what you need, it’s not far,” Croesus said as he went and removed the game hens from the fire. A few moments later Skinny arrived back at the camp. 
  “Croesus, you and Skinny take the front two corners of the litter and Tiberius and I will take the back. That way you can lead us to the place you found,” Sir Bolandurus said as he turned and started walking towards the squire, motioning with his hand for the others to follow.
  They carried the squire for almost two hundred yards through the brush until they came to the edge of the stream where the area had been cleared. They sat the young Squire down next to the stream. 
  “Croesus I want you to take Skinny back to the other camp and retrieve the blankets and bedrolls. Breaking the Squire's fever this way will likely cause him to suffer massive chills, so were going to need them to keep him warm afterward,” Sir Bolandurus said with a worried look. Croesus just nodded as he turned and left with Skinny close on his heels. 
  “Tiberius will you take this cloth and get it wet and run it across his four head, it will help cool him,” Bolandurus said as he handed Sir Tiberius the cloth and pointed to the stream.
  “He's going to die isn't he?” Sir Tiberius asked as he stood there looking at Bolandurus. 
  “It is" possible, but not if I have my way about it. You should not give up hope so easily; after all you’re a Knight of Agarith. After all hope and our faith in Agarith are all we have to make it through this life. Especially when most of the time, were a hairs breath away from death, it’s only hope and our prayers to Agarith that get us through. Agarith will spare him if she sees fit to do so. Now get the rag wet and cool his head,” Sir Bolandurus said in a grim tone. 
  “You talk about Agarith as if she still watches over us. Everybody knows the gods left Kayshall to its own demise centuries ago,” Sir Tiberius said as he soaked down the rag in the stream.
  “She does still watch over us. It was with the healing powers of the prayers to her, that I was able to heal your chest wound. If were able to save your Squire, it will be with her help, make no mistake about it. The only reason you’re alive is because of the healing powers that she granted me. Agarith did not abandon Kayshall, its people abandon her and she awaits their return,” Sir Bolandurus said in a sharp tone as he walked over to the Squire and knelt down beside him. Placing his hand on the boy's four head, he prayed and his hand started to glow a light yellow and the boys’ pain seemed to ease some. 
  A short time later Croesus and Skinny returned with the bedrolls and blankets. Sir Bolandurus removed the Squire's boots and prepared to put his feet in the stream. “We’re going to have to hold him down; because of how hot his fever is, this is going to be horribly painful to him,” Bolandurus said as he watched Tiberius for any sign that he wanted to change his mind about doing this. “Tiberius you and Croesus hold his upper body down and I'll hold his legs in the water ", okay let's do this,” Sir Bolandurus said as the other two took a hold of the Squire's body to hold him down and Bolandurus slipped his legs up to the shins into the stream. Suddenly the Squire screamed horribly and thrust himself straight up, throwing both Tiberius and Croesus off of him as he thrashed back and forth. The young Squire kicked so violently that Sir Bolandurus found himself having to lie across his legs in order to keep them in the stream. Croesus sat on his chest while Tiberius held his head down as the young Squire's screamed from the pain, watching as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Sir Bolandurus prayed continuously through the entire ordeal and his hands at a constant glow as he healed the young Squire. Finally after about a half-hour the Squire's fever broke, they covered him with blankets and Sir Bolandurus kept a close vigil on him all through the night. 


© 2013 Bruce Grimes

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