Asylum Of Agony

Asylum Of Agony

A Poem by Don Shaw

Many times people are placed in asylums that do not belong there.

                       Asylum Of Agony
 Gravel popping under tires, echo`s in the still of night.
 Lights in distant windows, breath of tormented fright.
 Ravens filled the trees, oh the story they could tell.
 My knees felt weak walking, into a slumber party hell.

 Door creaks open, rat squeals echo down the halls.
 Cobb webs cling to my face, wiping madly , blood stained painted walls.

 Cries and howls, of tortured souls, took flight,
 as the aged ceiling collapsed, in the dead of night.

 MOMMY HELP ME! MOMMY ...... HELP... ME ! lingered in the air.
 I could feel the lost, the confused, and the echoes that they share.

 PLEASE STOP ! OHHHHH.... PLEASE STOP! voice behind a door.
 The hard wood floor  moved under me, as a wave upon the shore.

 Front door slams behind me, dead bolt clicked, engaged.
 Trapped in the Asylum, with the lost souls that raged.

 Daddy ! Daddddy !  Floated in my ear.
 Daddy! Daddy save me! little girl`s voice filled with fear.

 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!! Insane laughter down below.
 Spiral stair case lit up, voices calling, should i go?

 Shadows formed on distant wall, flogging was the scene.
 Chains hung from the ceiling , moisture dripped from the rings.

 Shackles clanked, as i left them in my wake.
 Oh the lost, confused souls, with a death sealed fate.

 Screams from an old woman said, LEAVE! LEAVE WHILE YOU CAN !
 Whimpering cries from a little girl,
 DADDY SAVE ME, DADDY SAVE ME, i felt her take my hand.

 A barrage of voices hit me, pinned me to the wall.
 the chains and shackles rattled, causing me to fall.

 Screams and Shrills filled the room, dragging me across the floor.
 Lights flashing, chains clanging, sounds of slamming many doors.

 I see the stairs, crawling wildly , then picked up and thrown around.
 A dust choked scream, SOMEONE SAVE ME, in my ear a little sound.

 Follow me daddy...... follow me, foot prints appear upon the floor.
 Frantic breathing, wiping sweat, little girl leading me to a door.

 Why did i come here, foolish was the thought.
 Alone in the Asylum, truth is what i sought.

 Hurry daddy ,in here, tugging at my hand.
 Safety in here daddy, follow, fast as you can.

 Door slams behind me, silence filled my ears.
 The darkest black i had ever seen, absorbing all my fears.

 Single light hanging, fluttered coming on.
 Small room filled with light, all the voices gone.

 Room was full of records, names on many files.
 Pictures on inside pockets, none contained a smile.

 Reading many stories, i felt i was going to cry.
 Little voice in my ear, people in this room, didn't have to die .

 All these people in the files, experiments, had not a voice.
 Screaming, pleading, begging, tortured, mangled , had not a choice,

 Now they haunt the halls, screaming in their pain.
 The one`s who did this, claiming they were sane.

 All the people tortured, buried, all by number.
 Faceless numbers on a rock, below they dare not slumber.

 Going through files, calling out their names.
 These people, victims, to doctor`s ice cold fangs.

 File falls, off the top shelf, landing softly in my hands.
 This is me daddy...... this is me, save me if you can.

 Hands were shaking badly, as i opened up her file.
 As i read her story, i became very ill, on fire and burning, stomach full of bile.

 She wasn't crazy, that's not why she was left.
 Very normal in her mind, she was simply deaf.

 I saw her picture next, she was all of ten.
 I read down at the bottom, no next of kin.

 This has to be exposed, people need to know.
 If i make it out alive, the media i shall go.

 I looked at the top, her number  thirty eight.
 Follow me daddy! Follow me, your departure surely safe.

 The door swung open, Gold light led the way.
 Screaming voices now were silent, chanting voices, began to pray.

 Standing outside, closing of the gate.
Truth be known, truth be told.
 This night i was guided, by innocent thirty eight.

© 2011 Don Shaw

Author's Note

Don Shaw
Let me know what you think.

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Very intense and a little long. But the rhyme and flow is really good! Keep on penning.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I think this is simply brilliant. Everything flows and fits perfectly. I, one, could not find a flaw in it. And the story, the way you presented it, the imagery was great, I could feel the meaning and the strength behind every word. I was captivated from the start to the end. Wonderful work you've done here!

Posted 9 Years Ago

A very powerful, and well executed piece of verse. I like the gentle rhyme scheme and never felt it was wrong in any way, in fact it definitely strengthens the impact. I esp like, 'Now they haunt the hall, screaming in their pain//the ones who did thins, claiming they were sane." You had me thinking about all the people who have been through places like that, tortured, agonized by others. We are soooo cruel. And it is not just in Nazi police states or the communist gulag. We in the west have been cruel in quieter ways. The idea of just putting inconvenient people or people with differences into asylums is absolutely repulsive. Well done for airing the issue so forcefully. The idea of someone being shut away because of deafness is horribly sad.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ver Very powerful and really enjoyable but a bit disturbing

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very Powerful and haunting, my old friend, very powerful!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow!!... amazing! First of all I really love couplets so this poem was awesome in my eyes before I started to read it, Second the title really pulls the reader in, third the emotion that was in this poem was purely amazing, and fourth this piece kept me wanting to read more. I fel bad for anyone who has to go through or just live in that type of situation. Great poem, it really shows your talent.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Intense and scary. Very intriguing! The ending was awesome!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

So saddening and strong imagery love! I love this..

Vividly haunting and the ending is epic!


Posted 9 Years Ago

Not sure what to think but I was inthrawlled from begining to end. Kinda reminds me of the movie V for Vendetta!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow, this had me gripped from the first word, it is a brilliant write and so well delivered, it gave me chills, well done indeed x

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on October 29, 2011
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Don Shaw
Don Shaw

San Angelo, TX

I love the art of expression, be it of paint or pen, or a spoken word. more..


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