"Neoblast x" - Chapter 1: The Creation

"Neoblast x" - Chapter 1: The Creation

A Chapter by Jason Bubbleo

Our story begins as an eccentric professor builds a machine that could save his planet from invading aliens.

In the deep reaches of space, a war between aliens and robots is going on. The alien race of Kanukia want to take over the robot's planet of Mechan and the robots just want to live in peace. The aliens continue to cause violent destruction, already occupying the south of Mechan. Robot families live in fear, knowing that the aliens are winning and that their lives could be in danger. 
It's a dark and warm evening in the city of Geartro, on planet Mechan, the eccentric scientist Dr. Three is busy building a humanoid machine. He is working hard in his large scale laboratory and is being assisted by his wife Theresa. He continues to tighten screws, attach things together and connect wires, he turns to his wife and says "If this works, then we will finally have hope for the robot race and Mechan will live in peace". Theresa has a puzzled look on his face and asks her husband "But what is it dear?", Dr. Three smiles and explains "It is a robot that has the ability to regenerate itself when hit or sliced. A bit like the neoblast process when space worms are torn in half. Hence why I printed the code name 'Neoblast' X on it's arm." 
Dr. Three then inserts a plug into the humanoid machine, a bar starts loading on a huge screen as the husband and wife team watch intensely, Dr. Three explains "This will give Neoblast X, the energy needed to regenerate himself. He needs the full 100% or his abilities will be limited".  Suddenly, the ground rumbles and Dr. Three's laboratory combusts in an explosion of fire. The a Kanukians have started invading Geartro, the lab is now a burning rubble but Neoblast X has survived the explosion, with only 75% of his energy filled up. Neoblast X observes his surroundings, a city full of burning buildings, rubble and ash, he sees that his creator and his wife are dead but isn't sure what to feel. 
Neoblast X then notices some ships in the night sky, shooting green lasers at the city as innocent robots run away screaming. Neoblast X is programmed to be observant, intelligent and self aware so he realises what is going on. He blasts off using his rocket powered feet, flies into the air and starts punching the invading ships with his bare metal fists. Each thump makes a severe dent or even a large hole, so his attacks are effective but then one ship fires a laser at Neoblast X. His arm is shot off but he continues punching with one arm as his other arm starts very slowly regenerating. After much punching, Neoblast X successfully destroys one ship, he begins thumping the other ships as robots spectate from the ground and cheer in support. 
Unfortunately, the remaining ships team up and all start firing lasers at Neoblast X, the impact is so strong then it sends him flying down to the ground. The robots scream and look at eachother in fear. One robot, a teenager called Tren, runs towards where Neoblast X fell and ignores his mother's screams. The ships then fly away, Tren continues to run until he reaches a garbage dump, which gives off a ghastly smell and consists of fidgety noisy flies. Tren holds his nose as he explores the dump, he turns over bin bags and throws aside rotting boxes. Then, Tren luckily finds Neoblast X re-generating himself in a slow awkward pace. Tren begins dragging the heroic robot out of the garbage dump, still holding his nose in disgust.

© 2015 Jason Bubbleo

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Jason Bubbleo
Any opinions or thoughts are encouraged.

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Added on July 22, 2014
Last Updated on January 11, 2015
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