"Cuckoo" - Chapter 3: Leaving the woods

"Cuckoo" - Chapter 3: Leaving the woods

A Chapter by Jason Bubbleo

Thomas tries to convince Klein to leave his home in the wild.

As Thomas observes Klein's behavior in his natural habitat, an idea strikes him and hefeels inspired. He asks Klein "You come with me?..." Klein steps back afraid and shakes his head in fear. Thomas scratches his head as Klein grabs a sword and pokes it in the air, Thomas interprets the wild man's gesture and explains "If you mean that you are afraid of men with swords, you'll be fine! I am good pals with Emperor Tartan. Please! The world needs to meet you and you need to meet the world" but Klein shakes his head again as he climbs up a tree for safety. Thomas strokes his chin and wonders how he can win his new friend over, then it hits him!
Thomas grabs his book and exclaims "There are more books outside! Lots of books! I can read them all to you", Klein's face lights up as he curiously asks "Books? More books?" then claps his hands in excitement. Thomas smiles as he slowly says "I will protect you", Klein looks at his home and his prized possessions then stares off into the distance. Thomas shakes his book at Klein, Klein bites his lip then eagerly nods. Thomas leads the way as he carefully instructs Klein to follow him. They walk through the woods, Klein has his eyes peeled as his focus darts around his surroundings, Klein gulps and Thomas reassures him with a pat on the back. 
Klein and Thomas reach the exit of the woods, Klein scratches his itchy leg and looks outside cautiously. Thomas turns to Klein and smiles at him, he says "It's going to be alright" and Klein follows the writer from behind as he walks with concentrated discretion. They leave the woods, Klein rubs his eyes as he looks at a colourful little village full of upbeat people working hard or casually talking to one another. Kids play in the wet mud, a husband and wife quarrel outside their hut and a farmer milks his cow. The village is full of vibrant life and active inhabitants. Suddenly, Klein doesn't look much different to peasant villagers, they're just as dirty and hairy, so they don't pay attention to him as the two walk through.  

© 2014 Jason Bubbleo

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Jason Bubbleo
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Added on November 10, 2014
Last Updated on December 6, 2014
Tags: Woods, Trees, Sword, Emperor, Writer, Wild, Man, Walk, Village, Dirty, Muddy, Cow, Milk, Fear, Caution, Afraid