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Things began to die down now in England. They began to settle back into their old peaceful ways. With the Stuart reign drawing to an absurd halt, things are now back to as they once were. This is how I liked to see my beautiful land, shining in complete glory and unity as all the blood has been wiped clean from every man’s hand. As I walked down the alley with my floral basket in by morning gown and my big yellow hat that was keeping my hair in a perfect bun that mother spent so long doing this morning, I saw the castle in its most natural beauty. Not a security guard in sight, no person could be seen on the grounds of the castle, leaving her standing all alone. I smiled, continuing my way along the bank, heading back home. Mother and father have gone out now, for a lunch at some acquaintances house leaving the house sombre, and me alone. I enter the house, and immediately shut all the curtains and doors, not wanting to publicise the fact I’m alone.


I go up to the attic, and pull out an old phone, holding the letter I had received earlier this morning. The letter was one of which I was anticipating for a very long time. It is from a dear friend who just recently moved away, and I haven’t heard a word from him since. He left to embark on his study ventures at Oxford, to pursue his interest in law. A faint voice replies, cutting me from my thoughts.

‘Hello?’ I replied


“Yes, oh god! It’s so good to finally hear from you! I thought you didn’t reach safely or something had happened with the fights going on....’ the sound of relief was amazing even to me, was this really my voice?

‘No, I reached perfectly fine. I was just caught up in some paper work for the start of university.’

‘I understand. Nevertheless, its good we can keep in touch still, is it not?’

‘Yes, it is. It’s great in fact! But, Jani... I’ve got news’

‘News? Of what sort?’

‘Well, it’s not pleasing for sure. But...well... when was the last time you heard from Ashreya?’

‘Ashreya? A couple of days back, why?’

‘She is in trouble.’ That was all it took. Those 4 words to make my heart drop. Ashreya was my second closest friend; we were extremely close all through high school, until she too left the country a couple of months back. She fled with her lover, when her parents disapproved. They are now living in France, and from what I hear they were happy...But the story Harsha is telling me now, seemed like complete lies to me. But for some reason I could believe every word of it.

‘....and that is what happened. So will you come with me? She’d want your support’

‘Why didn’t she call me?!’ my voice began to rise but at the same time, it all seemed so unreal to me. She was so happy.

‘It doesn’t matter. Come to the train station in 10 minutes. A train leaves London at 12:35, I’ll get on at Oxford’

‘Okay.’ That was all we had to say to each other for now, and he knew I had a lot to process, so the conversation ended with a small word and a huge silence.

I grabbed my hat and ran out the door, and headed straight for the station. I didn’t make eye contact with anyone, to avoid having to answer any questions from anyone.

I reached the station just in time, and took my seat next to the window, and finally began to analyse what I had been told 15 minutes ago.


A small tap on the shoulder woke me up. It was night now, maybe 7? I looked to my right to find Harsha smiling warmly at me.

‘Hello’ he said, in a calm whisper

My voice was much higher than his though, not to mention louder too. I just couldn’t hold my excitement out of my voice ‘hello! When did you get here?!’

‘When you were too busy having your nap’ he said in a light laugh. ‘We are here, let’s go’

We were the only ones to get off the train, the clatter of my pointed heels and the clang of his brown leather cowboy-tap shoes were very clear on the platform as we made our way out of the French railway station. Harsha walked straight to the taxi and spoke to the driver in rapid French while he opened the door for me to sit, and so I did.

‘So where are we going?’

‘La port de le Páris. She is being held at the fish warehouse there. And also, put these on’ he passed me a pair of shoes, much similar to his, ‘you can’t run in those. And don’t you have more adequate clothes for an adventure?’

‘Mother only buys long gowns. I wore the lightest one possible. But could you not find better shoes? They will look hideous on this dress....’

He let out a small laugh as he shook his head, while I continued to put on the shoes.


We got out at the port, and I waited for him to make the move.

‘Let’s go’ I prompted.

‘Hold on. We know nothing about this place. I contacted a friend to come here, and help us out. Unlike us, she has some expertise in rescue missions too.’ As if on cue, a faint figure emerges from the shadows on the opposite side of the river.

‘Mellissa?’ Harsha was practically talking to the dark.

‘Bonjour my friend, what a sour note to welcome you to France’ she gave a light peck on his check before looking my way, ‘and you must be his friend, Jani right?’

I give her a small nod before being given the same peck on the cheek. As she steps back to discuss the plan with him, I take in her appearance which seemed very strange from what I normally see back at home. She wore a tight white men’s blouse tucked into a black skirt which just barely covered her knees. She wore a pair of thin silk jet black stockings over a pair of boots very much similar to what Hasha gave me earlier, except hers looked a lot better on her. I slowly tugged on my skirt a little longer so they covered more of my shoes. Although I couldn’t seem much in this moonlight, something about her appearance gave a sense of bravery to her personality.

She turned to me and handed me a small bag ‘go put this on, you can’t run in that. You can change behind that wall over there’

I took the bag and looked in the direction she pointed and headed towards it. I saw Harsha still looking in my direction as I walked away, looking just as confused as I was. I hated being told what to do, but I didn’t want to argue with a friend of his, so I just did as I was told. And also, I was caught in the tangle of this effervescence of adventure that was rising within me. I opened the bad, and found a similar dress to what she was wearing, except the sleeves on the blouse were slightly shorter. I get out of my gown, and and change into what I was given. It was different from what I ever wore, but it had a weird sense of comfort to it. I walk back, handing her the bag with my clothes in it. She takes it, and tosses it behind her ‘you wont be getting that back.’ She replies in a slightly mono tone leaving me completely dazed.

‘well don’t you look different?’ he whispers in a voice that could just barely be heard ‘don’t worry, its a good different.’

I smile at the reassurance I was given. And as if silence is never meant to be on this earth again, a piercing sound of a bullet fire filled the port leaving shock in everyone’s eyes.

© 2010 O Bubbly_snowflake *

Author's Note

O Bubbly_snowflake *
Another challenge from a friend;
Specifics: Someone's gotta be wearing stockings, jet black stockings. All shoes must be pointed and curled at the end. A person by the name of 'Ashreya'. Please DON'T change hair/eye colours...
16th century Britain
Usage of the word 'effervescence' is a must.

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wow, interesting read. I wonder what happened to the her friend...
umm...i can't find any mistakes except you sometimes repeat things, like:
"...my second closest friend; we were extremely close..."
so yehh....
otehr than that, I didn't seem to find anything to correct on
good job!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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