Mother's plea

Mother's plea

A Poem by O Bubbly_snowflake *

A fail Epic

Mother's Plea

Her Tears Run Dry

An astounding blood bath �"

Like claret flowing through a river

Through the cracks of dry land

Reaching through for the mother’s hand

But yet you hear her cry

Preaching solemnly as her tears run dry.


Streaming from every root

To the lands of every soldier

Piercing the hearts of loved ones

The irreversible damage of European guns

Through the blasts you hear her cry,

Preaching solemnly as her tears run dry.


With a hazy reason

An obscured mind

They step into death stained field

Amongst the trees, the truth is sealed

She is torn by the every growing lie

Preaching solemnly as her tears run dry.


The bond that once held us together

Now sinks slowly, slicing our souls

All originally from the same race

Now fighting brutally, face to face.

Ignoring our mothers pleading cry

Preaching solemnly as her tears run dry.


Crows perched on slender tree tips

In search for their next prey

As bodies fall limp in defeat

The crows dart down to graciously greet

Death of another child, you hear her cry

Preaching solemnly as her tears run dry.


Blank carcasses line the field

Rotting away as they are replaced 

*“Alles für Deutschland” they scream in unity

As they charge into chaos of pure insanity

Her voice turns into a demanding cry

Preaching solemnly as her tears run dry.


A side of Allies and another of Nazis

Once against each other, now dying together

A familiar scene rises through the pages of history

Echoing through the minds of the wounded in mystery

Only a couple are left to hear her cry

Preaching solemnly as her tears run dry.


“To every lord I send my prayer

Cleanse this land with truth once more

O’my lord, end this nasty affair

Purify the once sparkling shore

Wipe clean those faces of filthy greed

Take us back to those days I dream

Show your children the rightful deed

Enrich this grave with an endless stream

To where you bathe in the blood of sea

End this now before thy body is stone

O’er the mountains I send my plea

Where I’m left weeping, eternally alone”

Lost in the winds is her cry

Preaching solemnly as her tears run dry.

Unknown Exchange  

The greed is dampened by growing sorrow

Veterans left scared, reflecting on the loss

Attempting to make amends with her torn soul

While their infected minds aspire the same goal

She believes the lies, believes they’ve changed

Overlooking what they wanted in exchange


Years pass with a phony innocence

Spreading the disease into generations to come

The swords have become words

Slicing souls into bloodless thirds

But she thinks they’ve changed

Overlooking what they wanted in exchange


Back then a gunshot could be heard

But today, society silences death

Wars with no motives other than filthy greed

Yes, it remains, it became an eternal seed

She realises they haven’t changed

Overlooking what they wanted in exchange


 The minds of her children have matured

With cunning tricks they stab their mother

While their hands remain falsely clean

They paint her in blood, telling her it’s green

She is left empty, “they have not changed”

She realises what she gave in exchange


In history, war was the licence to kill

When you slaughtered a soul for segments of land

Now they think it’s a despicable right

Life has become a constant fight

She was forced to think they had changed

While she gave something bigger in exchange


Words sharper than glass

Thrown around without a glance

Every man for himself

Greedy for the golden shelf

They forced her to believe they’ve changed

While they choked her with lies in exchange


Every man has another face

Perhaps to deceive in this constant race

Stomping on every heart

Itching for a head start

She knows now they haven’t changed

Yet, she still hopes, giving more in exchange


But all they did was point at each other

They all said they were clean

Even if it was their friend or brother

Even if they killed the nation’s queen

‘Every man is an island’ he said

He grew as a person, all alone

With time he slowly aspired to spread

And conquer every little stone

Greed and money with a little bit of pride

He plots and schemes every night

Finds his obstacle and eliminates with a stride

And tells her in innocence that his hands are white

She believes the lies, believes he changed

Overlooking what he meant in exchange.

© 2010 O Bubbly_snowflake *

Author's Note

O Bubbly_snowflake *
I first set out to write an Epic...
But then I realised how long they are meant to be
So gave up...
But this is my epic. Not authentic, but you got to start somewhere I guess?

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I like the writing. A sad time to remember but still a very nice piece of writing.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on August 5, 2010
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O Bubbly_snowflake *
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