Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Lily

This is the 1st chapter


Chapter 1, She has a Gun in one hand, and Lipstick in the other




A/N: I am very excited to share this with all of you, my reviewers, friends, you are all so great! This is my 1st attempt to right a Crime/Investigation/Romance/Humor/Adventure story, so, no HATE, and just remember, I am human, just like you, so, NO HATE! Really! And I hope you like it!






"What are you doing here?" the other cop said, holding the gun in his gloved hands.


"We're here on a case," I say, holding out my badge.


"Here in Manhattan?" I nodded.


"Well, I am going to have to escort you," he said, putting away his gun.


"Whatever," I murmured.



My partner, Alex Meloni, was on the other side of the car. He didn't look so happy either. "What were you doing back there?" Alex asked. "And, what case?" I would have rolled my eyes, but, that would have made him get even madder.


"It's my problem," I say. "Why'd you follow me?"


"You're my partner," he said, wiggling around.


"Yeah, but it's still my case," I say, raising my voice.


"I just don't get it," he said quietly, I could barely hear what he had said.


"What?" anger was filling my eyes, I felt my flat hands turn into fists.


"Nothing, nothing." He said. "I'm just frustrated,"


"I don't even want to know," I turn away.


"Okay?" I could tell he was thinking about our date the other day. His eyes looked like little pools of chocolate! No, no, Heather, pull your self together.



Alex's eyes turned back to me, they turned into a gaze. I could see him out of the corner of my eye. He was eyeing my hair, and I guess my back... My eyes also turn into a gaze, but at the street lights. My stare stops as Alex taps my shoulder.


"Yeah?" I ask.


"Well, uh, um..." He starts. "Are you pissed with me?"


"No," I say in a forgiving way. "It's just, I was here to find the Killer, not to be escorted, I'm just a little frustrated."


"Well, I know how important this case is to you, but it's 7 years old." He said.


"Yeah, but he was my brother." I say.


"Okay," He says.


--20 Minutes later--


"We should get some rest," I say. "It's a long way back to New Jersey."


"Kay, good night." he says.


"Good night," I say closing my tired eyes.



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