The Rabbit, and the Princess.

The Rabbit, and the Princess.

A Poem by Bunnycorn

This is based off a story that I first heard about in Gosick, more information to come on that. This didn't come out as well as I'd hoped.

She is my Heart.

We all must decide, at one time, whether we are the rabbit, or the princess.
The Rabbit who will Protect her, his love and emotions turning into something to keep those who would harm her away.
Or the Princess, who will love all, accept the Rabbit, even when he's hurt, even when he's angry. 

I, The Rabbit, strong and mighty, 
I, The Rabbit, who loves thy. 
I will protect thy who loves me,
All those who come near, 
All those who hear, 
Will know of me. 
With shield and sword, with pen and paper.
Nothing shall harm her while I am here, 
I am yours, my lovely princess. 
Use me as you will, for I shall never leave you.
For you are my heart, my love. 

I, The Princess, frail and human.
I, The Princess, filled with love for thy, 
I, who will forever stand by you, dearest Rabbit. 
When you're hurt, when you're angry, 
When sorrow strikes, and when you lust.
Please, dearest Rabbit, be careful.
For just as you say, just as I am your heart, 
...You are mine.
I do not wish to use you, 
I do not wish for you to leave.
My dearest, I shall always be with you...

© 2014 Bunnycorn

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This is a must read for FRIENDS - a classic !
Glad I found this
well done

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on October 12, 2014
Last Updated on October 12, 2014
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Auburn, WA

Feel free to rework any of my poetry too how you see fit, but please, atleast say that the original was created by me, and that you just reworded it. :P. Also, currently looking for someone who can h.. more..

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