In the End (Updated)

In the End (Updated)

A Chapter by Bunnycorn

Updated Version of IN the End.

They had said...
That she was a coward.
Killing herself after killing them.
But, what they had failed to report.
Failed to realize,
Was that she hadn't done it just for the sake of killing them.
She wasn't born like this.
She wasn't born a monster.
She had once been young and ignorant.
Just like them.
But then, she lost her parents.
Was placed with horrible people.
At first she thought they would care for her.
That they loved her.
But then they began to beat and rape her.
But of course, they never reported that.
She had no choice, she had to escape.
She couldn't escape without killing them.
So she did.
Than she realized...
She had no where left to go.
So she kept looking, and looking. 
And everywhere she would go,
Murder would follow her.
Her body would always end up covered in blood.
She soon became used to it.
She soon lost all emotions.
She had no regret.
She was striking back at the race that had cost her so much.
At the race who never cared,
who had beat and raped her.
But of course, they never reported that.
They never see that.
Because humans are incapable of seeing past what's on the surface.
It's not their fault.
They can't see it, so they didn't report it.
It doesn't make for good TV.
So they never reported it.
But of course, they never reported that.

© 2010 Bunnycorn

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Added on October 1, 2010
Last Updated on November 10, 2010
Tags: Dark, sad, young girl, brutality, murder, killing, rage, hate, love, Poetry.



Auburn, WA

Feel free to rework any of my poetry too how you see fit, but please, atleast say that the original was created by me, and that you just reworded it. :P. Also, currently looking for someone who can h.. more..

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