Sonozaki Shion.

Sonozaki Shion.

A Poem by Bunnycorn

It's basically a summary of Sonozaki Shion's ark from Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni :3.

"A girls screams.
A family tore apart.
A young girls reliance on her brother,
A deadly sin to always be remembered.
Parents dead, brother gone.
Feelings left unsaid.
A shock, the torture begins.
And before the end,
The village will be dead.
Never knowing the truth,
Never knowing what happened.
A demon has taken over.
Torturing her sister,
Torturing her grandmother.
Killing of a goddess,
Killing of the sister.
You've failed him. 
You were supposed to protect her,
But look what you've done...
"Yet you laugh.
Your laughter shows the demon,
Laughing and killing.
That's all you do anymore.
Till your untimely death.
You got cocky...
You tried to run across that ledge.
A deadly fall, to be sure.
A splatter on the ground, 
You have failed him,
You will have no mercy.
You have no place beside him.
You have murdered his beloved sister.
You have murdered countless others.
And you still think he'll accept you?
Take your place in hell, demon.
For you have no place beside him.
For all your tears,
For all your laughter,
As much as you love him.
He can not forgive you for what you have done.
Can you believe it...

© 2011 Bunnycorn

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Added on October 29, 2011
Last Updated on October 29, 2011



Auburn, WA

Feel free to rework any of my poetry too how you see fit, but please, atleast say that the original was created by me, and that you just reworded it. :P. Also, currently looking for someone who can h.. more..

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