Gods House

Gods House

A Story by JesusSonOfGod

Heaven is a REAL SPIRITUAL PLACE! Heaven is a place with absolutely no flaws nor evil. Satan can't tempt you anymore, no addictions, and no suffering. When a child of God dies, we have funerals, but in heaven theirs a huge welcome home party. Don't ask to bring your loved one back or grieve, because they will be with God. What you didnt get to do on earth, its prepared for you in Heaven. So dont say "She missed her destiny." I promise you, she didn't. If your old and die, you'll have a whole new body that looks like its in its 20's. If you die young, you'll grow in heaven. Gods home is filled with life. Death does not exist in heaven at all. Everyone loves eeach other, whether you've met them or not, or didn't like them that much. You'll always be loved. No rejection, no anger,no  frustration, just peace. All life in heaven sings and talks. The animals, flowers, waters, trees. Its a song of harmony. God has giant mansions being built right now for you, and its made specifically for the gift God gave you. My gift is art and I can only imagine how many drawings, sculpting, etc I'll make. Even your own paintings you hang on the wall will come to life. If I paint a waterfall, it'll start pouring water right in the middle of my mansion *laughs*.  The food in heaven is made of light, just like everything else in heaven. You can ask for any kind of food you like, and it will taste better than anything on this earth. Once your done, it'll disappear. You won't have to worry about getting messy, bathroom problems, nor allergies. Now, let's talk about God :) Gods love is so powerful, you'll just be walking along the Golden transparent roads and fall down in warship because your overwhelmed with such love and joy. God is so huge on His massive throne. He can go anywhere in heaven, He isn't super glued to the throne ha. God just wants to hold you close to his burning heart and just love you. I can't describe with any words to express how much he wants you in heaven with Him, please accept Jesus and come home into Gods open arms. In the throne room, you can hear and see a river under the golden floor, coming from under the throne, from god himself. This is the water of life. You can drink the water, play in it if you wanted to. You can just feel the life in it! You must accept Jesus as your personal savior and receive the blood sacrifice. Establish a bond with God and fill your soul, home, neighborhood and everywhere you go with the holy spirit. Once you've given your life to God, and speak holy because blessing and cursing is in my tongue, life and death is in my tongue; Satan fears you. All of Hell fears you. Even with the great darkness coming, evil will NEVER be greater than the holy light of God. Gods word is powerful. We are at the Kingdom age and God will increase the witnesses in the world. You may not believe in God because of proof, but think of it like this: Why would God have to prove Himself? Especially to someone who has no faith in his existance. God wants everyone to love him and come back home to him. Spread Gods word to all creation. Love everyone, but don't let the ways of the world enter you. Let Gods ways enter you, because you are His beautiful child. God makes no flaws, he made you perfect and beautiful. My life is for God, everything I want to do in my future is praise to God. BECAUSE I LOVE HIM!

© 2015 JesusSonOfGod

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Added on April 23, 2015
Last Updated on April 23, 2015
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Like so many people in this world, we all sin. I'm a strong believer of god and I've been taken away from my lord twice in my lifetime. But now iI refuse to give into the devil and pray from my hear.. more..