Elven Love

Elven Love

A Story by Burr the Story Sorceress

I race through the trees, following the familiar scent of Leanna, my dear, sweet Leanna. A more beautiful elf I have never seen, a more loving soul I have never met, a more wonderful scent I have never smelled.


The only real problem is her twin brother, Ralph.


Ralph is the chief of a large band of elves who's territory borders my own wolf-shifter pack's. The man is a good leader, but infuriating. I know he wants the best for her, but what can be better for her than the man she loves and who loves her?


I am, of course, very biased in this matter.


I met Leanna at a gathering of the chieftains who's clans live in a two hundred mile radius of the Rainbow Falls in the heart of my lands. When I saw her I knew she was the one for me. My aunt, a great Moon Seer of the worshipers of Lady Luna, the moon goddess, once told me I would know my true love when I saw her. I did.


Two days into the week-long gathering I formally asked Ralph, after a few secret meetings with the lovely Leanna, for permission to court his sister. Ralph denied my request and called me a 'dirty, flea-bitten mutt' and said he 'would never punish his twin with such a fate.'


I stop running and slash at a nearby tree, trying to control the rage those words stir in me. It is more than six months after those words had been said. Not only am I angry at being called a mutt, but the pain in Leanna's lovely blue eyes tore at my soul.


But I've grown tired of sneaking around to be with my love. I am a respected chief, a powerful wolf-shifter, an honorable man. There is no reason for Ralph to deny me again. I lope into the the elven camp, my head high and my tail level, everything about my posture nonthreatening. The elves I see on my way to the main tent recognize me and let me be. My deep red coat is rare among my people. As I near the tent the twins come out to met me.


Ralph's pale, thin face is set in a look of cold fury. His long blond hair frames his face and his bright blue eyes snap at me. His tunic and pants are pure white, his boots a shiny black, and his cape the same blue as his eyes. At his throat is a huge blue diamond set in gold. He is half-a-head shorter than my human form and he is lean instead of buff. His right hand rests on his sward hilt.


My sweet Leanna's pale cheeks are flushed with embarrassment. She is wearing a short, pale blue dress that looks like a long dress tunic and a darker blue vest. Her feet are in laced sandals and the smooth skin of her legs is on display. Her short blond hair is held away from her face with a blue headband that matches the color of the vest and eyes. She wears the blue diamond's mate around her lovely neck.


The sight of my beloved fills me with longing, but the sight of the diamond surprises me. Each clan chief has two large diamonds, one for himself and one for his mate. No clan has the same colored diamonds and the large gems hold the same powers as the clan they belong to. Has Ralph claimed Leanna as his mate? Is that why he had forbidden me to court her?


As I near them I change into my human form. I am tall, over six human feet, and well-muscled, broad shouldered and narrow waisted. My skin is bronze and my hair is the same red as my wolf skin. Leanna says my eyes are as green as the leaves of summer leaves. I'm wearing black trousers, dusty brown boots, a loose white shirt, and the dark red diamond of my clan. I carry no weapons, but I don't really need them.


“Greetings, Chief Ralph,” I say formally. “How are you on this fine day?”


“Why are you here?” he snaps. Ralph has always been short tempered, but he seems to be even more so with me.


My eyes meet Leanna's and she nods. She had told me last night when we had met under the bright spring moon that she would marry me, regardless of her twin's said. I do not want to take her away from her the brother she loves and her only family, but I will not go against her wishes.


“Fellow chief,” I say as I return my gaze to Ralph's thin face,”I have come to ask for your sister's hand.”


The affect on the smaller man is tremendous. His pale cheeks turn red in fury, his eyes spark, the hand on the sward hilt tightens. He starts to draw his weapon.


Leanna grabs her brother's sward arm and clings to him. Ralph looks down at her, startled. Her blue eyes glimmer with unshed tears that make my heart weep.


“Please,” she begs. Her beautiful, soft voice trembling. I unconsciously take a step toward her, wanting to comfort her. “Please, don't make me choose between the two of you. I love you, Ralph, but it is Seth who holds my heart.”


He looks at me, stunned, Leanna has, as far as I know, never gone against her twin. He sees at a loss for words.


“Ralph.” I step closer and put my head on his shoulder. “I do not wish to take her away from you, but I will not torment the two of us any longer.”


Leanna releases Ralph and wraps her arms around my waist. She buries her face in my shirt to hide the tears flowing down her cheeks. I remove my hand from Ralph's shoulder and hold her close to me, trying to comfort her with me nearness. It didn't matter that Ralph is here. It doesn't matter that te other elves can see us. All that matters is that my mate is crying and I need to make things better. I meet Ralph's eyes over his sister's blond head.


“Please,” I say softly, silently praying my sincerity can be seen in my eyes.


“Leanna,I cannot loose you, too,” Ralph says, sadness in his eyes. “You are all I have left. I made you queen of this clan, isn't that enough?”


She shakes her head. “No, Ralph. It isn't the title I want, nor the diamond. I want to be with Seth.” She looks into my eyes, her cheeks wet from her tears, but a smile curves her soft lips. “I love Seth. Can't you see that?”


“But, Lean-”


“No.” Leanna pulls away from me a bit, staying in the circle of my arm, but facing her brother. She braces herself against my chest, leaning into me for support. She unhooks the chain the blue diamond hangs from. She holds it out to her brother. “Wither you like it or not, my place is with Seth. I'm leaving with or without your permission.”


Ralph looks shocked. I can feel her tremble and I know how much this stand against him is costing her. My arms tighten, reminding her that I am here for her. Ralph is silent for several moments, starring at the diamond in his hands. He looks lost.


“What do I do with this? Father never told me,” he says.


“That diamond is for your mate. No other woman should wear it,” I tell him.


Ralph nods in understanding. The twins' mother had died not long after giving birth to them. Their mother had always been an avoiding subject with their now deceased father.


“Then go, Leanna,” Ralph says as he kisses her forehead. “Go and be happy.”


Leanna smiles and hugs her twin. After saying goodbye, she hops on my back, her arms around my neck, my hands holding her up by her thighs.


As I start running toward her new home, she leans in close and whispers in my ear, “I love you, Seth.”


I smile. “I love you, Leanna.”

© 2008 Burr the Story Sorceress

Author's Note

Burr the Story Sorceress

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.Wonderful..I was captivated by the story! Really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing it!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Excellent! I feel that I've gotten the whole story, as if there was a complete story to begin with. Elves are such amazing creatures! I think it's cool how you described the characters off the picture. It gives a more imaginable feel and its like a picture right out of the text. Same as in the first story, Rose's picture. Very nice the way you do that!
Can't wait to see what you've got next!

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is pretty good. I love a good elf story. There are some typos and grammatical errors you might want to take care of, as well as some tense issues.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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