Movie theatre

Movie theatre

A Story by Busola Laditan

I cannot think of anything to say except that this is mostly fiction. Mostly.


     The free water you get at fast food restaurants and movie theaters is meant to discourage you from asking for anything free from them again. I stood in line for my film with a foggy plastic cup of water, which may have spent a hot day in a cheap water gun. I held the the cup by it’s lip with my fingertips, swaying it as far away from my mouth as my arm could reach down. Filled with impatience, a past conversation replayed within me.

     "I read your blog yesterday"
    "Which post", I replied, wondering which one of my perspectives I was going to have to defend, "my most recent one."
    "Yeah", that one had been written after a infomercials and discrete cigarettes had ruled another night of insomnia.
    Thankfully it was also mostly incoherent ramblings."You wrote that you hate school", she was right, I had forgotten.
    "Right, I don’t even why I said that", I lied, at the time I believed college was for doctors, and people who couldn’t read.
    "I was really tired that morning", I said, she said, "oh", she loved school, she was going to be a doctor.
    I understood that higher levels of college were actually informative. Still I couldn’t see through the naiveté that led me to believe that it was more important to be free. It would be four years before society deemed me worthy to work, then breed if at least temporarily married, if at all. "I’ve actually started to like school more lately"
    I wanted to advance not just perpetuate humanity. I didn’t want to so lost in our universities, that I ended up being funneled off into a job where I’d pass paper bills back and forth so we could all feel a little better about our civilization.
    "My school just built a new student center, it has an arcade", It was then that I realized how feeble I sounded, standing on the tracks, hands out ready to stop the train I thought I heard approaching, with a ticket already in my pocket.
    "It’s just that, I’m going to be really busy next year, I won’t even be able to come home on the weekends", she said, and the far off rumble became louder, I said, "oh."
There was no one in line with me or anywhere else in the theater, apart from the employees, who hung there heads abjectly, drifting through the midday, waiting for the evening rush. I would’ve spent my time in the arcade, but I’d used all my quarter’s in the one at college’s student center.       

    "You can go in now", finally.
    I threw the cup in the trash on my way in. After spending twenty minuets leaning against itchy fabric wallpaper, the warm stillness I found on the way to my center isle seat comforted me. As the previews began I pulled a black strand of hair away from where it was irritating my neck. It could not of been hers, I knew, but still considered the idea. It floated up and away illuminated by light, stopping it’s progression towards the screen. Looking at the wide screen, I knew that I wouldn’t see everything until that black strand moved away. My mind knew what my eyes couldn’t see. "This better make me laugh"

© 2008 Busola Laditan

Author's Note

Busola Laditan
i'm not sure if it's all in the right tense

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Not bad. Keep it going.

Posted 13 Years Ago

oh my goodness, i loved it; please, do continue writing more on such, unless its a triviality, but i think its going somewhere, :P ---mishel, love the touch about the strand of hair and the sarcasm :D

Posted 14 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on June 16, 2008


Busola Laditan
Busola Laditan

Lancaster, CA

I've always liked writing. Actually i've always liked reading which is what made me start liking writing. Hmm bio. Oh i play the drums which is like writing but with drumsticks. Yeah writing is fun. I.. more..


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