I Miss You

I Miss You

A Poem by *~*Butterfly Kisses*~*

To the one that got away, that I let slip through my slender fingers. I miss you always.




I hold close the broken pieces of my heart

Locked tightly within a jar of your memory.

My endless thoughts flutter like a billion fireflies,

And hope that someday I might have my wish.


In this bitter silence, my heart yearns

Remembering the opportunities missed.

My pen sways to the music of your voice

And everything you were to me.


The one that got away, that I let slip

Through my slender fingers when I held you

As you said your goodbyes and walked away

Never allowing me to say the words "I love you".


My heart begs for one more chance to speak,

To tell you what I have always needed to say.

May destiny lead us both to brighter times,

For now and until we meet again - I will always miss you.

© 2012 *~*Butterfly Kisses*~*

Author's Note

*~*Butterfly Kisses*~*
Hopefully this doesnt sound too sappy as it was written from the heart.

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The honesty and sincerity touched me before I saw the Author's Note, to which I do not find it sappy but rather honest, sincere, and painful to read as many of us can relate to all the thoughts and feelings you express in this peace.
I understand if you do not wish to share or do not entirely remember as I notice this piece was written in 2012, but I hope you one day read this, and I wonder why you chose the fourth line in the second stanza and the final line to finish this piece. I feel you had intended something else but decided on those. I can feel the honest in every other line of this poem, but I feel as if there was something else you were holding back. I really enjoyed this piece and hope to one day know more if you somehow see this and wish to share.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Sounds absolutely great....Very sincere, pure and beautiful

Posted 9 Years Ago

When written from the heart it never sounds to sappy, but an honest expression of the soul. The emotional depth of raw emotion was felt, and that truly leaves a last impression on my heart. We've all felt this kind of sadness in our lives, and when one says goodbye the longing we feel, when missing that individual is not easily dismissed.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Great emotional piece that is felt from the heart!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Nice show of emotions, not sappy at all!

Posted 11 Years Ago

hey there!(:
i love your poem....
its really sad when someone says goodbye to you
without giving you the chance to say that you love them...job well done!..keep it up.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This a beautiful poem. I'm putting this in my library.

Posted 11 Years Ago

songs of the heart are never to sappy...beautifully written and I think relatable to all !

Posted 11 Years Ago

not too sappy. how can anything written from the heart be "too" anything. it is real and your reader can feel that.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I am speechless... I am taken away. This hit my fav list.

Many have a lover who got away, a friend, or simply someone special. I think that the saddness and regret felt from the loss is maybe life's way of teaching us how to hold on to the next one that comes along and steals our heart.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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*~*Butterfly Kisses*~*
*~*Butterfly Kisses*~*

Somewhere between TN and NYC, TN

My name is Anna Rose... what can I say about myself? I'm 20 learning to live on my own, trying to escape from a dark part of my life. Been writing my heart since I was able to write. I write whate.. more..


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