Chapter 1 : Guardian Angel

Chapter 1 : Guardian Angel

A Chapter by AliceWithAButterflySoul

I slowly walked behind her. Whenever I'm near her, I feel a wonderful, spine tingling sensation that words simply just can not describe; Never have I felt this before. Not even while I was a hard body just like her. "Hard body" is such an awful nickname we gave to humans. Why weren't we more creative?


The girl turned around in a circle to find out who called her. She always plastered on her signiture fake smile, but none saw past it. I am the only one who sees the real her. I am the only one who can see into that beautiful soul, even though she can't see me.

She is very thin. She looks about the average height for girls, and she has long bleach blonde hair that reaches her hips. Her hair looks amazing with her dark brown eyebrows. Her eyes are a piercing blue, and are so bright, that the sky looks like a dull shade of her eyes. Her skin is fair, and her lips are always a glossy soft pink. 

As I move out of her way, my body transports back to the upper realm. I lay down, close my eyes, and stretch out upon the cloud. I start to hum a song that she listens to every morning when she looks in the mirror. The words are powerful, and brings tears to her eyes every time she hears it. I wonder why she repeatedly listens to this song when she knows it will make her cry. I remember doing that when I was a human. 

After a couple minutes, I decide I should go back home, so I get up and start to walk back to my city, Ambreen. I keep my eyes set on the ground as I still have the words of the song in my head. "The world is ugly, but you're beautiful to me. Are you thinking of me, like I'm thinking of you." I picture her in my mind, and cling to her image. 

I open my front door, and run into my bedroom. I stare into the mirror, and start to sing the lyrics. I have jet black hair, that covers my right eye. Every time I stare into my tropical green eyes, I see my own soul. I have a very athletic figure, but that barely matters; Once you become an angel, you don't weigh anything. Good thing I was acne free when I died, my complexion is always flawless. 

Closing my eyes, I replay my death. I'm sitting on the couch with my "friends." I decided to throw a small party since my parents went out of town for the day. Everyone is swallowing down pills and taking shots. I brag about swallowing five at one time. I grab five random pills that were mixed in the red bowl, and I pop them in my mouth. Drinking a can of Milller Lite, I swallow the pills.
An hour later, while everyone was leaving, I started to feel weak. After I closed the door on the last person, I collapsed to the ground. I couldn't breathe. At first my white ceiling turned into a swirl of colors. Then I was outside of my body, and I saw myself laying there peacefully; I thought I was dreaming. I sat in the corner of the room with my knees pressed to my chest, and my arms wrapped around my knees. While I stared at myself, wanting to wake up, my parents walked in the front door. My mom was shaking me violently while screaming and crying. My father was trying to pull my mother off of me, so that he could take me to a doctor. Tears were forming in my eyes, and I couldn't bear this dream anymore. As my mother continued to scream my name, Lucas, I realized that my father knew it was already too late to save me.
A black man in a tuxedo appeared before me. A smile crept upon his lips as he held out his hand to me. I stared at it, contemplating whether I should take it or not.
"Am I dead?" I asked this question with sincerity in my voice. His eyes showed me the sorrow that he felt for me, and his smile dissapeared. He simply nodded his head, and I took his hand. Within seconds, we appeared into a court room.
The judge saw something different in me, and explained that there were signs in my veins that revealed that I was meant to be a guardian angel. I was one of the select few that has one destined soulmate. I died the week before she moved to my home town of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Although we were meant to be with eachother, it was written in my blood that we never could. I vowed to myself, even though it was against the rules, that I would make Alice Berwick fall in love with me somehow. That's the way it was supposed to be. I would one day, after learning everything about her, communicate with her, and find a way to be with her.

© 2013 AliceWithAButterflySoul

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Added on December 10, 2013
Last Updated on December 11, 2013
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