Chpt. 5

Chpt. 5

A Chapter by Broken Hearted Faux

TV is on. The soft murmur of the news. Lindsay is asleep on my stomach, both of us lying down on the couch. The sound of my eyelashes flickering once when I blink.

I listen to the way cars move across the street, see if there’s a pattern. So far I recognize when the light will be red, or will be green.

“Lizzy?” Lin whispers.

I love it when she talks in her sleep.

“Lizzy, next time our avatars change. We are having children. We will not die out.”

I do not reply, but nod to myself.

“Lizzy.” Her eyes meet mine. “I’m speaking to you.”

“Sorry.” I blush; run my fingers through her hair. “I believed you were sleeping.”

“No. Only thinking.” She hums.

My mind skips a track when I notice the pattern of cars break. One turns down our street. The slightest hiss of a window and the click of a magazine have me in full defensive mode.

“Lindsay, down!” I shove us off the couch, just as a ripple of bullets tear through the back. Shreds of white stuffing fly.

“Lizzy…” She grasps me and holds herself to me.

“Shh.” I hush, looking around.

“Lizzy.” She wines, and I coo her again.

The lamp shatters, and pieces of it burst through the room. I pull out a shotgun from under the couch. Then scoot it over for a sniper with Acog. Pryors has good taste.

I kneel down, aim at the driver. His dead foot presses on the gas, and they rocket forward into the back of a semi. One stumbles out, but I have him. His head is a juicy spray of blood before he hits the ground.

Lindsay moans beside the couch.

“Lin?” I lean down, drop the gun. Taking her face, she moans again. “Lindsay, what’s wrong?”

“B-b-bul-” She chokes on some blood in her mouth.

“Damit. Keep those eyes open.” I crane her head to the side; see a bullet in her throat.

It’s struck a main artery…

“No.” I murmur. “No! Lindsay!”

I pinch her vein, hold it shut. Or at least stop the bleeding.

Mali.” She whispers, and I obey to my Avatar name. “Let me go.”

“Never, Gemini.” I argue. “I’m going to have to find you again.”

I rip the string off the couch, pull a needle off my bracelet (a somewhat needle) and try my best to stitch up her neck.

I manage to stop the bleeding…

She sleeps, blood drying down her neck. Blue blouse stained. Head lolled to the side. I tuck a piece of hair behind her ear.

“Live.” I kiss her cheek.

I can see the slightest rise and fall of her chest. And my heart beasts a little better with hope. I pull out my phone, and dial Pryors.

“Fox?” He answers. “What’s up?”

“It’s Lindsay. She was shot in the neck.” I switch to Bluetooth. “I managed to do an okay stitch job. And the bullet’s out.”

“Want a doctor?” He asks





“Don’t lose her.”

“I promised. I won’t.”

The line goes dead.

I look to Lindsay, to find her staring at me. “Sleep. You lost a lot of blood.”

“I’ll be fine.” She wheezes. “You get me a doctor?”

“On its way.” I smile, taking her face. “I thought I lost you.”

“You’d find me again.” She smiles, hardly any color in her cheeks.

“Why not keep you here with me now?” I lean over, kiss her forehead.

Mali?” She whispers. “I pray we have off spring in the next life.”

“If the ancestors give you a male avatar.” I point out.

She frowns. “What if we’re destined to not have more of our kin? What if we’re left behind?”

“Don’t worry yourself, Gemini.” I coo. “Relax. We will greet death, the final one, with love. You are my lover. My match. We are souls combined.”

“Mmm.” She shuts her eyes. “I’m exhausted.”

“I’ll carry you to bed.” I lift her in my arms. “Promise to wake up?”

She smiles. “I promise.”


Doctor checks over her, and I sit on the couch, biting my nails. They are stubs by now. Makes me curious as a cat to know if she’ll be okay.

As soon as Doctor closes the door behind her to exit, I pounce. “Is she alright?”

“Shh, yes. Calm down, Ms. Fox.” Doctor smiles, settling her hands on my shoulders. “Just sit down and relax.”

In one swift moment, I sit down and take uneven breaths. “Tell me.”

“Your temporary stitch job managed to stop the bleeding.” She smiles. “All we have to do is pray and hope she recovers with lots of sleep.”

“But what about eating and showering?” I raise a brow.

“Help her with those. Wake her up to eat and such, and then make sure she rests.” She pats my head.

“But wait.” I grab her wrist. “For how long will she need to sleep?”

“About a week, maybe less if you take care of her.” She smiles. “Is that all?”

“Anything I should be concerned about?” I raise a brow.

“By what means?” Her eyes cloud and she catches a glimpse of my love for Gemini. “Oh.” Though she only knows Gemini is a girl (or rather his avatar). “Just be gentle with her.”

“Have you stitched her neck?”

“Yes. She lost a little more blood while I was re-stitching her, but we have her hooked up.” She gives me a motherly smile. “Do you want to see her?”

I nod frantically.

“This way.” She takes my wrist and chuckles as we make it down the hall to the room.

She racks the door open, and I leap out of her grip towards Lindsay. I cup her face and set my forehead on hers.

“Lizzy?” She whispers.

“Hey, Lin.” I smile, tears in my eyes. “How are you feeling?”

“Better.” She caresses my check. “A kiss might help me go back to sleep.”

I lean closer and whisper on her lips. “I love you, Gemini.”

She smiles before we kiss and stares into my eyes afterward. “Thank you, Mali.”

I kiss her forehead and hear her sigh, closing her eyes. I caress her cheek once more before looking at Doc.

“You better let her rest.” She smiles warmly, and I follow her out. It’s when we’re in the hall way when she speaks up. “She lucky to have your love. She won’t have to suffer through the pain alone.”

I nod to her comment. “I love her very much. She’s my partner.” I mean in partner by working for the government, but…

“Oh? How long have you two been partners?” She makes comfy on the char across from me, eyes curious.

“Seven years.” I smile, through it’s really been around 500.

“Really?” Surprise takes her face. “May I ask some personal questions?”

Her curiosity ignites irritates in me, but I release it away with a deep breath prior to answering. “Ask away.”

She taps her fingers on her knees, nervous and hesitant to ask the first question. “How old are you, Ms. Fox?”

“Nineteen.” I answer, flicking lint off my jeans.

Her eyebrows shoot up. “You’re telling me Lindsay Carmella has been with you since you were twelve?”

I count in my head and realize I’ve made an error. “Four years, not seven. We’ve been friends for seven through.”

“Interesting.” I watch her hand pat her pocket and I notice something’s odd about this doctor.

“Hello, Detective Conners.” My lips curl up in a small smile when shock emerges across her face.

“I-I was hoping you wouldn’t recognize me.” She frowns, forehead creasing.

“What do you really want to know?” I raise one brow.

“Everything about you. I’m a fan.” A sly smiles sets across her lips. “How did you go from waitress to assassin?”

I can only guess the cops are after me because I’m a wealthy woman, not to mention I’m hiding all that money from them. I’ve hidden the stash of cash in one area only I know. Not even Gemini has a clue about it.

“I know people.” I eye her. “Listen, Shame, can I ask you some questions?”

Shamus puckers her lips in thought. “For exchange of numbers. Ask away.”

I give her mine, and vise versa. “What branch do you work for?”

“That’s confidential.” She glares.

“How old are you?” I press.

“Thirty-seven this year.” She growls.

“Any kids? A husband? Siblings?” I smirk.

“None. To all of those.” She squeezes her hands into fists. “Where are you getting with this?”

I lean into the couch, more relaxed. “Just seeing how you react when I become the leech.”

Pure disgust flashes across her face. “I think we’re done for now. I’ll call you for an interview later.”

“I was meaning to shut off my phone this week, thanks for reminding me.” I give a glare/smile combo.

She leaves without another word.

“B***h.” I hiss under my breath.

© 2011 Broken Hearted Faux

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You're such an awesome write this has me hooked from the very beginning

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow. This is amazing! It was really intense when she was shot, and I could really picture it. Great job!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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A Chapter by Broken Hearted Faux

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