Chp2: Forgotten

Chp2: Forgotten

A Chapter by ByJ.T.Rogers

They discover the magic of the dressing room.

Chapter 2


Amara found a light switch and flipped it on. Old copper lanterns lit up on the walls.

"What are you doing!" Ellin said to Amara

"Theres no windows in this room so just chill."

The room had a warm glow, the walls were covered with gold vine wallpaper, mirrors and a few dressing tables lined the left side of the room. Down the center and right side of the room were ileas of costumes. Almost any costume you could think of. There were dresses and ball gowns. Pierette and gentlemen costumes. Animal costumes, monsters and dragon costumes.

"wow check this out!" Kacey said as she pulled a costume off the rack "it's the coolest witch costume I have ever seen!"

 In the center of the room lay a old and torn costume. It looked like it was dropped there in a hurry. Amara picked it up. It had been torn and stained. It was barely recognizable but she could make out that it had been a girls wolf costume. She gave a short gasped, dropping it, realizing this costume had possibly been worn by the one actress found dead 60 years ago. She kicked it under one of the dressing tables. No one noticed her, they were to busy looking at all the costumes and she had no intent to startle her friends about this. She didn't want to be the one that spoiled all the fun they were having.

"what do you think?" Kacey came around the corner with the witch costume on.

"wow, were did you get the mask?" 

"what mask?" Kacey turns around and sees herself in the mirror and yelps.

"what!?" Ellin and Parker said at the same time.

Parker came around the corner first, "what is if?"

"My face, It's ungly!"  

"Take it off." Amara said and she helped her pull it off. As it slip off her head her face was back to normal.

Mishell screamed from the back of the room. The four of them ran to her. Mishell was no were to be seen but who they did find was a cute little blond girl in a blue dress with blue skin.

"Who are you and what did you do with mishell!" Parker said

"I am Mishell." The little girl said with a slightly higher voice then Mishell's.

"Prove it!" Amara said

The little girl shook her hands frantickly and said "I am Mishell! 

"Prove it!" Parker said the second time as he pulled a sword off a costume and pointed it at the little girl.

"I don't know what to say?" She said then started biting her fingernails. She looked like she was about to cry. 

"What was the first prank we got you to do in your life?" asked Kacey

"Put super glue on the dry erase pens in Mr. Cott's class?"

"and who came up with that idea?" Parker asked.


"Wrong, I did." Parker said

"No you didn't!" Kacey said and smacked parker over the side of  his head. The little girl giggled.

  Ellin said "That's defiantly Mishell. what happened to you?"

"well I thought this was a really cute dress so I tried it on. Then I saw my skin turned blue!"

"Take it off, mishell." Amara said.

Mishell was back to normal as soon as the dress was off. Parker had to turn around while she put her pants back on, they had fallen off when she had shrunk. Amara was getting worried and said "We should go now before any more crazy happens."

Kacey disagreed "Are you kidding? this is the coolest find in the history of our lives! The Coolest find in History!"

while Kacey was talking Ellin was mesmerized by the dress Mishell was waring. Mishell had given it to her. Ellin was putting her arm threw it and back. Each time it would come out the other end very thin and blue, looked nothing like her real hand. The cote she was waring would also disappear off her arm leaving it bare on the other side of the dress. Then she put it over her head. Her black hair turned blond and her face was the face of the little girls just older looking. She put it on all the way, it was the right size for her, witch was odd because it was Mishell's size only moments ago. as soon as it had fallen over her knees she was to small for her pant and they fell off as she, for the first time in her life, stared up at her friends. It was an odd feeling to be the one looking up at her friends when she had always been taller then them. She was the exact same little girl Mishell was moments ago. Every one had stopped talking and watched her experiment with the dress.

"wow!" Kacey said. Every one else was speechless.

"This is so weired guys." Ellin said, her voice coming out more high pitched like a little girls but it sounded like Ellin's voice.

Parker said "We should go now!" He had never liked anything he could not explain. For some reason it scared him. He was always the one that would get them into trouble, Take the first leap into anything but if he didn't understand something right away he wanted nothing to do with it. It was the only thing he feared.

Ellin and Kacey were the only ones reluctant to go but they agreed because it was getting very late. Ellin and Kacey were the only ones of the group that truly loved to learn and an opportunity like this almost overrides all reasons why they shouldn't. Ellin no longer cared if they got in trouble and Kacey only weired about her parents yelling at her for coming home late.

Kacey wanted to ware the witch costume out the door despite Parker's compliance and worries. She opened the door and took the first step out.

"Watch out for the drop!" Amara yield but it was to late. Kacey forgot all about the room being thirty feet above the stage floor. I was the fact that the door on the inside of the room looked so ordinary, it's dark wood stain. They all screamed as they saw their friend fall forward. Parker reached out for her and barely cot hold her her cloak but his fingers slipped off the door frame. He reached out hoping to grab a fist full of the black curtains that had hung only a few feet away but all hist found was cold empty air.

Together Kacey and Parker fell. They met up with the floor sooner then they had expected. Much sooner, They hit a cold stone floor. Except for Kacey bruising her forehead and Parker getting a small spraining in his had they were OK. They looked up at their friends, only a few feet away. One second they were still screaming then they had a perplex look on their faces. The next moment they were rushing to help them up. With tears of joy, realizing their friends were still alive, the girls hugged.

© 2011 ByJ.T.Rogers

Author's Note

Please give me some reviews. Do I describe enough detail for you? Are the characters well defined to you. Is the whole thing to wordy? If there is a spot you think would sound better worded deferent way please let me know.

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